From Osomatsu-san radio #8 (guest Kamiya Hiroshi, voice of Choromatsu):
● Suzumura Kenichi acts as his usual “cool” self for the radio and it takes Kamiya Hiroshi very taken aback. Kamiyan says it makes it hard for him to talk, which is why you hear a lot of awkward pauses from him in the beginning. By the way, at this point, Irino Miyu (voice of Todomatsu) is the only one who picked up Suzuken’s “cool” voice and went along with it. Sakurai Takahiro (voice of Osomatsu) just kept saying that listening to cool Suzuken ticked him off.
● At 28:40, Kamiyan tries to mimic Suzuken’s cool voice when introducing Choromatsu’s ED song sample, but he trips over his words and after he does, he throws down his script and sighs tiredly into the mic. Suzuken makes fun of Kamiyan saying “terebi anime” (TV Anime) as “tenebinanime.” 
● Kamiyan says that Nakamura Yuuichi (voice of Karamatsu) was the most horrible in the Joshimatsu skit. The cast was told to make their acting closer to something more feminine during the test run, but Nakamura’s acting at first was “neither Karamatsu or a woman, but a weird Nakamura-kun with an even lower voice.” Kamiyan says that Nakamura probably realized himself that he was being strange in mid-acting because he broke out laughing and couldn’t say his next lines.  
● Kamiyan says that if he had to go out with one of the Girlmatsus, he would /probably/ choose Choroko, but he really wouldn’t want to deal with any of them.
● Kamiyan is really thankful that Sakurai Takahiro is Osomatsu and compliments him for a full 5 minutes. Compared to Karamatsu and Jyushimatsu who “are only talking loudly” according to Kamiyan, Sakurai (and sometimes Fukuyama Jun, Kamiyan admits) try to create balance within the group. Kamiyan says that this is because the three of them have A-type blood. Sakurai speaks his lines so naturally, without putting up an obvious act, that it impresses and scares Kamiyan at the same time. Kamiyan says that Sakurai “can do anything.”
● Suzuken calls the F6 lotion skit “Matsuno Max.” Kamiyan recognized Iyami and Dekapan, but didn’t recognize Chibita in the skit at first, until his voice actor spoke. When Kamiyan voiced the skit, he was going at it singlemindedly and it was fun, but when he watched the skit on TV, he wondered what was so interesting about it.
● While the episodes sound like they’re adlibbing, the cast actually is pretty faithful to the script. The script actually does contain all of those moans and groans that you hear from the characters. It also contains sketches from the character designer (this is not usual), to help the voice actors better understand what’s going on and have a better look at one-time characters.
● When Kamiyan was chosen as Choromatsu, he didn’t know at the time what “Osomatsu-san” would be about. Since he grew up watching the old series, his impression of Choromatsu was “one of the sextuplets other than Osomatsu.” When he got the character descriptions and imagined the voice actors voices to their character personalities, that was when he realized for the first time how dangerous the show was. He felt honored to be the tsukkomi against these people, but Kamiyan says that after each episode that brought out the other brothers, Choromatsu’s role is actually almost over at this point. Since Choromatsu’s role is to bring the other characters’ qualities out and make them easier for the viewer to understand, Kamiyan thought that his role was half over. He says that Choromatsu has become “air” because he doesn’t stand out a lot compared to his brothers… but you’ll be in for something in the second half of the second cour.  
● The episode today features Iyami, and is surprisingly long and Showa-ish. It has Furukawa Toshio as guest voice, who sometimes wraps up the story gently and sometimes wraps up the story violently.
● The next Osomatsu-san radio will be on 2/22, no guest announced for it yet.
Next month on 3/13, the radio will be held as  an outdoor event as a thank-you to the fans. (One day before White Day!)
If you live in Japan, tickets for it are on sale but chosen by lottery, which you can apply to here: http://osomatsusan.com/news/detail.php?id=1031777
The guests for the radio on 3/13 will be, for the first part, Fukuyama Jun (voice of Ichimatsu), and for the second part, Kokuryu Sachi (voice of Chibita) and Saitou Momoko (voice of Hatabo).

one of those autism nights where human voices just completely scrape over my nerves :(


A week later, Avery figured it was finally time to call Jules. She hadn’t heard from her since before she’d changed her hair and from what she’d heard from old friends at the lab Jules hadn’t been seen at work either. She was worried.

