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random child: I need a place to live because my family’s dead
batman: [being physically restrained by the batkids while oracle calls her dad]


Requested by anon:

Carlos: “Call me Pooh, because all I want is you, honey.”
Y/N: “Oh my god, you can’t be serious.  A pick up line?”
Carlos: “Jay said it work if I wanted to ask you out.”
Jay: “No, I said a good pick up line. That was not one.”

#10 - What went wrong?

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Tuesday, 14 June 2017

Your alarm went off at the usual time - 7am. You reach for your phone to stop the alarm then turn over to see if Jay was lying in bed with you. He wasn’t.

You closed to our eyes and put your hand on your forehead. Was Jay with her? Did he leave the office then went to visit her after? Or was he just stuck at work? Tears began forming in your eyes and you didn’t want to start the day in this mood. Not only that but you still felt sick. You still had a slight headache. You thought maybe you didn’t cook dinner properly last night but you brushed it off. Sick of staying in bed feeling like shit you got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

As you walked to the bedroom, you saw Jay sleeping on the sofa. He was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday. You were glad he was here and you walked over to him. He always look so peaceful when he’s sleeping. He was snoring quietly so you took a blanket and put it on him. You bent down to his level, looked at him and stroke his hair. You thought to yourself: Why didn’t he come to bed last night?


Jay sat in silence for god knows how long. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. She’s pregnant? How? Well he knew how a girl can fall pregnant but he was so careful. He used protection and she had told him that she was on the pill.

Her: “Erm I need you to say something, Jay.”

Jay: I-I-Are you sure?

Her: Jay, I’m definitely pregnant. I took the test yesterday and the results were positive.

Jay: And it’s mine?

Her: It?

Jay: I meant like am I the father of the baby?

Her: I’m sure that you’re the father since you were the last person I had sex with.

Jay began to walk around the room. He couldn’t process all his thoughts at once. How is he going to tell his family and friends? How can this be contained so that the paps can’t find about it? How is this going to affect his business and career? He was about to become a father to an unborn child. But the mother of that unborn child isn’t you.. Fuck. You. How will this affect the relationship? Will this be the end of his relationship with you?

Jay stopped walking around and went to the fridge to get a bottle of water and drank nearly all of it in one gulp. He then rested his arms on the kitchen bench.

Her: Jay…

Jay couldn’t contain his thoughts anymore. He threw the half empty bottle across the room. She was startled by it and stood up to come over to him.

Her: Jay.. what are we going to do? I’m really scared. I don’t know the first thing to being a mother. 

Jay didn’t respond. He just started into space.

Her: I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I would like for you to come with me. Please?

Jay finally broke his silence.

Jay: I don’t know… I’m not ready for this. How are we going to work this out? I have a business and a..relationship. How did you let it happen?! You said you were on the pill. 

Her: Are you blaming me?! You do know that the pill isn’t 100% effective nor is using a condom. Don’t blame all of this on me. This is no one’s fault, it just happened and now we have to accept and deal with it! 

Jay: I can’t-I need you to leave. Now.

Her: What the fuck, Jay. I came here wanting to talk to you and try to sort this out but nothing has been sorted. Jay.. I need your help. I can’t raise a baby on my own. 

Jay: I. Need. You. To. Leave. 

She didn’t need to be told once again so she took her bag from the chair.

Her: This isn’t over, Jay, we still need to work this out. I’ll be calling you tomorrow so you better answer. If not, I’ll be coming back here and I’ll let EVERYONE know about us, and that includes your girlfriend. 


After changing into a new pair of sweatpants and your favourite hoodie you came out of the bedroom to find Jay awake. He was sitting up with the blanket wrapped around him and he was on his phone. 

You: Good morning, sleepyhead. 

Jay looked up to you and let out a small smile then put his phone down. You walked over to him and sat down. Jay then wrapped part of the blanket around you and kissed you on the head.

Jay: Mmmm I love the smell of your hair. 

You: If you want the same smell, you should take a shower babe. I swear, your body odour is slowly creeping out. 

Jay let out a small laugh. 

You: Can I ask you something?

Jay half knew what you were going to ask and he wasn’t ready for an answer.

Jay: Ask me what? 

You: What time did you come home last night?

Jay: Um just past midnight. I didn’t want to wake you up so I slept here instead. 

You: I called you several times and you didn’t pick up nor return my calls and messages. Were you working or..?

Jay let out a sigh.

Jay: Yeah. There was an emergency meeting with the tour managers. And I’m sorry.

You: Must to be very important then but I thought you were um - anyway was everything sorted?

Jay shook his head.

You: Jay.. I know you’re busy with work but I need you to reply to my messages. I’m always calling you, leaving messages and voicemails and I never get a reply. I would then spend the day or night worrying about you. You know, just a simple message would be fine by me.

Jay: I’m sorry and I promise I will try to answer your calls and reply to you as soon as I can. Ok? Now breakfast? 

Breakfast. You were usually always up for breakfast but today you felt different. You weren’t in the mood for breakfast. 

You: I think I’m going to skip breakfast today. But I can make some for you, if you want.  

Jay looked at you confused. 

Jay: No breakfast? Are you feeling okay, babe? 

Jay put his hand over your head. Your forehead was quite warm. 

You: I don’t know. I still have a slight headache. I think it had something to do with dinner last night. 

Jay: Stay here. I’m going to brush my teeth. After that, I’ll make you something drink. 

You stayed put on the sofa and Jay got up. You turned on the tv and clicked through the channels. Whilst brushing his teeth, Jay received a message from her.

Are you meeting me at the doctor’s today? My appointment is at 11am. 

Jay stared at the message and not knowing how to reply. Jay didn’t want to leave you alone today but if he doesn’t go to the appointment, she will probably come back to the office. He was typing and deleting his responses. Finally, he settled with a reply.

I’m busy with work. Maybe the next one. 

He then blocked her number so that her messages or calls won’t go through.  After a while, Jay came back with some green tea and biscuits.

