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Ginny Weasley starts to judge everything by one standard.

“Could this be the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life?”

And the answer, of course, is always no.

Could going on a date be the worst thing ever in her life? Could she survive?

Of course. She picked up a journal once. It couldn’t be worse than that decision. And she survived that.

Could joining a secret underground army to defend against the rising evil be the worst decision ever? Would it kill her?

Of course not. She once wrote in her diary that she was in love with Harry Potter. It had responded with a dozen innocuous questions.

That had been far more dangerous than learning how to defend herself.

Could running away from school with a group of friends into unknown territory and no plan to fight the most feared wizard of her time kill her?

Yes. But he’d already tried once and she’d be damned if he ever succeeded. She knew what she was doing now. She was trained.

Once she’d tried to face him by herself, and he’d already had half her soul by then. This was nothing compared to that.

Could fighting in the final battle of a war that had waged since before she was born kill her? Would it be the worst decision she could make?

It would almost definitely kill her, but she couldn’t think of a better decision. This mattered. This was important.

She almost died once. Once, when the most important thing in her world was a boy she loved and a diary that understood her, she’d almost died just to be accepted.

This was far more important than that.

And so Ginny learns anything is possible if you have enough nerve.

She just hopes no one ever asks her where hers comes from.

Send one for my Muses reaction to yours,

🛌=Sneaking in bed with them.
☢=Falling on top of them.
❤=Telling them they love them.
✘=Hugging them.
Δ=Trying to act seductive.
⭐=Buying them flowers.
✂=Threatening them.
☮=Randomly kissing them.
♣=Discovering them crying.
💓=Listening to their heartbeat
✿=Giving them a Rose.
🖐=Picking them up.
•=Hugginh them from behind.
♛=Caught reading their journal.
👀=Caught staring.
♘=Pinning them against a wall.
📸=Being found shirtless.
▤=Falling asleep on them.
💙=Complimenting them.
🎈=Offering a place to stay overnight.
⇕=Holding their hand.
🍲=Caring for them while il

Please do it! I’m bored and I love rp memes!

january 8th - 14th, 2017

SHE’S PULLING YOU THROUGH LIFE, YOU’RE PUTTING HER THROUGH HELL. || i’m always trying new formats on this blog lol ; i got a bullet journal for christmas and i wanted to pick up bullet journaling again! (this is the leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook) ; thought i would go with a green theme to kickstart the year + the quote is from a song by hank green (yes i chose him on purpose for his last name)


Q&A Spotlight: Adam J. Kurtz

We have been inspired by the go-gettingness and productivity of this endlessly witty and insightful fellow known as Adam J. Kurtz whose book journals help keep us on track, motivated, and well . . constantly smiling!   In 2016, he was named one of PRINT Magazine’s “15 Under 30” New Visual Artists, and his first publication –1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion– has been translated into fifteen languages!  

We recently caught up with Adam to learn about how he came up with some of his massively popular book journals including his latest one– Pick Me Up – and about his recent in-store events at Vans retail shops in Boston, New York, and Wilmington.  Not only will you be inspired by his publications, but also by his personality, charm, and experiences in this Q&A. 

Photo credit: Ty Crawford | Images courtesy of the artist

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Studymotivation for when you feel insecure

• Take 5 minutes to think about the fact that you are this far for a reason.

• Make the decision to study to expand your knowledge, not only because you have to

• So that you can explain it to and talk about it with others

• Take a whole evening to make your new plan and enjoy this moment

• In one glance you will see all the things you already finished

• And then get a goodnight sleep, REMEMBERING yourself that you HAVE THIS! You got this.

• Wake up, eat your breakfast and sit with a cup of whatever you love at your desk or somewhere else.

• Pick up your study journal, planner & notes. Focus on that goal, expanding your knowledge.

Yes, we can do this :)


There are these moments, at the skate rink, where there’s a kid at the session and they’ve noticed you, and you them. Their skill level might be anywhere along the range but usually it tends to be more at the beginner level. So you’ve made eye contact or exchanged smiles at some point. And then I’ll be skating along like… on a roll. Loving a song or skating fast or even sometimes backwards skating while everyone goes forward. 

