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HC that at 21, Minami moves his home rink to the US to train under Celestino, because he wants to follow in Yuuri’s footsteps.

He’s there for all of three months before Celestino sits him down one day, looks him straight in the eye, and tells him he’s ending their contract early.

And Minami is just heartbroken because. What did I do wrong coach please tell me I promise to get better and I’ll listen to everything you say and I’ll never complain ever again and I’ll spend all my free time practicing to get better so pl-

And Celestino just stops him with the look.

And Minami’s just sitting there all teary eyed, as if someone has just kicked his puppy, and Celestino rolls his eyes at the dramatics before finally saying, “Viktor and Yuuri have decided to start taking on more skaters to coach.”

And Minami stops short, tears completely forgotten.  Because holy shit this is everything he’s ever wanted ever since he found out they’d started coaching Yuri Plisetsky the year before and he needs to hurry up and call them and officially request to be their student and-

Celestino stops his internal screeching.

“I’ve already put in a good word for you with them,” he says. “Yuuri was ecstatic about the idea of taking you on.”

Minami almost dies right there because holy shit YUURI FREAKING KATSUKI-NIKIFOROV wants to coach him and he thinks he’s just died and gone to heaven and he immediately tackles Celestino in a hug, squealing about how he’s his favourite coach in the whole wide world and Celestino just laughs like, “Don’t you lie to me, child.”

And within two weeks Minami has already packed up his whole life and moved back home to Japan, and the moment he lands in his own country he just starts sobbing because he’d missed it so much despite having been away for only three and a half months.

But then he sees Yuuri waiting for him and promptly dies because his idol has come to pick him up from the airport this is the greatest day in his entire life

“You-chan, what the fuck”



#1 You confess to them

#2 You trip and fall in front of him

#3 First date outfit

#4 Picking them up from the airport (summer) 

#5 Idol GF being in a rapper, drummer and dancer

#6 GF only ever kissed girls

#7 Falling in love with their psychologist

#8 GF donated eggs in college

#9 GF dyes hair to match theirs

#10 GF gets drunk at a party

#11 Usually sub gf pulls out handcuffs (nsfw)

#12 S/O has meme account

#13 S/O is really kinky (nsfw) 

#14 GF gets scared of them while they’re mad (Hyung line) 

#15 GF is too shy to kiss

#16 S/O wants to follow them on tour

V/Taehyung: Stuck, Falling for you

Monsta X:

#1 They walk in on you changing

#2 Little moments

#3 Crush accidently confesses while drunk

#4 GF is a fast runner

#5 GF gets drunk at a party

#6 member pretends to be a guy

#7 they find out you smoked weed

#8 usually sub gf brings out handcuffs (nsfw)

#9 GF only ever kissed girls

#10 GF has an adorable smile

#11 S/O teases them in public

#12 Crush is older than they look

#13 S/O Asks to teach them how to drive

#14 Giving/Recieving oral (NSFW)

Shownu: Dating Shownu, Drip (nsfw)

Kihyun: Different in a good way, Welcome to the family

I.M/Changkyun: Fool For You, Dating I.M//Changkyun

Jooheon: Hair, Dating Jooheon, Princesa

Wonho: Morning(fluff), Chocolate Kisses

Hyungwon: Study


#1 Girl with resting bitch face

#2 They see your self harm scars (trigger)

#3 S/O is sassy towards someone mean

#4 Crush is a but perverted when flirting

#5 Crush is older than they look

#6 S/O teases them in public

Junhoe: I’m Yours

Jinhwan: GF is taller than him


#1 GF has nipple piercings

#2 GF has dd/lg kink

#3 S/O is sassy towards someone mean

#4 They lose their child at the company

G-Dragon: Interuption(nsfw)


#1 First Date Outfit (Vocal Unit)

#2 First Date Outfit (HipHop Unit)

#3 First Date Outfit (Performance Unit)

#4 S/O Back hugs them Vocal Unit HipHop Unit Performance Unit

#5 GF is kinky and a sub 

#6 GF sends nudes Hiphop Unit

#7 Best friend is sad because her crush is straight Vocal Unit

#8 S/O drunkenly confesses to owning merch vocal unit Performance unit hiphop unit

Scoups: Blankethog, Ready(nsfw)


#1 Leo’s GF has a bright smile

Hyuk: Soulmate AU

Leo: Soulmate AU


#1 Friend says “stop staring at me like you want to tear my clothes off”

#2 Crush kisses them and says “I love you” 

#3 S/O has tongue piercing

#4 GF randomly wakes up at night

#5 Best friend is clingy when drunk

#6 S/O drunkenly confesses to owning merch


#1 Crush is perverted when flirting

#2 S/O likes going on mini adventures

Yongguk: Grown


#1 Giving and recieving oral (nsfw)