You: Thanks babe. I almost forgot! Our anniversary is tomorrow night. We haven’t actually planned anything. 

Jay: I thought you said a home cooked dinner then just chill at home. I’m still down with that.

You: Yeah but… shouldn’t we something else more fun? Also, you’re leaving for the tour soon. I’m going to miss you.

Jay: Right the tour. You know, if I could go back in time I wouldn’t suggest it. I’m going to miss you so much. If only you could come with me. Maybe you’ll come to the next one?

You: Of course!

You took a sip of your tea and held onto the cup to allow your hands to warm up. You snuggled further into Jay and he held you tighter. 

Jay: How are you feeling now? Better?

You: Yeah much better! I wish we could stay like this forever.

Jay: Me too, babe. Me too. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2017

Gray: Hey man. Everything okay?

Jay was sitting in Gray’s recording studio. He hasn’t spoken to Gray about what about the other night and he wasn’t sure if he wanted Gray to know. 

Jay: I’m fine.

Gray then stood up and went to close the door. 

Gray: Tell me what happened between you and her. [Y/N] took you back but you still look like shit so tell me. 

Jay sighed and buried his head in his hands.

Jay: Fine. But let me finish talking before you start lecturing me.

Gray nodded and sat back down on his chair facing Jay. 

Jay: The reason she was here was um she came here because she needed to talk to me…about something. Fuck, okay… She was here to tell me she’s pregnant.

Gray: Are you serious? Oh my god, Jay! Shit…And you’re the dad?

Jay: Yes! If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be feeling like shit.

Gray: You haven’t told [Y/N], have you? 

Jay shook his head.

Jay: I haven’t told anyone about this so can we keep it that way? Please? 

Gray: Yeah man, I won’t tell anyone. But what about [Y/N]? She deserves to know. You can’t keep this a secret from her. 

Jay: I know, I know. But Gray if I tell her, I’m going to lose her and I don’t want that. She is everything to me.

Gray: She does bring out the best of you.. but Jay, [Y/N] going to find out sooner or later. And she’ll probably be more mad at you for lying to her than you telling her the truth now. 

Jay: I don’t want to talk about this anymore. [Y/N] is waiting for me. It’s our anniversary dinner tonight. 

This is why you can’t take me shopping

Okay so I went to the mall yesterday and we were walking, and I saw a copy of the Federalist Papers and I ran and picked it up and shoved it in my mom’s face and said


and i completely forgot there were people in the store and I just stood there for a second kinda embarrassed until I saw a Hamilton display in the store and I ran inside (The other display was outside) and I started singing all the songs. When I told my friend about the Federalist papers, she said “You’re litterally fangirling over 200 year old pieces of paper”. Thanks for that.

Must Love Kids

Daddy Roman Request: Could I request something where Reader has a little boy and is afraid to let Roman and him meet n when she finally does Roman loves him and wants to call him his daddy? - requested by @m-a-t-91

DISCLAIMER: I hate doing these, but this is so necessary lol. This request is super long, it’s taken me so long to write it because it just didn’t work being short and all. So I let nature take it’s course. And here it is, all 6,111 words. Brew your tea, coffee, whatever, relax and…I hope you enjoy lol!


I vowed to myself that I’d never introduce my son to any man in my life unless I was sure things were serious between us. I was aware that the chances of that were very slim - eye of the needle slim. Men generally weren’t fond of women with kids by another man; than it is the other way around. I think woman are more tolerating? Or am I stereotyping and generalising? Well, I speak from my experience in dating because as soon as I mention I have a kid; it’s adios amigo. Have a nice life.

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Teacher’s Pet - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Could you do some Jason fluff where you’re Lian’s teacher and he’s picking her up from school cuz he’s the ‘cool uncle’ and could maybe have Lian try to set them up, like she always talks about Jason with her teacher (requested by anon)

“Ms. [Y/N]! Ms. [Y/N]! Ms. [Y/N]!” Lian called excitedly, gently tugging on the sleeve of your shirt.

“Yes, Ms. Harper?” You asked squatting down so that you were on her level.

“My uncle Jay is coming to pick me up today!” She announced, practically bubbling over in excitement.

“Is he now?” You asked displaying an appropriate amount of enthusiasm for a little girl who was clearly excited to see her uncle.

“Yeah! I’m can’t wait for you to meet Uncle Jay, Ms. [Y/N]! He’s so cool! He lets me have treats all the time and always has really cool toys!” Lian gushed. “Oh! And we drew a picture for you Ms. [Y/N]!” She said digging into her little backpack to fish out the drawing. When she found it she unfolded it and held it up to you for your inspection.

“It’s very pretty, Lian. Did your Uncle help you draw this?” You inquired. Looking at the picture of what appeared to be a large happy family complete with a house, three colorful human figures on the ground with a slightly smaller figure next to them and a bright orange figure floating in the sky just above the family. Above the picture in the corner was a more skillfully drawn sun with a bright wide smile and sunglasses.

“Not really. He just drew the happy sun. He says that every picture should have a happy sun in it.” She explained.

“Well what about if you’re drawing something at night?” You asked.

“Then it’s a happy moon, silly!” Lian giggled as if the answer should be obvious to everyone.

“Right! Of course!” You agreed.

“You see that’s me.” She said pointing to the smaller figure. “And that’s Daddy and that’s Aunt Kory and that’s Uncle Jay and there’s you!” She said pointing at the respective figures before landing on yours. You didn’t really know how you felt about being included in her family portrait but the child was clearly proud of her work.

“It’s beautiful but why am I in your picture,  Lian?” You asked.

“Because you’re gonna marry Uncle Jay one day and be my Auntie forever!” She explained. You could practically see all the gears turning in your head. This was a kid that knew what she wanted and wouldn’t take no for an answer so how to break this to her gently.

“Where’s my little she-devil?” A deep voice called out as he entered the room. Before you could turn around Lian squealed and sprinted towards his direction.

