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Slacktivist once suggested the Fred Phelps test for American Evangelicals who would complain of persecution: basically if the Westboro Baptists are still free to do the shitty things they do, picketing funerals and the like, then clearly it’s a bit rich to complain about religion being banned from the public square.

One might say something similar to edgelords complaining about free speech: if the Literal Nazis are still doing their thing, having meetings and running websites and not getting arrested and rounded up into camps then it’s a bit much to claim that people making shitty jokes feel the government boot on their necks.

“First they came for the Nazis-”

“wait they haven’t even come for the Nazis yet, what the hell”

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“A bad memory?  Well, I guess I’ve got a good amount of those.  Some are worse than the others, but I can tell you about this one time one of my fellow morticians was hosting a funeral for this one family that required a traditional, and highly religious service.”

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Westboro Baptist Church Protests Against Funerals for Orlando Shooting Victims

The anti-gay church — known for protesting the funerals of U.S. service members and notable gay people — said in a statement posted on its website that “God sent the shooter.”

So meet angels guard against Westboro Baptist at funerals for Orlando shooting victims

Too much hate towards gay community! These people died a tragic death. 

So I don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish by picketing at a gay funeral? I can’t understand how this cult is still able to get away with what they do. This is America, we live in a free country (that’s what they tell us), but actually this is the greatest lie!

They kill people for their sexual orientation and then don’t let to bury them with respect.

This is actual anti-gay bigotry at its prime!

The #BlackShul initiative left me feeling very unsettled.

Picketing a shul on Yom Hashoa is NOT solidarity.  Picketing a shul at any time is NOT solidarity.

Saying “you suffered THEN, we suffer NOW” is NOT solidarity.   You want to use the Holocaust for your own activism, get in line.  It’s a very, very long one. 

This is something that’s been bothering me about other Jewish-Black initiatives as well. It’s never about real solidarity.  We never hear from the Black community when Jews are attacked.  It’s about taking Jewish symbols and practices and applying them for the Black cause.  

I just wonder how it would go down if Jews would picket a funeral of a Black person killed by the police and exhort the congregants to fight antisemitism, as a show of solidarity of course.

I see A LOT of Jewish support for #BlackLivesMatter on my dash.  Real support, not just using a Black issue in order to push a Jewish agenda.

I see  A LOT of Black antisemitism.  Especially coming from people who supposedly fly the flag of anti-racism.  When it comes to Jews, especially European Jews that you can lump together with the White folk who wanted to wipe them out, then everything goes.  I’m a colonialist, oppressive White, I’m not really Jewish, I’m responsible for all the suffering of Black people.  And that’s just a taste of what I’ve been getting the past few months, ever since I joined Tumblr.

If the Black community wants to show solidarity - start by fighting antisemitism amongst your ranks.  Speak up when you see something antisemitic, and don’t wait until it gets to the first Jew who has to set things straight.  Don’t erase the help and support you got from Jews in the past, just because you think now we’re not jumping fast enough for you.  Don’t erase the help and support you’re getting now, just because not everybody is joining in.

Otherwise, don’t bother calling it solidarity.  Jews will fight for your cause anyway, and we’re used to being stepped on no matter what we do.

I realize there are Jews involved in these initiatives, and I hope you take this to heart - you want to get Jews to care?  Then drop the media hype and act like you’re part of the Jewish community.  Don’t stand outside a Yom Hashoa ceremony to preach about the suffering of others.  Go inside and participate.  Then, when you later talk about the suffering of others, people might listen.


I heard that the westboro baptist church is going to orlando and picket about how you deserved this and they are making plans to picket the funerals of your friends and family members that were killed during the shooting and i have 0 doubt in my mind that they wont try and physically harm you also or bring someone who will. I know this is a very tragic event for you and i want you to be prepared to stand up for your friends and family and loved ones and yourself and dont let them tarnish their memory or let them ruin their funerals please dont hesitate to call the police to remove the wbc from the area as they are planning to make you feel even more unsafe as they possibly can

Westboro baptist church is planning on picketing the funerals of the two women who were murdered in the Lafayette shooting last night. I know my city will not sit quietly while this happens.

  • Christian Extremists: Picket funerals, yell at people. A couple psychiatrically-diagnosable individuals shoot people and bomb things.
  • Islamic extremists: Behead people, burn people alive, bomb a lot of places, send suicide bombers, kidnap children, rape women, kill people based on religion or ethnic group, sell women as sex slaves, use children as human shields to make their enemies look bad, kill aid workers, kill hostages and then try to still negotiate for their lives...
  • Obama: Lest we get on our high horse...
You Vic Haters are just like the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yeah I said it! Going Bat Shit Crazy over a cosplay and last time I remembered cosplay is for everyone, or haven’t you forgotten that too. You might as well picket at his panels just like those people from the damn cult that picket at military funerals child funerals, rock concerts, anime conventions comic conventions. YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH IF IGNORANT FANS AND SOME OF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW VIC MIGNOGNA SO I DON’T KNOW WHY ARE YOU EVEN TALKING SMACK ABOUT HIM!!! and the so called evidence you guys claimed you have ain’t nothing but some blogs talking shit about the guy. So freaking what if he’s 52, he looks good for his age and yes he’s 7 years older than my dad so what’s your excuse? All this constant bitching over him and wishing him dead ain’t gonna solve your problems but make it worse. If you do not like Vic, then you don’t have to like him. But don’t go on here saying god awful things like you want to kill him, that’s a terroristic threat and your hard headed asses can land you in prison. And here’s one thing, grow up and act like you got some damn sense you ignorant brats!!!