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Teacher’s Pet - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Could you do some Jason fluff where you’re Lian’s teacher and he’s picking her up from school cuz he’s the ‘cool uncle’ and could maybe have Lian try to set them up, like she always talks about Jason with her teacher (requested by anon)

“Ms. [Y/N]! Ms. [Y/N]! Ms. [Y/N]!” Lian called excitedly, gently tugging on the sleeve of your shirt.

“Yes, Ms. Harper?” You asked squatting down so that you were on her level.

“My uncle Jay is coming to pick me up today!” She announced, practically bubbling over in excitement.

“Is he now?” You asked displaying an appropriate amount of enthusiasm for a little girl who was clearly excited to see her uncle.

“Yeah! I’m can’t wait for you to meet Uncle Jay, Ms. [Y/N]! He’s so cool! He lets me have treats all the time and always has really cool toys!” Lian gushed. “Oh! And we drew a picture for you Ms. [Y/N]!” She said digging into her little backpack to fish out the drawing. When she found it she unfolded it and held it up to you for your inspection.

“It’s very pretty, Lian. Did your Uncle help you draw this?” You inquired. Looking at the picture of what appeared to be a large happy family complete with a house, three colorful human figures on the ground with a slightly smaller figure next to them and a bright orange figure floating in the sky just above the family. Above the picture in the corner was a more skillfully drawn sun with a bright wide smile and sunglasses.

“Not really. He just drew the happy sun. He says that every picture should have a happy sun in it.” She explained.

“Well what about if you’re drawing something at night?” You asked.

“Then it’s a happy moon, silly!” Lian giggled as if the answer should be obvious to everyone.

“Right! Of course!” You agreed.

“You see that’s me.” She said pointing to the smaller figure. “And that’s Daddy and that’s Aunt Kory and that’s Uncle Jay and there’s you!” She said pointing at the respective figures before landing on yours. You didn’t really know how you felt about being included in her family portrait but the child was clearly proud of her work.

“It’s beautiful but why am I in your picture,  Lian?” You asked.

“Because you’re gonna marry Uncle Jay one day and be my Auntie forever!” She explained. You could practically see all the gears turning in your head. This was a kid that knew what she wanted and wouldn’t take no for an answer so how to break this to her gently.

“Where’s my little she-devil?” A deep voice called out as he entered the room. Before you could turn around Lian squealed and sprinted towards his direction.

“UNCLE JAY!” She cried hugging the man’s legs and latching on tight with both her arms and legs. Lian’s uncle hobbled over to you with the little anklebiter holding on for dear life to one of his legs. She looked up at him and giggled.

“If I am correct, you must be Uncle Jay. It’s nice to meet you. This one was talking about you non stop today.” You say playfully gesturing downwards to Lian.

“Please, it’s just Jason.” He corrected. “And if the she-devil’s stories are correct that must make you Mrs. [Y/N].” Jason said  holding out his hand in greeting. You took his hand and shook it kindly.

“Oh I’m not married. It’s just Ms. [Y/N].” You corrected.

“My bad, I just figured that a woman as beautiful as yourself couldn’t possible be available.” He complimented without hesitation. You blushed at the handsome man’s compliment.

“Well Uncle Jay? Are you gonna ask her to marry you yet?” Lian piped up listening to the two of you exchange words.

“Lian!” Jason reprimanded in a hushed tone. “I’m so sorry about that. You’ll have to forgive her, you know how kids can be sometimes.”

“Of course. I’ve heard all about her matchmaking schemes already. I won’t hold it against you Jason.” You reassured forgivingly, the matter already pushed from your mind.

“She showed you the picture, huh?” Jason asked sheepish. You silently nodded which caused Jason to elicit a little groan. “She’s a little minx this one, isn’t she?” He said ruffling her hair playfully. She let out a sound of complaint before pushing away Jason’s hand.

“Is there any way I can make this up to you? Maybe dinner?” He asked smoothly.

“Say yes, Ms. [Y/N]!” Lian whispered from below.

“You should take her out more often, Jason. She’s the perfect little wingman.” You laughed lightly.

“So? Is that a yes?” Jason asked with a hopeful sparkle in his eye.

“Sure.” You agreed with a gentle smile. Lian erupted in a celebratory cheer.

“Ms. [Y/N] and Uncle Jay, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G” Lian sang. Jason rolled his eyes, reached down and picked up Lian before lifting her to sit on her shoulders.

“Come along, wingman. We’ve bothered Ms. [Y/N] enough today.” He said. “See you later Ms. [Y/N].” Jason said with a wink before leaving the room, Lian still singing the entire way down the hall.

RP Plot: Coralfinger

((Feel free to request to join in. There’s only on spot left in the mean time))


Agent 7 woke up early in the morning because of his shell phone ringing. It was 5:00 AM. He picks up the phone and answers.


“My little Jay! Come here this instant!” Her voice was stressed and worried.


“It’s an emergency!”

Agent 7 quickly puts on his attire, grabs a bottled ice tea and granola bar and heads to the train station. He stood before the booth window.

“One ticket to Calamari county and back stat!”