“UNCLE JAY!” She cried hugging the man’s legs and latching on tight with both her arms and legs. Lian’s uncle hobbled over to you with the little anklebiter holding on for dear life to one of his legs. She looked up at him and giggled.

“If I am correct, you must be Uncle Jay. It’s nice to meet you. This one was talking about you non stop today.” You say playfully gesturing downwards to Lian.

“Please, it’s just Jason.” He corrected. “And if the she-devil’s stories are correct that must make you Mrs. [Y/N].” Jason said  holding out his hand in greeting. You took his hand and shook it kindly.

“Oh I’m not married. It’s just Ms. [Y/N].” You corrected.

“My bad, I just figured that a woman as beautiful as yourself couldn’t possible be available.” He complimented without hesitation. You blushed at the handsome man’s compliment.

“Well Uncle Jay? Are you gonna ask her to marry you yet?” Lian piped up listening to the two of you exchange words.

“Lian!” Jason reprimanded in a hushed tone. “I’m so sorry about that. You’ll have to forgive her, you know how kids can be sometimes.”

“Of course. I’ve heard all about her matchmaking schemes already. I won’t hold it against you Jason.” You reassured forgivingly, the matter already pushed from your mind.

“She showed you the picture, huh?” Jason asked sheepish. You silently nodded which caused Jason to elicit a little groan. “She’s a little minx this one, isn’t she?” He said ruffling her hair playfully. She let out a sound of complaint before pushing away Jason’s hand.

“Is there any way I can make this up to you? Maybe dinner?” He asked smoothly.

“Say yes, Ms. [Y/N]!” Lian whispered from below.

“You should take her out more often, Jason. She’s the perfect little wingman.” You laughed lightly.

“So? Is that a yes?” Jason asked with a hopeful sparkle in his eye.

“Sure.” You agreed with a gentle smile. Lian erupted in a celebratory cheer.

“Ms. [Y/N] and Uncle Jay, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G” Lian sang. Jason rolled his eyes, reached down and picked up Lian before lifting her to sit on her shoulders.

“Come along, wingman. We’ve bothered Ms. [Y/N] enough today.” He said. “See you later Ms. [Y/N].” Jason said with a wink before leaving the room, Lian still singing the entire way down the hall.

Dirty 30 Birthday Bash Part 3

The girls could barely contain their excitement while we shopped for groceries at the local market. The thought of getting to spend the evening with Jai Courtney had everyone buzzing, especially Kate.

“What do you think would ‘Wow’ him? What do you think someone like him would eat?” she asked.

“Food, Kate. Normal food. He’s still a typical dude,” Colleen replies.

“But he’s a celebrity! I’m sure he has to watch his figure!”

“Jai could eat a whole pizza by himself, and still look like an Australian god tomorrow,” I say.

Kate rolls her eyes. “You girls are no help,” she fumes, and heads down one of the aisles. The rest of us just shrug and follow in her wake. We let Kate take over the shopping because we all knew no matter what we suggested, it wouldn’t be right or up to her standards. And honestly, I was grateful to not have to think about it. My mind was too preoccupied on wondering what the evening had in store.


After we got back from shopping, we prepped our side dishes before everyone left to get dressed. Kate changed her outfit 9 times before finally settling on the first outfit she tried on, a cute navy blue sundress with a white chevron pattern on the skirt. I opted for a pair of blue jean shorts and a simple black v-neck shirt with some black flip flops for this backyard bar-b-q.

I was removing my roasted asparagus from the oven when there was a knock on the patio door. Waverly was in the living room waiting for everyone else to get done with their final touches on their hair or makeup so she made her way over to see who it was. I could hear Waverly’s voice as she introduced herself followed by that familiar velvety accent. Everyone in the house must have heard it too because I’ve never seen a group of girls move more quickly than in that moment as they scrambled in to get a look at the Aussie actor. Waverly invited Jai inside, and as he made his way into the living room the group began to introduce themselves. I watched him from the kitchen, noticing his genuine smile as he shook all my friends hands as he told them it was a pleasure to meet them. I also happened to notice the very perfect fitting button down shirt that was left unbuttoned at the top, showing off some of his chest hair as well as his muscular arms that just a few hours ago carried me to my door. Before I could stop myself, I started envisioning those arms snaked around my body, his hands touching every inch of skin I had. I imagined feeling his caress on my neck down to my breasts, to my hips, my ass, my—

“Right, Claire?”

Startled from my thoughts, it took me a minute to realize Kate was now standing beside me with Jai in tow, waiting for a reply to a question I totally missed. I met Jai’s eyes and my cheeks were warm with embarrassment. Jai’s face lit up with a wicked grin, as if he knew what I had just been thinking about. Probably because my face betrayed me once again around him. I look away and begin fiddling with my asparagus.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“We’re ready for dinner, right?” Kate asks.

“Oh, uh, yes. Everything’s ready,” I mumble, still turned away from Kate and Jai.

“It smells fantastic in here,” Jai says and walks over to where I’m standing, and with his body lightly pressed against my back, he leans over my shoulder to get a look at the food we’ve prepared that’s sitting on the counter top.

“Thanks, but I hope it all tastes as good as it smells.” I turn to look at him and the proximity of his face to mine catches me off guard.

“I’m sure it will,” Jai says, his breath teasing the skin of my cheek. It makes my whole body shiver, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Jai places his hand on the small of my back, “You okay?”

Honestly, the answer was no. Warmth was pooling between my legs, and being around Jai was starting to get difficult.

“Uh, yeah, of course. I’m going to start carrying things out to the tables,” I stutter, moving out of the way of his touch to un-fuzzy my brain.

“Here, let me help.” Jai picks up a few platters of food then follows me out to the deck, along with the rest of my friends. The guys rearranged the patio furniture this afternoon, combining our two tables to make one long one for tonight’s dinner. Jai’s friends were already lounging around it, enjoying some music and a few beers.

