The Che Cafe will proudly be screening “Pickaxe”, a documentary about an eclectic mix of activists who took a stand to protect an old growth forest from logging at Warner Creek in the Willamette National Forest of Oregon during the 90s. The film is about the community they created and the oppression they faced from the state.

The event is free.
The film will be screened at 8.
Come early for some coffee and discussion.


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Action 4

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Read More About Action 4 and other iOS & Android Applications

iOS4 not tested! please wait until upgrade.
Action Camera’s Special Edition.
Include 5 type of camera and 22 Photo effects with Vignetting and Color lens filters !
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Main Features
✪ Variable Photography format : iPhone 3G (800x600) / iPhone 3Gs (1024x768)
- Panorama camera (1x1 / 16:9 / Bonus ^_^)
- Normal camera (1x1 / 4:3)
- Half camera (1x2 / 4:3 / Half)
- 3 Lens Sampler (1x3 / 4:3 / Triops)
- 4 Lens Sampler (1x4 / 4:3 / Sampler)

✪ 7 Special Photo effects
- Cross Process
- Lomo
- Lomo Marine
- Lomo Darker
- Relief [Special darkroom effect]
- Solarization [Special darkroom effect]
- Sabattier [Special darkroom effect]
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✪ 15 Photo effects
- Lighter
- Darker
- Medium Contrast
- Strong Contrast
- Film Blue
- Film Red
- Cool
- Warm
- Sepia
- Nostalgia
- Old Film
- Wild Monochrome
- White Monochrome
- Black Monochrome
- Negative
- Random

✪ Camera Lens Filters
Unlimited Color Lens Filters.
You can make your own color filters using R/G/B/A elements.
External image

✪ Support Vignetting Control
- VIG Circle 5%
- VIG Circle 10%
- VIG Circle 15%
- VIG Ellipse 5%
- VIG Ellipse 15%
- VIG Ellipse 25%
- VIG Type-1 25%
- VIG Type-2 25%
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✪ Camera Control
- Shot interval
- Timer
- Lens Angle
- Touch shot (Big Button)
External image

✪ Camera Roll
- Direct save to iPhone’s Camera Roll and browsing.
External image

Notice :
- It’s tested on iPhone 3G and 3Gs. If you are 2G user, don’t download it. Because I didn’t tested on iPhone 2G.
- More Photo effects will be added next update.
- Panorama Module : Tell a friend and get panorama modules. it’s free !

Read More About Action 4 and other iOS & Android Applications

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