pick your pastel

Nash Grier Imagine


You were at the waterpark, with your boyfriend, Nash. He picked a parking spot, rather close to the gates,  and looked at you. “Ready?” Nash asked, reaching for the door. “Yeah” you breathed out. Honestly, you were a little scared. There was hundreds of people here, and you didn’t like socializing that much. Nash got out the car and walked to your side, as you were gathering your things. He opened your door, and held out his hand. “Milady,” Nash said, in a posh voice. You giggled and reached for his hand. In your other hand you had your bag, with towels, your phone, sunscreen, and lipbalm. You walked towards the gates together, swinging your linked hands back and forward. 

“What pass would you like?” A boy, around your age, asked.

“Adult.” Nash said, handing him a five dollar bill.

“And for you, beautiful?” The boy behind the counter asked, looking at you.

You looked down, “Adult, please.” Nash spoke for you, sliding his arm around your waist. He pulled you closer, and kissed your head. He was showing off that you were his.

You blushed, and gave the guy behind the counter a ‘sorry, taken’ look. He chuckled and handed you two passes. You and Nash walked to the person who you showed passes to, and tried to find a spot. 

“Oh! Right here!” Nash yelled, pointing to two white lounge chairs. You giggled,

“Okay. Oh!” You replied.

“What? Are you okay?” Nash questioned, worried.

“The playground is right next to us!”

“Yes! We can play on it after we swim." 

You nodded, and took off your cover. You picked out your pastel purple, string bikini. It actually looked really good on you, so you weren’t self-conscience. Until you saw every other girl there, they all looked so perfect, and they had great legs and everything. You panicked a bit, and Nash noticed. “Babe, you look beautiful. Don’t worry, you’re gorgeous in my eyes, and everybody else’s.” He said, leaning down to kiss you. Your lips connected, but shortly. He pulled back, “Now lets go have some fun!” He ran off, splashing into the water. Nash was so childish, but it was adorable. You followed him, into the kiddie pool. 

You played in the small pool, acting like one of those famous couples, but like 5 year olds at the same time, for about an hour. “Can we go down the slides now, pleeease?” Nash asked, begging and whining. “Oh, fine!” You said, mocking him. You walked to the slide, leaving Nash. He sprinted up behind you, and slipped his hand into yours. He wrapped his fingers with yours, and smiled down at you. Nash was much taller than you, which you found really attractive. 

You walked up the stairs, to one of the smaller slides first. There were two, meant to race your friend or whoever you were with. You got to the right, and Nash the left. The lifeguard blew the whistle, signalling you to go. You slid down on the cold water, looking over at Nash. You were a little infront of him. You closed your eyes as you reached the bottom, and held your breath. You swam back up to the surface, and looked over to Nash’s side. He wasn’t there, and you immediately panicked. You suddenly were lifted, you screamed, only to be silenced by laughter. It was Nash. “You idiot! I thought I was going to get kidnapped!” You yelled, playfully slapping his shoulder. “I’m sorry, baby. But you won our race, so you get a kiss.” He said, smirking. You smiled, rolling your eyes at his immaturity. You gave him a peck on the lips. He was still holding you, so he set you down into the water. “Let’s go on the big one now!” Nash said, running towards the stairs. You laughed, and followed. As soon as you got to the top, you were terrified. It was so high up, and you weren’t so sure about this. “Uh- Nash?” you said, shaking. “Yeah, (y/n)?” He asked, still staring down. “I-I’m scared.” You said, embarrassed. “I’ll go with you, don’t worry. I’ll be right with you.” He said, hugging your waist. You smiled and blushed. 

You waited in line, talking about random things with Nash. You loved how you could have normal conversations with him. He was so smooth and just so real with you, and you loved it.  It was your turn as the lifeguard called you up. You looked at Nash, and he nudged you forward. “Are you two going together?” the lifeguard asked. Nash nodded, smiling at you. You sat down, in the running water. Nash sat behind you, his legs next to yours. He held your waist in his arms, and kissed your forehead. “It’s okay, (y/n). I got you.” He whispered into your ear. You blushed and shivered from his warm breath on your skin. You closed your eyes, as Nash scooted you forward. You went fast through the waterslide. There was so much water in your face, it was hard to see. Nash held you tight, cheering on the way down. You laughed, and looked back at him. He smiled, and pecked your lips. You turned back to the front, blushing. You’d been dating for 2 months, yet when he barely kissed you, you blushed like crazy. You reached the bottom, shut your eyes and held your breath. You crashed into the water, Nash right behind you. You emerged to the top, same with Nash. ”That wasn’t to bad, was it?” He asked, chuckling slightly. “Not with you there with me!” You replied, kissing his cheek. After your fun on the slides, you went to the playground, like Nash had promised. You ran up the small steps, towards the bridge. The small, black bridge was very wobbly, causing you to be unbalanced. Nash walked up behind you, holding your waist. “Here, walk on my feet.” He said, pulling you a little closer. You placed your feet atop of his. As Nash walked, you walked. You laughed constantly at how weird it looked, yet it was the cutest thing. Once you crossed the bridge, you went straight for the tunnel slide. You went straight in, feet first though. You slid down, giggling the whole way. “Your giggle is adorable, you know that right?” Nash yelled, smiling. You blushed, “It’s cute, but not as cute as you.” It was cheesy, but cheesy was y’all’s thing. He slid down the brown slide, just to be placed infront of you. His chest was pressed against yours as you looked up at him. “I’m so happy we came here today. I love you, (y/n).” Nash said, before leaning in for a kiss. He leaned in too fast for you to reply. His lips crashed onto yours, slow and passionate. He wanted to prove that what he just said was true, and he was doing a good job at it. You pushed him back slightly, “I love you too, Nash.” You leaped back into the kiss, but making sure it was appropriate. There was tons of kids around, so you had to keep it PG, but of course, with Nash that was difficult. (a/n) hope you liked it! spent quite a lot of time on this hah. well, yeah. sorry we haven’t posted much today, but we’ll be sure to try and empty our askbox this week. love you! xx