Jai kindly introduced us all to his friends as we made our way around the table, Jai ending up across from me for dinner. A few of the guys were also Australian, and it was fun listening to them talk in Aussie slang here and there. I tried to follow their words and phrases but a few of the times, I had to give up and just smile and nod. I made mental notes to look them up later.

Dinner was phenomenal. Jai made bacon wrapped filet mignon for us along with a special dish of teriyaki tofu with grilled pineapple for Hannah and Rachel that smelled incredible. I would have eaten their dish in a heartbeat. The wine Jai selected to pair with our meal was just as delectable as the food he prepared. The man knew his stuff, and I was about to be on glass number three of the delicious red wine when his friend Craig sitting next to me shouted, “Alright, who is trying to play footsies with me under the table?”

I snorted into my wine when I saw Jai readjust himself in his seat, his face red from a few glasses of his own, and probably because he just got caught.

Craig was laughing before he leaned in close to me and whispered, “I think that was meant for you.”

“I highly doubt it.”

Craig shakes his head. “You don’t see it yet, do you?”

“See what?” I ask.

Just as Craig is about to respond, Jai clears his throat, loudly, his eyes trained on his friend and I. “I think it’s time for some drinking games,” Jai says.

Kate’s face lit up. “Now we’re talking. And what exactly did you have in mind, Jai?” she purred. A knot twisted in my stomach. Something in the way Kate talked to him made me feel uneasy, but I wasn’t sure why.

“Nothing fancy. Just some good old fashion beer pong.”

“Sounds perfect!”

The guys were already up collecting cups and clearing the table of empty plates and platters. Within minutes the tables were set, teams were picked, rules announced, and a bracket was made. It was going to be a battle of the sexes, men verse women. Waverly and I were partners and we found ourselves in the first round of the night against Jai’s friends Joseph and James. Joe walks over to us, handing Waverly and I each a ping pong ball. “We don’t have to shoot off to see who goes first. We’re just gonna give you this one.”

“What, why?” I ask.

“It might be the only shots you get to take this round,” James says with a wink, and the two of them laugh.

Jai claps his hands together, “And so the trash talkin’ begins!”

Waverly meets my eyes and I can see in her face that after that jibe, she wants nothing more than to crush these guys.

“Okay boys, we accept your generous offer to throw first…Waverly.”

She doesn’t hesitate. Her throw is quick and her aim is precise. The ball lands perfectly in the head cup of the triangle. Before one of the guys even gets a chance to remove her cup, I sink my ping pong ball into the right corner cup in the back row.

“I believe we get to shoot again,” Waverly gloated.

There’s laughter from our spectators and I hear Jai’s more distinctly than anyone else’s. James and Joseph both take a drink from their cups as they toss us back the balls for our throwback.

“I think we fucked up, Joe.”

“I think you might be right.”


The matches all evening had been exciting to watch. Once the guys got over their initial shock that we could hold our own, even decimate them in some instances, the rounds started to heat up. Bets were bargained and placed, and watching some of them unfold, like Lisa having to cover her hair in shaving cream or Ike having to have his armpits waxed by Hannah, had all of us rolling in laughter half the night.

Waverly and I made it to the final round, and we were currently tied with our opponents, Jai and Craig. Both our teams had 3 cups remaining with the guys in possession of the throws. Our negotiations for what the losers would be required to do after this round were made back when we each had 10 cups, and I was not looking forward to the impending embarrassment that was about to go down if Waverly and I lost. Craig threw first and barely missed his target as it hit the rim and bounced away. Jai’s toss floated up and then arched down perfectly into the solo cup.

“And then there were two,” he sang before a smile spread across his face.

“Yeah well, you’re about to have none,” Waverly sassed back. Jai’s smile only widened as he chuckled.

Waverly was desperate not to lose and her laser focus kicked in. Her ball landed right in the center of a cup making us tied once again. I stand to take my turn and I have to close one of my eyes to gauge the actual distance required to make my shot because I’m just drunk enough to have lost my depth perception. Jai decides to lean over the table, his face just behind the last two cups, trying to throw me off.

“Havin’ a hard time focusing there, Claire?”

This sexy mother fucker.

“Nope!” I chirp, and I fling the ping pong ball towards his face, but thanks to my impaired vision, the ball actually falls short of my intended target, and lands in one of the two remaining cups.

I hear Waverly let out a huge breath she had been holding in. The guys start taunting Jai and Craig, telling them it’s time for a swim.

We get the balls back, and with one cup left, the pressure was on us to finish this. Waverly didn’t even blink. She stepped up and just launched the ball across the table. The ball hit the back of the cup and fell right in.

“We get a rebuttal!” Craig shouts, trying to keep his hope alive.

“Not so fast, Claire still gets to throw. If she makes it, there’s no rebuttal!” Waverly reminds him.

I take a breath and step up to the table. The pressure I feel is oddly sobering, and my vision is more focused than before. I raise my hand to throw and release the ball into the air. It feels like it floats there forever before finally landing in the bottom of the red solo cup.

Waverly is jumping up and down next to me, and everyone else is either clapping or laughing knowing what’s coming next.

Craig looks at Jai and says, “Let’s get this over with,” stalking towards the stairs that lead down to the lake. The rest of us are standing at the edge of the deck, watching as Jai begins to unabashedly undress down on the beach while Craig modestly turns his back to us as he too slips off his clothes. It’s too dark to actually see anything from where we’re standing, but once the two of them are naked, I see Jai’s silhouette extending his hand to his friend. Craig takes it and together, hand in hand, they skip towards the lake butt naked.


After Jai’s skinny dipping dare was completed, the guys started a bonfire on the beach for all of us to gather around. I stayed back at the house to start cleaning the dishes from dinner along with our beer pong mess. I was loading the dishwasher when I heard the sliding glass door open and close.

“I was wondering where you snuck off to,” Jai says. “Why aren’t you down by the fire?”

“I will be. I’m actually just finishing up,” I tell him as I start the dishwasher. “Why aren’t YOU down by the fire,” I ask him in reply.