The phone rang until message bank picked up and Jules’ cheery voice told her to leave a message. Jules had never not answered her calls before, something was definitely wrong.

“Jules, it’s me. Where are you? I’m worried, please call me.”


Back shot of the next cover person in Pick-Up Voice 2016-4

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Awwww…. a bit hard to guess who is he!!!

It’s arguing like crazy on twitter….

HiroC? OnoD? C or D ?? Am so confessed Σ(゚Д゚;≡;゚д゚)

Speaking of chance, he should be HiroC as his new single.

But wait, OnoD may also have chance because of his live in Budokan.

or maybe someone else, as their hair are black.

ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ!! Who is he ???????

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- Dui -
Scenario: Picking up daughter from school 


Dui waited outside of his little girl’s school, watching with a bright smile as he observe the little children pitter pattering outside of the school gates in excitement. Some were greeted by their parent with gleeful anticipation, happy hugs and various kinds of promises for an outing together.

For a while, as he reminisces his days of fatherhood, he soon picked up the familiar voice calling after him with a burst of energy. He looks up with a wide smile when his eyes focus on the little girl running towards him.


Dui chuckled and knelt down with arms spread wide, “Now, now, darling, what did Papa said to you before about running too fast like that?”

The girl leapt into his arms, and Dui was quick to receiving his little girl with a tight loving embrace, kissing at the side of her head and cherishing every minute he has with his daughter.

The girl’s innocent smile can never be more radiant to her father, so much brighter than any stars the God of Gemini has seen, he just have to think how lucky he is to be married to the most beautiful woman, who is the mother of this child.

“Hehehe I remember! But if I trip, Papa will still be here! I’ll be okay!”

Dui smirked and gently poked her nose, “Oh you’re the cheeky one. You know just how to get to Papa’s soft side.”

The girl giggled as Dui stood up, hoisting her bag with one arm while carrying her, spinning on his heel as they turn to leave the school and the only sounds he listens to is the cheerful voice of his child.

“Papa, are we going to have cherry pie again?”

Dui smiled, “Yes, Mama said she’s going to make one when she comes back from work.”

“Yay!” The girl beamed, “Mama’s cherry pie is the best!”

Dui chuckled, “I know. Whenever I feel sad or have a bad day at work like when Uncle Scorpio scolds me, Mama’s cherry pie instantly cheers me up.”

The girl giggled and then paused in surprise when she realized something amiss. Dui seem to notice her silence and look concern for a moment, still carrying her in his arms as they stopped for the right time to cross to the other street.

“Papa, we are not going to teleport back home today?”

Dui smiled even more, a little relieved it isn’t something concerning for a father but found the question to be adorable instead. It’s not every day he could take her from school, and most times when it was his turn, he would just snap his fingers and teleport them back home. However, today, there was a special reason for it being different.

“Nope. Today will be different.” Dui said, smiling as he crossed the road.

His daughter blinked, “Why, Papa?”

“Because,” Dui hugged her close, but never made any movement with the intention to put her down, “I want to walk all the way home with you and listen to all kinds of stories happening at your school today. And enjoy every minute of it. Sounds good?”

The girl’s eyes lit up with surprise, and then later she beamed, “Okay, Papa!”

Dui chuckled, “Good…now, how were you today in school?”

“Oh, oh!” The girl became delighted to start, “Today at art class, my teacher asked us to draw…”

Dui listened to all sorts of stories from his daughter, having all kinds of reactions to each story told. Not once he has turned away, not once he let any word slip away from his memory. He did what he had promised himself to do - he took his time, walking slowly all the way home while listening to his daughter, in his arms.

It was the beginning of spring.

And this is the beginning of a story about the God of Gemini and his child.


Someone please make me stop help all these ideas are ruining me It wassss supposed to be pretty short or I think this is short but ugh XD I have different ideas HMMM but I think this is good for a Papa Dui one. I think. 

Hope you guys enjoy that piece! XD Hehe~