#2 S/o wants to try a threesome with another member

#3 GF uses handcuffs and Blindfolds 

#4 S/O has a nightmare

#5 Crush is perverted when flirting

#6 What kind of youtubers would they be

#7 S/o teases them in public

#8 S/O tells them they’re genderfluid

Jae: Why’d you have to do that? part 2 part 3


#1 Gf is kinky and submissive

#2 Girl crush confesses (highschool au)


#1 Girl crush confesses (highschool au) 

#2 Playing a horror game with their youtuber s/o


#1 S/O decides to bake/cook in the middle of the night

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ray palmer/hartley rathaway


ナルバキスン (look at me gwisun) ☆ d-lite

True Q - 6.06

Oh, Q, you rake, you scalawag. You’re so mischievous that you’ve snuck into one of these mostly-unis episodes like the scoundrel you are. Also I believe this episode title, much like Return of the King, contains a spoiler within the title. But we’ll get there.

“Don’t even try to out cheekbone me, girl. I’ll eat you for lunch.” —Bev

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HC for the song So Good by zara laarson student jimin dating idol jungkook and feels insecure when he sees jungkook walking around filming with gorgeous models ,so jungkook writes a song for their anniversay and tricks jimin into filming a short clip for a 'project' for him but jimin finds out that it was all for him and the music video becomes viral and jimin becomes more confident/ knowing how much jungkook loves him (can u use the glitter scene from the start of the vid , soz its so long)

+ How Jimin and Jungkook actually started dating in a very funny way. They met over video game and then started dating in real life. Jimin still can’t believe that he is dating Jungkook.

+ Jimin smiles at every text message he gets but frowns over Jungkook’s music videos.

+ Jimin loves the songs and finds Jungkook super sexy, but all the models that are in there make him self conscious. They’re all so beautiful and tall while Jimin is just not.

+ Jungkook is good at reading people which is why he makes music so well for the general public, why he knew Jimin would be the best person to date during his crazy idol life, and also why he picks up on Jimin’s mood.

+ Jungkook figure this would happen, it’s normal actually. So Jungkook does everything he can to show Jimin he adores him and sees it works for a bit. But Jimin still goes down when Jungkook needs to work with beautiful models that don’t hide their attraction to Jungkook.

+ Jungkook was making music one night and got stuck. So he ended up going over photos of Jimin in his phone. Jungkook smiles over the picture he took when Jimin was sleeping in his studio over different school books.

+ Jungkook heart about burst, he was so in love with the elder. Jungkook prep his phone up so a slide show of pictures of Jimin would play while he works all night on the melody that was as magically as Jimin.

+ “Hey, can you do me a favor?” Jungkook asks Jimin one day while they snuggle on Jungkook’s couch. Jimin looks up.

+ “What is it?” “Would you film something with me?” “Me? Are you sure?” “I wouldn’t want to film with anyone else.”

+ Jungkook sets up a trip to Hawaii during Jimin’s spring break. They go for the week. Jungkook holds a camera the whole time filming Jimin.

+ “I thought you ment something professional!” Jimin giggles as Jungkook films him walking across the beach “this is professional!” “Whatever you say Kookie. But flim the sunset it’s beautiful!”

+ When their romantic vacation ends they head back and get busy, Jimin with finals and Jungkook with idol stuff. But they still text and find time to play games together.

+ Jimin woke up to his roommate screaming. Jimin gets up with a groan as he glares at Taehyung.

+ “YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU GOT SCOUTED FOR A MUSIC VIDEO JIMIN!?!?” “What are you talking about?”

+ Taehyung shows Jimin Jungkook’s new music video and he is in shock. The music video is a mixture of the stuff they film in Hawaii and Jungkook sitting down with a smile.

+ The song is romantic as hell and Jimin picks up words and phrases that are known only between them. Jimin feels his eyes tearing up as he smiles as Jungkook stares into the camera singing about him.

+ The music video goes viral and Jimin doesn’t care as he runs to Jungkook’s dorm to yell at him.

+ Jungkook smiles as Jimin keeps kissing him and tells him how much he loves him. Jungkook responds with his own and holds Jimin forever.

+ Needless to say Jimin is now a trend.

Bad Girl Good Boy

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minhyuk x reader


792 words

anon nymph wished – Hi!Can i have a scenario with min? Where his idol gf comes to pick him up from Bad Girl Good Girl cover practice (the recent news) and he finds out that youre close to btob’s minhyuk. He gets jealous when you hug minhyuk and that? Smut or fluff tysm^

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dreamies sending you cringey pick up lines !!

↳ idol(s): all members of nct dream !!