“I was looking for you,” Jai stated.

I stop and look at him. His answer surprised me, and made my heart race a few beats faster.

“Did you need something?”

“Nothing other than your company.”

I snorted. “You know there’s like 12 other people on the beach, right?”

Jai rubs his fingers through his stubble, and lets out a small sigh, “Yeah, and yet none of them are you.”

I laugh thinking he’s trying to be cheeky, but he doesn’t laugh or even smile. Instead, Jai closes the distance between us until he’s towering over me.

I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I try to swallow but it seems my mouth has gone dry. I try to whisper, “And what’s so special about me,” but it comes out hoarse and muffled.

Jai chuckles. “That’s what I’m still trying to figure out.” Jai’s lips are on mine in seconds, his hands now along the side of my face, pulling me in closer. His lips are both soft and strong as he takes my bottom lip between his own and begins to suck on it. I moan as the heat between my legs intensifies. My hands make their way around to his back and I dig my nails into his shirt as he deepens the kiss. Our bodies are pressed together but it still felt like we weren’t close enough. Between his tongue dancing inside my mouth and his body hardening against my belly, I wanted to melt into him and to feel him inside me. It takes all the will power I have, but I pull away to come up for some air. When I pull back, there’s something different in his eyes and I feel it in my core. It’s a mix of lust and desire…….and lots of alcohol.

I step back. “Jai, we’ve both had a lot to drink. Maybe this isn’t the best time to do something you might regret in the morning.” He frowns, frozen for a moment, searching my face, but eventually nods in agreement.

“Yeah, you’re right,” he says softly, and backs away himself, heading for the door. “You still coming down to the beach?”

“Yes, of course.”

He puffs out his bottom lip before nodding again. “Good.” Just as he is about to slip through the door he turns his head back to me and says, “I may be drunk but I promise you, I wouldn’t have regretted anything, Claire.” And with that, he was gone, headed for the lake.

And I realize after he’s left that I wouldn’t have either.


Thank you @sparklemichele for being my beta again! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Writing this made me realise how much I can’t wait to see his dork become a dad of my kids lol OKAY SORRY DON’T SHOOT ME but yeah a n y w a y s !!! Tweaked this a little and got carried away writing this, it isn’t thaaat much of a big fight cos I can’t bear to write about that /heh/ but I did try to stay within the angst genre so I hope you guys enjoy this (I actually kinda really like how this turned out) ^^

Pregnancy – the gift of life, a miracle, the fruit of your labour, the all so beautiful creation of another human being…or so they said.

And as much as you pictured yourself flawlessly gliding around your home or going out and about your daily life completing day to day tasks effortlessly, the sweat that was starting to form under your pits from the mere short walk out of the cab and into the elevator up your husband’s office even in this fucking cold weather was doing nothing to make you feel better about yourself in addition to the fact that he had completely forgotten about your doctor’s appointment despite reminding him just yesterday.

“Ji Eun!” Gray greeted you as you walked into the office. “Wow it’s been some time since I last saw you and…you got really pregnant.”

“Hey…” You smile out of politeness, unsure if that was a nicer way of him saying that he has noticed the 16 pounds that you’ve gained now that you were into your third trimester but decided that you were too tired to even go into that right now. You didn’t even notice when you started becoming this cranky but with this belly getting in your way of everything, sigh…it was just hard not to. “Is Jay around…? He didn’t pick up any of my calls…”

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Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 18: His Queen

Summary: Two weeks away from when the baby is due, have you helped Jay change? JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 1781

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Jay had changed for the most part. At least at home. If he was angry or drunk, Jonny would call me to let me know. Jay slept in another room. Most nights when he did he’d wake up in the middle of the night he’d come lay next to me once he was better. I’d smile knowing that he listened. It as comforting to know he was trying to be a good father. I didn’t know much about his since he never opened up about his past. I knew whoever they are, they probably weren’t good. Or maybe they were and he just didn’t want to talk about them. He was different from when he was younger.

If I woke up when he came in, he’d ask about the baby until we both fell asleep again. He never brought violence in the house and had a heist gone wrong he’d move to another property to scream or kill whoever he felt necessary. The killing wasn’t as often now. I told him how’d he expect to grow his kingdom if he kept killing his army off. It was a stroke to his ego which worked. It convinced him to punish his men in other ways, but they weren’t dead. When he killed someone at the club which was still most nights because of whatever reason he deemed was an excuse, he’d call to let me know. I’d have someone make him dinner while he went up to get cleaned. Eating meals together happened a couple of times a week which was good. Jay was still that angry boss but he was better to the people that mattered. It was better to have him this way. I wasn’t as stressed. The doctors told me everything look good. As much as Jay changed, he never came with me. He didn’t want anyone to look at me wrong so he’d send me with Jonny. Mostly because he knew I wouldn’t want him to kill anyone, and because Jonny was the only other person he trusted with me. Their relationship was different. Jonny had always been the one man Jay could tolerate. Now they talk a lot. Mostly about business, but it was more than commands. 

There were two weeks left until the baby was here. Jay had refused to let me out of his sight. If he had to leave me for his business because something happened he would immediately send Jonny my way. It didn’t happen often because when he had to, he’d lash out as his men. His men would always try to deal with it before having to call him in but sometimes he absolutely had to be there. None of them wanted to be tortured, but who would?

“You didn’t have to come with me you know?” I spoke to Jay as I was looking at clothes for Alex. The people working looked at me giving me sad stares from the corner they were forced in but I just smiled. Jay ignored them and I honestly didn’t care. Jay was better to me, and that was all that mattered.

“I’m not leaving you alone when the baby should be coming soon.” A smile grew on my face as I turned towards him.

“Alex isn’t due for another two weeks. Though, it’s nice to have you around.” Jay was walking around the store throwing things he didn’t like on the floor. “Do you have to?” Jay looked up at me smiling.

“I got bored.” I rolled my eyes.

