While hanging out with my family today, The Aunts told a story. At some point in our youth, my cousins and I each received a toy dinosaur puzzle. Michael, who is a fiercely talented but equally fiercely independent artist/freelancer, took his puzzle to a corner of the room and struggled through putting it together on his own. Patrick, who just completed a doctorate in something crazy smart like computer engineering, took his puzzle to another corner and removed each piece individually, lining them up so he could logically process and then complete the task.

I grabbed my mother and grandmother, sat us down in a third corner, and apparently encouraged us to work on it together. Which, as The Aunts pointed out, had the dual benefit of flattering the right family members and getting them to do the work for me.

This is maybe the most telling and most accurate story I have ever heard about myself.

I need a fic of Steve and Tony just sitting each other down and talking about ~feelings. Like, they know they’re attracted to each other, and like each other a lot, and they get along really well, and… idk. There’s so many fics where one of them (usually Tony) is afraid that he can’t give Steve what Steve wants, but after their conversation at the end of aou… it was seriously like, THE perfect set up for a love confession, and now I want one. I want them both understanding that they’re in a dangerous profession, and neither of them want the 2.5 kids and white picket fence, but they want to do good for everyone… and they want to do it TOGETHER, and they can’t promise each other forever, but they can promise each other here and now, and that’s more than enough for both of them. :D

May 25th, 1915 - HMS Triumph Sunk By U-Boat in the Dardanelles

Pictured - Triumph’s picket boat with survivors picked up from the wreck.

More than a hundred British sailors died on May 25th when their battleship, HMS Triumph, was torpedoed by the German submarine U-21, the first to reach the Dardanelles from the Baltic Sea.  The U-21 was captained by Otto Hersing, who had eight months earlier sunk the first British warship ever to be destroyed by torpedo.  The sinking of the Triumph was a still more impressive feat. 

‘We dived to seventy feet and headed toward the monster, passing below the lines of patrol craft…’ wrote Hersing, ‘In the conning tower my watch officer and I stood with bated breath.  We were groping toward a deadly position - deadly for the magnificent giant of war on the surface above. ‘Out periscope!’ HMS Triumph stood in formidable majesty, broadside to us, and only 300 yards away. ‘Torpedo - fire!’ My heart gave a great leap as I called the command… Heedless of all else, I left the periscope out.  There! And I saw the telltale streak of white foam darting through the water.  It headed swiftly away from the point where we lay, and headed straight - yes, straight and true.’

Quick response by other British craft saved most of the sailors, but for the men on the ground it signaled the beginning of the end of battleship support. The sinking of another battleship by Hersing only days later prompted British command to withdraw ships from the coast to safe waters farther off.  For the moment, the sinking of the Triumph awed men from both sides.  A German naval officer described the mutual fascination shared by British and Turkish soldiers who had been fighting only minutes before. 

‘The sinking of the Triumph was so tremendous a sight that for the moment warfare was forgotten on shore.  The soldiers in both lines of trenches on the Gallipoli hills stood up in plain sight of each other, forgetting everything in their intense excitement.  They watched, fascinated, until the Triumph had taken her last plunge then jumped back into the trenches and began shooting at each other again.’


Jimmy Left Suburbia

He woke halfway through
The American Dream
Screaming and soaked in sweat.

Left lies on his stained pillow,
Scattered splinters
Of shattered white pickets

On his lawn.
He decided to let the grass grow
And overtake his house until

Ramshackle side shingles disappeared
In weeds and wild vines
And the floors cracked with each creak

Grand slam baseball bat hits
To each window pane, and
Sharp end hammer to each manicured sill.

And the city officials bulldozed
The mildew walls, leaving
An eye-sore heap in the middle of town.

He let his house lay in ruin
With his VW rusting slowly
And burnt his time card for heat.

The pursuit of money promises happiness
But he don’t buy the formulaic
Contract of soul-selling firm rates

He dreamed of returning to this life
While he was in the jungle
But discovered the truth.

America was it’s own jungle
With venomous snakes debt mongering
And disease ridden mosquitos swarming for blood.

The American Dream was never his,
He decided. It was a nightmare shoved
Into his subconscious.

He left the wife and kids in the home across town
The one they moved to after the divorce
Catching out on a rickety freight,
Then bought a cheap bus and some grass

Parked on the river bank and toked
With the smokey ghosts of his buddies.

He threw a heavy chunk of rock
Into the river and watched
The ripples travel toward the sunset.

He imagined them a message
Of defiance and independence.

He imagined them inspiring
The world to reject the prepackaged prize.

Nature sang his praises
With the PLUNK-ching of that rock.

And if no one wanted to listen,
Well, that’s their fault.

Pride Picket Sign Ideas
  • LGb(the t carved out crudely)
  • Pride Is A Zoo And We’re In The Cages
  • I Got Called “Faggot” On This Street Last Month
  • Marriage Won’t Save Our Homeless, Sick, And Jobless
  • Rich Gay Boys Are Not My Community

Creeping outside this house taking photos cus it’s all pink errthangg and has a white picket fence 😭💕🏡

Here’s to the life they never had, the roadtrip spoken of but never truly taken- all the festivals missed, breweries bypassed. 

Here’s to the white picket fences, the ones they only saw from the outside.

Here’s to an apple-pie life, a concept only, the thing Sam and Dean saved for others.

Here’s to Baby, a veteran of the roads, the family car turned family home.

Here’s to the boys who never knew normal, who choose to drive down crazy street with their eyes wide open. 

Here’s to the life they lived.

Here’s to the 48 hour days, the dug up graves

Here’s to the blood and sweat and tears, the effort expended and lives preserved.

Here’s to the sacrifices made, the years lost, the opportunities not taken.

Here’s to two brothers who saved the world, who stood together against the darkness

Here’s to the family that never gave up, who gave fate the finger and carved their own path

Here’s to the men who died for each other and who refused to face life on the road alone

Here’s to the Winchesters-

Here’s to the men that saved the world- 

The men the world will never know.