The #BlackShul initiative left me feeling very unsettled.

Picketing a shul on Yom Hashoa is NOT solidarity.  Picketing a shul at any time is NOT solidarity.

Saying “you suffered THEN, we suffer NOW” is NOT solidarity.   You want to use the Holocaust for your own activism, get in line.  It’s a very, very long one. 

This is something that’s been bothering me about other Jewish-Black initiatives as well. It’s never about real solidarity.  We never hear from the Black community when Jews are attacked.  It’s about taking Jewish symbols and practices and applying them for the Black cause.  

I just wonder how it would go down if Jews would picket a funeral of a Black person killed by the police and exhort the congregants to fight antisemitism, as a show of solidarity of course.

I see A LOT of Jewish support for #BlackLivesMatter on my dash.  Real support, not just using a Black issue in order to push a Jewish agenda.

I see  A LOT of Black antisemitism.  Especially coming from people who supposedly fly the flag of anti-racism.  When it comes to Jews, especially European Jews that you can lump together with the White folk who wanted to wipe them out, then everything goes.  I’m a colonialist, oppressive White, I’m not really Jewish, I’m responsible for all the suffering of Black people.  And that’s just a taste of what I’ve been getting the past few months, ever since I joined Tumblr.

If the Black community wants to show solidarity - start by fighting antisemitism amongst your ranks.  Speak up when you see something antisemitic, and don’t wait until it gets to the first Jew who has to set things straight.  Don’t erase the help and support you got from Jews in the past, just because you think now we’re not jumping fast enough for you.  Don’t erase the help and support you’re getting now, just because not everybody is joining in.

Otherwise, don’t bother calling it solidarity.  Jews will fight for your cause anyway, and we’re used to being stepped on no matter what we do.

I realize there are Jews involved in these initiatives, and I hope you take this to heart - you want to get Jews to care?  Then drop the media hype and act like you’re part of the Jewish community.  Don’t stand outside a Yom Hashoa ceremony to preach about the suffering of others.  Go inside and participate.  Then, when you later talk about the suffering of others, people might listen.

We’re a little late on this one, but 50 years ago on April 17, 1965, the first LGBT protest outside the White House took place. (Really it was an LGB protest.) 

From this article:

Branded by their government as “deviates”, the Mattachine Society of Washington and its allies suited-up in jackets, neckties and skirts to carry their pickets with dignity into American history. Today, it takes an act of imagination to appreciate this moment organized by Frank Kameny, Jack Nichols, Barbara Gittings and others who protested the orthodoxy that gays and lesbians were “immoral,” “disgraceful” and “unsuitable” for federal employment.

The group assembled picketed for their right to work for the federal government. The files and records kept by the man in charge of enforcing that ban, John Macy, are still inaccessible today, and not subject to the Freedom of Information Act:

According to the LBJ Library, there are 47 linear feet of boxes containing Macy’s “unprocessed” personal papers. None of them are specifically labeled as pertaining to LGBT, they say. How would these files be labeled with the words pervert, deviate, immoral and unsuitable?  These boxes include the 1965/1966 period when Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings, Paul Kuntzler, Lilli Vincenz, Kay Lahusen, Jack Nichols and others stood outside the White House fence demanding a meeting. Working with the National Archives, whose archivists understand the importance of the sealed boxes of gay and lesbian history, let’s open up the Macy papers as the best way to honor the men and women who took their case to the American people on a sidewalk with pickets, April 17, 1965. Frank would love it.

For more information on this protest, check out this article.

10 signs that Shawngela were Soul mates

there were many signs throughout Boy Meets World that indicated to me that Shawn and Angela were soul mates. I am going to list a bunch of them right now.

1. Cory told Shawn that she could be his love, his Destiny

2. Cory said to Shawn once, I know in the end you will be together

3. Chet Told Shawn to hang on to her, when Shawn said he had someone who loved him

4. When he asked her Never leave? She said, I won’t

5. The Romantic way that they met. It was as if they were meant to be

6. their love of Poetry and Vivaldi

7. The deep and loving way that they would look into each other’s eyes

8. They talked about their futures together in Picket fences

9. Cory worked so hard to make them realize that they belonged together

10. They were both broken and needed each other

Now tell me WHY the writers would go to ALL that trouble to form such a close bond between them, only to rip her out of his life for good, and not have them reunite for 15 yrs and most likely NOT end up together. That’s just Tragic in my opinion

The Westboro Baptist Church is picketing my temple

This is happening tomorrow (April 10) during Shabbat services. The temple has asked the members of our congregation to come to services to show WBC that they can’t stop us from practicing our own religion. That being said, it would be awesome if other Jews from the area came to show solidarity. It is Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, Virginia. The service is at 8 PM, and more information about the temple can be found here.

If you do come, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT engage or argue with any member of the WBC, as they film themselves when they picket. If you need to walk past them, just ignore them. If they try to engage you, ignore them

If you have any questions about how to navigate the temple or anything else, feel free to send me an ask.

Seven billion people on this planet.

And we hide from each other as if we don’t all have family problems, money worries, and work troubles.

We stand side by side in the line smiling at each other with lips hiding crooked teeth and sad days. We wave from behind our white picket fences that all have cracked posts and chipped paint.

Seven billion people on this planet, and we still think we’re the only one with cracks in our shells and scars on our skin. I don’t know, but maybe we’ve got it wrong?