“You didn’t have to come. Just go, I’ll have Jonny pick me up when I’m done.” Jay waved his finger in my face.

“No can do, dollface.” He caressed my cheek, which I leaned in to. I loved when he did it. It happened more often now.

“Then can you stop. You’re already scaring them enough with the guns in their face.” Jay’s men had the workers sat in a corner while holding guns. He didn’t want them calling the cops. I felt bad but I didn’t want Jay back in Arkham either.

“I thought this was fun.” I shook my head and giggled. He was serious.

“We should hurry up and choose.” I held up an outfit to him. “Do you like this one?” It was a shirt that said ‘Ain’t no mama like the one I got’ with gray baby joggers.

Jay held up one that said ‘The prince has arrived’ in a gold font with a crown. “This one’s better.” I smiled.

“It’s fitting.” I put it in the basket. I found another outfit that would either cause Jay to laugh or just get him angry. “This one?” It said ‘I’m batty for mommy’ with the batman logo. I gave Jay innocent eyes as I tried to keep a straight face.

“You better be kidding?” I placed it back as he came closer to me.

“Relax, Jay. I was.”

“Not very funny.” Jay mumbled as he pushed the display of the outfit on the ground.

“Funnier than your jokes.” I went over and kissed his cheek. “I was just playing, Jay. Don’t be mad.” He faced me and held me to him.

“I can’t stay mad at ya, darlin’” I stared at him until he came clean. “Just a little annoyed.”

I kissed him on his lips. “Still annoyed?”

“Why don’t you give me some more suga and find out?” We kissed again as I smiled into the kiss.

“All better?” He nodded which allowed me to pull away and place the clothes in a bag. “Pay them, please?” Jay snapped his fingers as one of his men placed a stack of cash on the counter. “Thank you and sorry about the damage.” I walked out the shop as Jay followed behind. He grabbed the bags and placed them in the trunk as I got ready for him to speed off.

Once we arrived at the house, I went to Alex’s room to see how Jonny did. He was painting the room since the furniture and decorations were here. “Jonny, how is it?” He was coming out of the room as I was near the door.

“All set. Paint just needs to dry. You finish shopping?” I nodded.

“Thank you for doing this, not that you had much of a choice.” He just messed with my hair.

“When it comes to you, you know your big brother would do anything.” Jay cleared his throat which let me know he was behind me.

“Got something to say?” I turned my head towards him, looking at him as best as I could.

“I got a surprise for ya. Is it ready, Frost?” Jay always called him Frost. It was something to show everyone that Jay was still in control. Old habits die hard. Plus, Jay didn’t like to admit Jonny and him were closer. It would boost my ego too much.

I looked to Frost as he nodded then lead us to another room. I looked at Jay who was walking next to me, one arm holding me to him. “What is it?”

“If I told ya it wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it?” I giggled.

“I guess not. Can I go in?” Frost and Jay looked at each other.

“Go on, darlin’.” I looked at him suspiciously.

“Is it gonna kill me?” Jay got serious which caused me to laugh.

“Jay, I’m just messing with you.” I opened the door slowly but it was dark in the room so I couldn’t see much. “Is this supposed to be a representation of your heart?” I joked as I tried to find the light switch on the wall.

“Making jokes is my gig.” Jay turned the light on and I looked around the room.

“A playroom for Alex?” I looked at Jay shocked then to Frost.

“You did this?” Frost stepped into the room more.

“His idea and money. I just set it up.” The walls matched the one in Alex’s room. Blue and white stripes going in different directions. There was a television hung up on the wall, blue curtains hanging in front of the two windows and toys all around. It wasn’t a mess. There were containers and cubbies for them that went against the walls. A huge teddy bear was sitting on the rocking chair which was in the corner. It was white which complemented the color scheme.

“You designed this?” I looked at Jay as a smile graced my face.

“Didn’t want the baby playing with my toys, so now he’s got his own room and own toys too.” I went towards Jay and wrapped my arms around the back of his neck as I kissed him. This was sweet of him to do. I didn’t even think about having a play room for Alex. When he got older he could change it to what he wanted. I could see a mini Jay running around here, growing up. It made my heart flutter.

“Your toys are guns and knives. He is definitely not playing with those.” I kissed him again. “Thank you.”

“Anything for my queen.” I closed my eyes as he kissed my forehead. I pulled away from him and sat on the chair after pulling the big bear off.

I sighed happily. “This is so soft.” I felt Alex move as I relaxed and closed my eyes. “Me and Alex are hungry.” I stood up and walked to the door. “Well, come on guys. Let’s eat.”

“I’m all set.” Jonny spoke.

“No, you’re not. Now, let’s go.” I walked out as I heard two pairs of feet follow me. I smirked accomplished. Jonny didn’t eat right so I took it upon myself to make sure he did, now that I lived here. And with Jay, he had been all over me since I was in my last two weeks. He was afraid I’d have the baby without him. It was funny at first. He would be in another room and I would scream and he’d run in asking me if the baby was coming. It was cute, to be honest. Until he got annoyed and followed me everywhere. I suppose it’s also that he’s feeling scared. He doesn’t want someone from his business coming at us, especially now. It would be okay. I had him and Jonny by my side and that’s all that mattered. It helped that they could kick ass, in their case kill it too. I cared about my two men and my little boy more than anything, and if someone threatened that they’d be taken care of in a really fucked way. I am Jay’s queen, no one wants to mess with that.

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hey-bae-bae  asked:

Can you do a written imagine where y/n is on her period and is super hormonal and calls Justin and asks him to come over. Justin tries his best to comfort her but something goes wrong and then they get into an argument and make up and it's all cute. I want it to be super cute and mushy, tight hugs, please NO daddy kink. Thanks love! I love your blog, I'm just not feeling the daddy kink.


Y/n POV:

Cramps, cramp, cramp!!!
All I need right now is ice cream and justin

I picked up my phone and dialed his number

“What’s up baby ?”