In that moment, then, when I’m moving along at a good clip and doing my thing, the kid will find themselves suddenly in my path. They realize. They see me coming and they know I’m coming along fast and good and they get suddenly freaked out because they don’t want to be in my way. They sorta do a static buzz freeze; their whole body vibrates into a wobble of anticipation, further fueled by the recognition that they might get creamed and the indecision about which way best to retreat….

Sometimes the whole thing makes the kid fall even though you don’t get anywhere near them. I understand that. It used to happen to me all the time. If I made eye contact with anyone during my first year of skating, it was an automatic instant fall. So…

The best moments – among these moments, is when the kid looks up at you. Usually, in that situation, I’ve seen the potential collision coming for plenty of time and I’m already doing the necessary corrections to avoid the kid, no matter which way they go, and I just want them to know: it’s all goood! they can just keep on a skating and doing their own thing - I’ll zip past without a worry for either of us. Nbd… So when they look up in that exact moment and I get to say: 

“I got you!” and smile and make my whole body into a language of reassurance. When they hear and see me say it, and the relief and pure fun that comes over their face in that half a second as I zip by and say “No worries! I GOT YOU!” 

Those moments are kick ass. 

I’ve picked up bullet journaling again and I’m really liking this format because I can just start the week whenever I want and I don’t feel pressured to fill in any blank spaces (because there aren’t any). The headers for the day are still a bit wonky but I’m working on perfecting the style. Also i probably shouldn’t write task boxes if I don’t have anything to do 😂


You can pick this up on my Redbubble as a hardcover journal or spiral notebook! I am so going to make this my next sketchbook <3

Originally, this was made for a really nice dude who contacted me last week after reading one of my comments on Reddit. the guy is working on a Hunter’s Dream Skyrim mod and this texture will be used on one of the books in the Workshop so that the player will actually be able to interact with it and read it. I’ll have to instal Skyrim again just for this mod once it’s ready! XD

It’s not identical but still pretty close to the one in BB, don’t you think? All textures, except for the metal clip, are scanned from my collection of old books, thus the imperfections and stains here and there.


Id just though id share one of my hobby projects (though i havent touched it in quite a while now) for my Skyrim character Bryn, a young ranger/alchemist typ i have a journal that i write in in-character while playing and sketch her surroundings and useful things. 

like the properties of thistles and to be sure to wear gloves when harvesting them.  and about her unfortunate un-requainted crushes. 

its a beautiful journal i picked up at “faraos cigarrer” in copenhagen, denmark when i worked there (in denmark, not the store) hand bound with real leather and hand made paper. its gorgeus. 

i have almost all the fauna of Skyrim and most of the new ones introduced in the dawnguard expansion in there :D im about half-way through the book. 

what im sayin is i REALLY want an ingame journal for the next TES game.  that you can write in yourself. and upload custom pictures into. 

re(?)-introduction of sorts

hello! I’m Georgia and this is my studyblr, I used to use this once upon a time when I had just started high school when I was optimistic and before things went downhill, after then I started getting picked on and I stopped caring, I stopped focusing and it wasn’t the best time. But now, a few months on, ive managed to move schools to a much better one, ive found my feet and now I’m focusing on learning again because I want to be a psychologist when I’m older and if I start now then i’ll have more chance of success in the future.

So ive decided to pick this up again- I still use my bullet journal and am starting to decorate it more now I have happy spare time, I’m taking the time to make my notes decorative and neat so I can revisit them easier, and I want to keep inspired and post them to hopefully inspire others! I’ve deleted all my posts and kept a few of my favorite reposts so I can scroll through them when I want inspiration!

