Need a girl who’ll drive me around in a cherry picker in an orchard so I can hit apples off the branches like I’m playin tee ball

70s space capitalism: I have ennui because I want to go to school and have an exciting career but I’ll probably have to inherit my parent’s farm.  Unless I get drafted.  Throwback technology, vintage fashion, space donkeys.

90s space capitalism: I am a highly skilled laborer with unlivable wages and no social mobility.  I live with family.  CGI frog-man, wealth disparity, urbanization, cults :(

2016 space capitalism: I am a garbage-picker with a graduate degree in engineering.  I speak seven languages and live alone in dirt. Please give me food.  Cults? :)

Just a thought I had but

-Imagine post LOS Jacob and Emma taking a stroll, and Jacob showing her all his favourite places in his hometown.
-He takes her to this cute diner with the best shakes and a park he used to visit when he was a kid
-Then he shows her his favourite record store
-Its seen better days, but its welcoming and inviting, some band he’s never heard of quietly playing in the background
-Jacob hasn’t been here since before Abe died, and its comforting to know that not much has changed
-He holds Emma’s hand, pulling her through rows of old records, taking her to his favourite section
-As he turns the corner, he bumps into someone, someone tall and skinny
-He goes to apologise for walking into them, staring at the floor awkwardly
-That’s when he notices the biker boots
-His eyes slowly travel up, hesitant and nervous, past the ripped jeans and leather jacket
-Jacob bites his lip, his eyes landing on a familiar face, laden with piercings and adorned with vivid green hair
-In all honesty, Jacob has kinda forgotten that Ricky Pickering even exists
-But here he is, standing right in front of him, a handful of old punk records in one hand
-They both have the same expression, shock
-Jacob looks away awkwardly
-Emma, confused, asks him who this person is
-She’s never seen someone with an unnatural hair colour, and it was fascinating
-Ricky stutters, sighs, and holds out a hand
-Jacob shakes Ricky’s hand, the two share a mutual grin
-It was a silent forgiveness, an ‘I miss you’
-The three spend the day together, driving lazily in Ricky’s banged up old car
-It was weird at first, but soon it felt like Jacob had never left, like Ricky had never gotten mad
-Eventually the question of ‘So Emma, how did you and Jake meet?’ Came up, and Emma begins to give Ricky the speech that her and Jacob had prepared for times like this (she’d say she was from out of town, taking a gap year from studying)
-Jacob shushed her from speaking
-He trusts Ricky; he knows Ricky will understand
-So he tells him everything
-Ricky is a little confused at first, but it doesn’t take him long to understand
-Emma shows him her firepower, and Ricky is amazed
-Over time, Ricky starts showing up at Jacob’s house more often
-He meets all the peculiar children, and loves them all so much
-They!! Love!! Him!! Too!!!!
-'Ricky come and play with me!!’
-and he does
-He scoops Claire up in his arms, swinging her around
-He braids Olive’s hair, and holds her hand when they cross the street
-Ricky and Bronwyn become mates, always having some kind of friendly rivalry with each other (whatever it is, Ricky usually loses)
-Emma loves Ricky’s hair, and when she tells the group that she wants her hair to be bright as well, Ricky is the first one to encourage it
-He helps her dye it a bold red, to reflect her fiery personality, and she absolutely loves it
-But no one
-/no one/
-loves Ricky as much as Enoch does
-This cool anarchist with bright green hair is like a new, awesome, older brother
-Ricky gets Enoch into punk music, and Enoch LOVES IT
-They’re planning to go to a concert together in the summer, just the two of them, and Enoch is BUZZING
-Ricky thinks his peculiarity is awesome as well
-He loves all of their peculiarities
-If Hugh and Ricky are in the same room, you’ll often find a couple of bees nestled in Ricky’s hair, buzzing happily
-Ricky and Horace don’t really have much in common, the latter not really understanding why someone would want to look that messy on purpose, but they’re still friends
-Its just a little awkward if they’re left in a room alone together
-Miss Peregrine likes Ricky; he teaches the kids about the modern day, in a way she wouldn’t be able to, and she appreciates that
-she’s also glad that he never hesitates to look after the younger ones, it gives her time to relax
-Jacob is just glad that his non peculiar friend fits in so well with his peculiar friends
-maybe that’s because Ricky’s a little weird himself

I’m going to stop now because this is way too long
tl;dr- Ricky Pickering is a cool older cousin


Edward Pickering (director del observatorio de Harvard) decidió contratar a un equipo de mujeres tras constantes frustraciones con sus asistentes masculinos. Él declaró que su mucama “podría hacer un mejor trabajo”, por lo que la contrató. A la pareja pronto se le unió un grupo de mujeres, quienes eventualmente descubrieron cómo medir la distancia de las estrellas.


Library by Victoria Pickering
At the DAR headquarters, Washington, D.C. during their Christmas open house