Jay I’m like dying…

“Baby… Are you crying”

No…. Maybe a little

“Awh baby I’m on my way I’ll get you some Advil and candy before I come give me 10 minutes okay ?”


“I love you”

I love you too

••••end of convo •••••

I groaned.

It felt like eternity before justin came.
I heard a knock downstairs so I walked downstairs and opened the door.
As soon as I opened the door Justin pouted at me.

“I’m sorry” he whispered kissing my forehead

“For what” I asked confused.

“That Mother Nature is doing this to you” he replied putting the things he bought on the counter and pulling me into a tight hug

He leaned down and pecked my lips 10 times really fast making me smile

“There’s that beautiful smile” he smiled

“I love you” I whispered

“I love you too now let’s go cuddle and catch up on vampire diaries” he rolled his eyes with a smirk

I looked over at him unamused “I saw that”

We climbed it my bed and got comfortable while I signed into my Netflix and streamed it to the TV.

I got a cramp and I groaned.
Justin kissed my cheek and soothingly rubbed my tummy which seemed to help.

“Well atleast we know you’re not pregnant” he laughed

My head snapped towards him and I glared at the side of his head

“You think that’s funny?” I snapped

He looked at me confused

“No babe I didn’t even mean it like that”

“Yes you fucking did justin, get out” I stood out of my bed and walked to my bedroom door.

“No infact why don’t you just break up with me now, you shouldn’t have to be with someone you know you would never want to get pregnant” I spat

He sighs and gets up out of my bed
But instead he walks over towards me

“Y/n you know I didn’t mean it like that
Are you fucking kidding?! If I had kids- no not ‘if’ WHEN I have kids with you, we’ll be the sexiest family ever! Don’t you ever think I don’t want kids with you I love you baby” he leaned down and kissed me

“I love you and I’m sorry for snapping at you … You know hormones” I sighed intertwining our hands

“I know” he sighs “ I was saving this for your birthday but I think this is the perfect time”

Justin gets down on one knee and looks up at you
“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, I love you with all my heart, you’re my A to Z ; it started with you and I want it to end with you.
Y/N will promise to marry me when the time is right ?” He smiled

You looked at the promise ring and than at justin while crying
You smiled through your tears

“I Promise”
I hope you liked it boo ❤️😇

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 20: Is it mine?

Summary: Understanding is key. JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 2025

Is it mine? Masterlist


“Jay, it was at the time where I didn’t think I could trust you. I thought maybe you would stop chasing me if it wasn’t yours.” Tears kept running down my cheeks. Jay and I had made progress but what all of that was ruined by this? Would he hurt me again?

“That’s not what I asked, (Y/N).” I hugged my own body to try and comfort myself, but all I wanted was for Jay to understand and comfort me. “Answer me!” He screamed causing me to jump. He must hate me now. I couldn’t let him know I was afraid so I screamed back. I had a baby to protect and I’d be damned if he acted like this the first day Alex was born.

“Yes, he’s yours! He’s yours okay! He was always yours. I never thought about sleeping with anyone else.” Whimpers came out of my mouth as tears streamed faster down my cheeks.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me? Did you think I’d be angry? Or were you just planning on leaving and then maybe I’d never find you again? Were you going to leave?” I cried harder, squeezing my eyes shut. Jay had stood up and begun pacing around the room. The baby, thankfully, was still calm in Jonny’s arms.

“Jay, I already told you why. I thought you would leave me alone. If it wasn’t yours, why would you want it? Why would you want to take care of us? I thought it’d be better to not be with you or for him not to have you. I thought all you had to offer was pain because that was all you showed me or anyone for that matter. Was I supposed to believe I was special? All we did was fuck, Jay. But that was all before you changed. I’m sorry, Jay. After that, I forgot that I never told you the truth until now. I stopped telling you that Alex wasn’t yours after the car ride and it never came up again.”

“You just forgot to tell me he was actually mine?” Being pissed meant he couldn’t think straight. He was asking stupid questions at this point.

“Fuck, Jay. I get it. You hate me because I lied. Because I lied about one thing. Now you think you can never trust me again because you fucking hate liars. You need to understand I did because before all of this, before living with you, before you changed, I thought that was the best way to help my child. I had money so I could take care of him on my own. I thought being with you would just put him in danger. I didn’t want your business partners to harm him because your business is the most important thing to you.”

He sat back on the bed. He didn’t look at me. I could tell by his face that he was thinking about what I said. “You think I wouldn’t protect you or him enough? You think I’d put you in danger? My business isn’t what is most important to me when I have you and Alex. You should know that by now.”

I shook my head. “No, Jay. I thought. I thought you wouldn’t be enough. I thought you’d hurt me if you found out. I thought there would be more bad than good. I couldn’t risk that since I am his mother. He has always been dependent on me since day one. I know you care about us and that we’re really important to you. I should have said was.”

“You think I would hurt you?” He looked at me this time. He was looking into my eyes to see if I was telling the truth.

“I was afraid you would. Then when Jonny got shot, I was afraid of what you’d do. So I told him that I had a one night stand. Then you hurt me and you proved that you would.” I looked at Jonny and he just nodded. I couldn’t hurt Jay’s and Jonny’s trust. It meant to much to me and wouldn’t harm much.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I reached over to him and held his hand.

“We’re passed that. I know we are. He’s ours, Jay. There was never anyone else just to let you know.” I leaned my head on his arm. “I’m sorry I lied.”

“You don’t have to be. You were just being his mom and you were afraid. Are you still?” He looked towards me.

“No, not anymore.” After shaking my head, I gave him a smile. “I’m happy with you, Jay. I have you and that beautiful baby boy. I get to see Jonny more. What more can I ask for?”

We laid down. My head was on his chest, while his arm circled around my back. “He was always mine.”

I looked at him curiously. “He is” My fingers intertwined with his hands as the room got quiet. I decided to ask Jay a question that needed an answer but could also make him push me out again. I believed in Jay and everything we had worked on together over these months so I asked anyways. “Why would you want him if he wasn’t yours? Just curious.”