A few blogs inspired me to start this again; @samstudyjam @focusign @studyign @elkstudies @brbgottarevise @gracelearns @journalsanctuary @literatture @studylustre @studeying @tbhstudying @studywithmaggie @nag-aaral @gudetama-studies @aliaastudies @seoulstudyign @studytwice @fabulous-and-flawed @studykouffee @studyignlikeaslytherin  @acadehmic <3

if you’re a studyblr, pls reblog this because I will follow you and probably try to make friends with you because online buds are a+!!!!

georgia x

one of many very real advice pages from my journal PICK ME UP which is basically an advice book that you write to your future self and then i show up to make dad jokes and drop a few truth bombs every so often

*btw if you are seeing a sponsored ad for the book its because tumblr (the website) owed me a favor aka 1 sponsored post and i’ve been saving it in my back pocket for like six months anyway thank you tumblr for supporting me!!

Story Time

So, I was exploring the Valenwoods, when I came across a skeleton hanging by its neck. I’m a bit spooked out, so I examine the scene. I find an amulet below the skeleton and a journal. I pick up the amulet, then read the journal. As I read…

I begin to realize…

I’m in some deep shit.

So, the amulet makes people suicidal. Great. I should find the maker and get rid of this thing, because I apparently can’t let go of it. But there’s a quest nearby, so I’ll do that first.

I close the journal, call my horse, and start prancing away– suddenly I hear a whisper in my head, “MURDERERRR”– WTF NOPE DOING THIS QUEST.

Ain’t no freaking way I’m continuing with this amulet whispering shit like “MURDERER” in my head. I turned my horse right around and went looking for some clues.

I come across the previous dead guy’s wife, who points me in the direction of the alleged maker of the amulet.

I find the guy, and show him his amulet. He’s elated, “Yay, you found my amulet! That means the guy who stole from me is dead! I enchanted it to make the wearer want to kill himself, isn’t that great?”

I then inform him that this amulet has literally killed at least 3 people.

“This… this isn’t right… What have I done?” He then takes the amulet from me, because apparently the maker can take the amulet as he wishes.

“It’s my turn to wear the amulet now. If anyone is guilty, if anyone deserves it, it’s me.”

That literally keeps the cycle going. Obviously you have to destroy it.

“Oh. yeah. Of course… You’re right.”

At least he listens to reason. He destroys the amulet, and we’re both more or less relieved. I can’t remember what I did after that, or what he did. I’m pretty sure we just decided not to speak of this ever.

But yeah, I told my guildmates about the experience, and one of them was like, “Oh yeah, I wore that amulet for days. It’s great” - what. - “Yeah, every time I killed someone it got louder and ruder like YOU’RE A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING, it was awesome.” …

We then agreed we should have given the amulet to Molag Bal. He would have had a blast.



Hey guys, I’ve been asked numerous times for a more in-depth bullet journal setup so I’ve picked a few pages that sum up how I use my journal. I’ve linked some of my previous posts on my bullet journal to give you a more well rounded view. 1,2,3

Now then, what do i use my bullet journal for? For me its progressed well past its original intended use as a rapid logging system. Its my place for everything {probably not my best idea}. Having never consistently kept up with a journal or diary of any kind, I have found this system works incredibly well for me. 

  • Monthly spread and Monthly Goals (changes as I see fit from the list page to the more traditional calendar layout. I use the list page when I have more going on//school periods//exams etc)
  • Weekly setup (I use this to track my food intact, my expenses and my habits) I use to try and track my habits using a monthly list but I found this to be ineffective for me. How long does this take to setup? Every Sunday I take an hour or so to set this up, but to me its not a waste of time, I find it a therapeutic, relaxing time. I know what I have to do!
  • Daily pages- busy or not I try to always have a todo list for the day. The style of this is completely freestyle and changeable. Some days its just a list, other days its pictures/quotes and other pretty stuff. 
  • I’m kinda obsessed with books at the moment, ones I’m reading, plan to read, plan to buy, lists and lists of them. Words that are new to me, quotes from books, etc…books. You get the drift!
  • Full pages of quotes because why not! 
  • Podcasts I’m listening to or plan to listen to, inspiration and posts I’ve loved from timber//studyblr and elsewhere. 
  • I mark off my pages using washi tape, this makes referencing back to specific pages easier. I found this idea from study-well

I think thats it, this is both a creative outlet and a organising tool. I hope this helps x