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Ramen friends zip hoodie 


Preorder ends on 15th of May 

What you would get for pre-orders: 

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Super Junior reaction to you graduating from university with a first class honours


Leeteuk would be the most proudest boyfriend in the world. He would dress in the finest suit, shout and clap the loudest when you were called up to receive your degree and would make sure to listen to your speech with intent. He honestly never understood how he ended up with the most smartest and brilliant woman in the world, but he was so glad it was you. When the ceremony was over, he would hand you the largest bouquet of flowers and place the most tender kiss on your lips.

‘I am the luckiest man in the world…’


Heechul would be the most extra boyfriend at the graduation. Going around and asking if people knew you then would say he was your boyfriend. He would also shout and cheer really loud, even standing up when you went up to receive the certificate. You blush madly at his over the top personalty, but you loved him nevertheless. You would hear him commenting during the speech, and couldn’t help but laugh once or twice. He would make an effort in dressing in a good suit and not his normal interesting attire. Today was an important day to you, and he wanted to be the best boyfriend out of every other one there. He would receive you after the ceremony with open arms.



Yesung would honestly be more excited over you graduating then you yourself. Much like Heechul, he would be like, ‘have you met my girlfriend, she is first class honors!’ His shouting would be louder then anyone, even continuing when your turn was over. He would whistle when you went up to make your speech and comment on how beautiful you looked up on the stage. He would be the first to help you off the stage when the ceremony was over and place a kiss on your cheek.

‘Beauty and brains but most importantly, all mine.’


Kangin would be a gentleman, offering his arm when you walked to fetch your gown. Making sure your cap was sitting correctly and your hair wasn’t messed. Asking you if you needed water or anything before going to take his seat with your parents. Much like the other members, his clapping would stand out the most when going up. You saw that he had adoration in his eyes the entire time you spoke during your speech. He would give you a smile when you felt yourself wavering, just being your strength. When you joined him and your parents, he instantly grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on your knuckles.

‘You made me the proudest man today baby.’

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If you’re gonna be the opposition, at least do your homework
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Neva eva eva eva… go Full Retard

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😳😳 LMMFAO! 😂😂😂 oh @cnn you’re failures! Nothing about this is close to the #las Vegas shooting.. The M203 grenade launcher and suppressor is about as funny as the NON bump stock 😂.. trijicon acog is nice though! ahh it’s called research maybe try @google but they change facts so yeah, you’re all fucked 🖕🏼🇺🇸 #Nevergofullretard #america #freedom #2a #defendthesevond #fakenews #maga #liberal #holyshit #cnn #kevindeleon #usa reposted from @2a4ca Be sure to pick up your pvc patch and support the cause. Link in their bio..
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RomCom Fantasy Prompts!

Here’s another part to enjoy for your pre-Valentine’s writing needs make them AUs if you want, of course, but enjoy either way!

* You’re a hot vampire cop and I’m a teacher at an affordable nocturnal daycare where your hilarious vampire child goes.  Can you please stop being adorable when you pick up your kid?

* I patched up an elf and their orc boyfriend after bullies were making a fuss and oh no, the orc boyfriend has a hot older brother who teaches orc studies and keeps goldfish.

* I didn’t realize you were elvish royalty and now you won’t stop swanning around my coffee shop.

* You’re a dryad, I’m a nymph, stop drinking my pond!

* I drove you to the hospital after you got food poisoning, now we’re dwarf married.  You’re being really nice about it though.

* You’re the ghost of the old librarian, I’m the new one, we hang out after hours and shelf books together.

* There are pixies investing my apartment, you’re the fix-it strip-o-gram that knocked on the wrong apartment door.  It’s a good thing you’re a mage in training because you’re not leaving until they’re gone.

* I’m an asexual incubus, you’re the cuddlemaster, I’m going to seduce you into snuggling.  No!  Stop agreeing to hug me immediately, I’m not adorable, I’m a creature of the night!

* I drove an apprentice witch home after they accidentally appeared in my living room and now their whole coven is trying to help me find true love in appreciation.

*  Dwarves mine when stressed and my dorm room is directly above yours.  Sorry about falling through the ceiling.

* I messed up a spell and now my GPS has turned into a person.  They’re very bossy (I think I like it.)

* I can’t take anyone home because my magical appliances are worse than my mom about wanting me married with children so let’s stand on the front step for an hour, it’s not personal, I just don’t want my toaster scaring you off by asking about your fertility.

* We’re retired fairy godmothers busted out of the home for a night on the town.  Single folks be aware.

* There’s a sad elf in my kitchen eating my cereal and he won’t leave.  Who do you call about sad elves?


From our family to yours – mom and BLMer Rachel Sowards Thompson shares one of her family favorites on today’s #mypubliclandsroadtrip!

“As a mother, I love weekends hiking or camping in the King Range National Conservation Area with my boys (ages 1 ½ and 3 ½). We also love to bring along our neighbors girls (ages 8 and 12) to add some extra adventure.

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