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“You’re joshing me,” Ron declared, forcing a smile through gritted teeth.

The genealogist shrugged, intertwining his fingers on the desk, not daring to meet Ron’s gaze. “The DNA test is reliable.”

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Above: kenyatta talks fandom at #PSFK2015

SXSW 2016 Panel Picker proposal: How (& Why) Video Has Changed Social Media Forever

For a growing number of people, digital video is their de facto form of communication and social media channels have noticed. From Periscope and Snapchat to Twitter and Facebook, every major social platform includes video features to increase engagement. Plus, new video platforms are popping up constantly. 

The shift to video presents opportunities - and challenges - to social marketers, particularly when it comes to analyzing the impact of video-driven social campaigns. In this session, Union Metrics Co-Founder Jenn Deering Davis and Kenyatta Cheese of Everybody at Once will explore ways to use video to maximize social impact and help social marketers better engage with and understand video content.

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Adam Hills and Charlie Pickering are ruthlessly skewering all kinds of hot-button topics in a humorous but also serious manner every week and I’m not watching any of it. I refuse to.

i see so many ppl talking humbug but these r some things to consider abt fwn/fwn era:

  • 505 is sad and simple and honestly its just. so sad. why was al so sad. i will hug fwn!al
  • do me a favour its also very sad no one knows why but it just is and its like when ur dreaming and u start shouting and no one can hear u
  • cmon. fluorescent adolescent. its literally one of their biggest anthems, if not the biggest
  • only ones who know is slow and soft and beautiful and its also very sad its like a love letter to someone u didnt get to love and i cry everytime
  • brianstorm and teddy picker!!! Fuck.
  • balaclava is so fast wtf the fuck
  • live at the apollo
  • the this house is a circus/if you were there beware loop!!!! 
  • the fact that if you were there beware was totally foreshadowing humbug
  • al’s hair
  • its the perfect bridge between wpsiatwin and humbug since even tho u have some of the Loudness and the All Over Ur Face characteristics from wpsiatwin, u also begin to feel some of the mysterious vibe from humbug so its the perfect balance
  • very fast and loud
  • al’s voice during this era is more raspy than on the first album but it still sounds very young ?!!?!
  • u can!! relate!! to the all!! the!! lyrics!! 
  • literally all the songs r amazing pls love my child (fwn)

South By Southwest has opened its Panel Picker process to input from the public, even if you can’t attend next March, and there are two ways to support panels that you think are awesome. You can login to the sxswofficial website and upvote a session on its info page, or you can comment via Disqus on that session’s info page.

Fyeahcopyright’s heidi8 has proposals on fair use re transformative works and fandom in the Edu and Interactive sessions, and there’s other panels by terrific people from tumblr staff, and dailydot, teachers, lawyers, communicators and people who know a massive amount about something interesting - and you should check those out, too! If there’s any other sessions we should add to our rec list, drop us an Ask or reblog this with a link, and we’ll add it in.

Sessions you can check out (and hopefully upvote/comment on) include:
Fanworks Meetup http://t.co/mqhRofoPzj organized by heidi8

Copyright Issues http://t.co/v6v9TiPTPa with Betsy Rosenblatt of transformativeworks‘ Legal Committee

Fair Use in classrooms http://t.co/shgcsVNsU8 with ebonyteach, heidi8 and Betsy Rosenblatt

Privacy in the Classroom https://shar.es/1tCeMq 

Fandoms, online content & teenagers http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/51237 with continuants of staff

Hacking Bureaucracy http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/51150

Distributed Content & News http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/53340

YouTubers, Book Deals & Innovation http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/55020 with dailydot‘s raevottaportfolio

Marketing to Fandom  with http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/53807 with dailydot‘s bookshop and wattpad‘s Ashleigh Gardner

ayyjudy asked:

yoooo juby!! how do you make your pieces look so colourful and vibrant? Whenever i finish a drawing, the colouring looks boring and sad haha. I always try to use brightness, contrast, etc afterwards but it doesn't do me justice!!!! :(

Hiya! This could be one of three things:

◈ Colour choices: are you choosing the colours you want from the start? On a colour picker, the more you veer to the upper right, the purer the hue gets. However, there are ways to get your pieces to look vibrant without even using the upper right corners, via colour relativity. Make sure the colours you use next to each other are either clearly different in hues (the rainbow slider), values (↕ the colour picker), saturation (←→ on the colour picker), or any of these three in combination. These are the basics of contrast, and when you have full control over contrast, you can make any colour pop. =D 

Protip: If your picture has a background, I advise putting down those colours before you start on your characters; it makes colour picking a lot easier.

Blending: are your colours suffering from overblending? Remind yourself that colours that are too far away from each other on the colour wheel (ie: complements like blue/orange) become gray when mixed
Brush settings: related to blending, depending on how dense/soft, opaque/transparent your brushes are, it can muddle your colours. Some programs like SAI set you up for this because their brushes are inherently very blend-y. I usually stay away from watercolour brushes in any program haha

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