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DK soulmate AU

Yellow. The one color you couldn’t see. Everyone said it was at least. You’d never seen it before and you weren’t sure if you ever would. While most of your friends had found their soulmates, you sat alone, focusing on your work.

“It’s bound to happen.” They’d say. Of course it is, but when? You decided years ago not to even think about your soulmate anymore, but when you can’t see a color, you’re constantly reminded about it. Every time you go outside you see it, well the lack of it. You would look around and see grey, and remember you were alone. Then, you’d bury yourself deeper into your work, quickly becoming a very successful PD.

You often met many kinds of people, idols mostly. They didn’t pay much attention to you though, it’s not like you were an MC. But you didn’t mind, you liked your work and you liked that it distracted you from the fact that you were soulmate-less.

Often times, your friends would invite you out to eat with them, but you’d decline, knowing they’d bring their partners. Most people knew you didn’t have one. Most.

There was an incident. You, as the PD, get asked a lot of questions, so you are used to answering. You just wanted to get your lunch. That’s all you wanted. To eat and get to work. But when the stylists for the oncoming guests stopped you, you of course, accepted their offer to give your opinion.

“So what do you think? Is the yellow too bright in contrast with the other shirts? Or do you think it’ll go well?” You cringed at that word. Yellow. You stared at the garment and cringed again, sighing deeply. “I don’t know.” The stylists nudged your shoulder,”Come on, (Y/N)-PD, I know it’s not our thing but we really need an outsider’s opinion.” You pushed the garment away and shook your head, “I said I don’t know.” They once again nudged you and you snapped, “I don’t know! I can’t see it! I can’t see yellow, so stop asking me!”
Everyone in the building heard you, and you felt their stares on your back. The stylists apologized, while practically crying, for outing you on being alone. You pushed away from them and grabbed your lunch, heading outside.

So now, everyone knew. They knew you were alone, that you couldn’t see it. Yellow. You hated it. That stupid color that reminded you constantly that you were alone. But again, you buried yourself deeper in your work.

You focused solely on planning for your next show. Making mini games and prizes. “Why the hell are there so many of them? How am I supposed to supply prizes if they win? The budget won’t like it.” You sighed as you continued to think about it. You decided to put them on teams, that way you’d only have to give some of them prizes.

When you arrived on set, you saw hardly no one was there. You sighed in relief and put your headphones in, beginning to gather the props and prizes before the idols or staff arrived. You picked up the squeaky hammer and sighed as you stared at the handle. Grey. Your second most hated color. You shook your head and set it down, walking to your props table for more.

“Oh I love these!” You heard someone say before you heard the squeak of the hammer. You quickly turned around and faced the person with it. “Please don’t touch the props.” You said staring at the tall idol. “You must be from Seventeen, correct? Your dressing room is down the hall, and so is the waiting room, please get dressed.” He nodded and handed you the hammer, and you stared at the handle.

“Wait. What-what color is this?”

He turned around and spoke, “Yellow?” You nodded and stared at it. “Don’t tell me…Did you just find your soulmate?” You looked up and nodded, “WAIT, who is it?” You thought back to five minutes before and felt shock fall upon you.

“I-I don’t know.”

“We have to figure it out! Come on—” You watched as he turned and stepped out onto a little scooter you had set down. He fell, and you went after him. “I did not see that there.”

“How did you not it’s bright blue?”

“That might be why. I can’t see blue, this,” he said picking the scooter up, “is grey to me-e-e-OH MY GOD ITS NOT GREY.” He stared at the scooter and then at you, “I CAN SEE IT. IS THIS BLUE?!”

You nodded smiling as you helped him up. “Well now we have two soulmates to find. Mine and yours.” You both began to walk and then it hit you. Both of you.


“Hold up,”

“Are you?”

“My soulmate?”

You both spoke, finishing each other’s sentences. Then, you both jumped back, covering your mouths. Then, you pointed a finger. He stared at you, and you at him. A wide smile spread across his face and he lept forward, hugging you and jumping up and down. You joined him, and soon you were both screaming.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” You screamed, and he stopped jumping, “About as long as I’ve waited for you, I presume. Oh yeah, I’m Seokmin.”

“(Y/N). It’s nice to finally meet you, soulmate.”

Elsword is getting ready to Celebrate its 6th Year Anniversary with Events Galore!

Heya adventurers! We are here on a Monday with the GM Blog, meaning that the update this week must be tomorrow! So to help you prepare for this earlier update, we have a list of all the special Anniversary events and goodies going into the game. You read that right, Elsword will be celebrating its 6th Year Anniversary on May 4th! Along with these events, the Magic Wardrobe will be receiving its first update that will allow for even more costume sets to be available for registering. So be sure to keep an eye on our website for more details tomorrow. But for now, let’s dive right in and see what’s in store for you to help us celebrate Elsword’s Anniversary!

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