Jay was quiet for a minute. He was debating on telling me. He opened his mouth as if he was going to speak but then closed it again. “That’s alright. You don’t have to answer.” I kissed his chest.

“Harley and I tried to have a kid once. We couldn’t. I blamed myself. I was and still am the reason she’ll never be normal. Then I met you for the first time, you were the one I wanted anything and everything with. I couldn’t do anything until I got so bad with Harley and she left. Otherwise, she’d probably kill ya and I couldn’t have that. I hurt her but never blamed her. It was me.” He looked down at me and saw I teared up. “Don’t you go crying again.”

I smiled at him. “I won’t. Continue, please.”

“When we slept together, I didn’t want you closer because I didn’t want to hurt you like I did with Harls. I never wanted to ruin you like I did her. When you left, it tore me up inside. Worst than I was. I thought it was my fault. I tore up the city looking for you. Killed a lot of my men when they came back and told me they couldn’t find you. Then you came back and were pregnant. I was hoping it was mine, and when I was told it wasn’t it didn’t matter. It was yours. I didn’t want you leaving again so even if the baby wasn’t mine I’d raise it as such. I didn’t want to admit I cared for you, so I hurt ya and you left. It wasn’t okay. You made things better when you were with me. So I had to find you. When I did, I went straight to you. No one can take you away from me.” He squeezed his hand that was on my hip but not enough to cause pain. “You’re mine. That’s never changing.”

I sat up a bit and gently placed my lips on his. “I don’t want it to. I love you, Jay.”

He kissed my forehead and sat up better. He looked towards Jonny, while Jonny was looking at Alex. “Give me my boy.” I rolled my eyes. That was him asking nicely. Jonny gently placed Alex in Jay’s arms. Seeing Jay hold him for the first time was beautiful, honestly. Jay smiled, and although it was strange, I’d never seen Jay so invested in someone. I cried a little at the sight and Jay just laughed. “Why you crying?”

I shook my head. “I just love you both.” I kissed Alex’s head and laid back seeing Jay and Alex together. Alex had smiled a couple times and stuck out his tongue while Jay made weird faces at him. I fell asleep seeing the best thing I could - my family.

Each and every day, Alex looked more like Jay. It bothered me. He had Jay’s hair, natural of course despite Jay constantly berating me to let him dye Alex’s hair when he got older. “Why don’t you look anything like me? I carry you for nine months and this is how you repay me?” Alex just made an almost laughing noise which made me smile. I held out my arms to him and he crawled towards me. “I love you still.” I kissed his head. He eventually pulled out of my arms and crawled to his toys.

Alex was nine months now. He was starting to try to talk more and stood up once in awhile to try to walk. Though, he’d just go back to crawling before taking a step. Jay would spend at least a couple hours with us each day then go deal with business. He tried to be with us as often as he could but he also took care of business. Jonny was always with me since Jay still didn’t trust anyone else to protect us. It was nice. Jonny always brought something to give to Alex every day which eventually stacked up into a massive amount of toys which Alex played with once or twice and neglected them afterward. Jay was dealing with some business with Jonny downstairs which left me to take care of the baby. I loved every second of it, though.

Alex stood up and I reached out my arms to him. “Come to mama. You can do it.” He took one step and I gasped. That was his first step. He slowly took more which made me smile. “Come on, baby. Mama is right here.” Once he reached me I scooped him up in arms and laughed loudly. My baby took his first steps. I looked at Alex and kissed him repeatedly which made him giggle.

“Dada.” Alex started trying to talk.

“Mama.” I said back to try to encourage him to speak.


“No, mama.”

“Dada.” I sighed but kissed his forehead.

“That’s alright. You’re still mama’s baby boy.” Jay came in looking at us.

“What’s going on?” I looked up at Jay with the biggest smile on my face.

“He took his first steps and tried calling for you. Watch.” I turned Alex towards his dad and pointed at Jay. “Dada.”

Alex tried to jump and smiled at Jay. “Dada”

“Hahaha, that’s my boy.” Jay came and picked Alex up. “I missed his first steps?”

Standing up, I placed a kiss on his cheek. “We got cameras, remember? We can always rewatch it.” Cameras were a safety precaution he added around the same time the room was finished. Jay wanted to have everything on camera so if he saw anything suspicious he could come straight over or send someone.

Jay looked at me. “Let’s go check it out.” As we went down to Jay’s office, Jonny was on his way towards us.

“Jonny! Alex spoke and took his first steps.” Jonny looked at Alex, and back towards me.

“I missed it?” I just chuckled while looking at Jonny’s face which if he did show emotions would be considered sad. It changed back to neutral expression quickly after.

“We were gonna go rewatch it since we have cameras. Come on.” We rewatched the video and Alex just tried to laugh which always made my heart melt. It was the cutest noise I have ever heard. Jay sniffed the air and I knew what that meant.

“What’s that smell?” Jay asked innocently which just made me laugh.

“Your son’s diaper. Not it!” Jonny looked at me.

“Not it!” 

Jay was the last one to not say it and he just sighed. I laughed at his face expression. “(Y/N), change him.”

“Nah, it’s your turn. I’m gonna go see what’s for dinner.” As I walked out of the room, I heard Jay mumble something which you could definitely tell he was annoyed. I laughed even harder.

“Love ya too, Jay.”

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My mother tried to laugh off what I‘d just told her “That’s ridiculous Trace” she said

“I’m not dumb mom. I heard you on the phone, plus I knew for a while now” I said

“How long exactly ‘’is a while’?” she asked

“Since Christmas” I mumbled looking down at my fingers

“You listening to me and your father’s conversation?” she asked

“I didn’t mean to, I was just coming to tell you something and I overheard the two of you talking” I shrugged

Hearing that Alex and Elexia were related was like a punch to the gut. As if I couldn’t dislike this chick enough. She already has my best friend now she has my brother, what’s next on the agenda for her, my man?

“I didn’t want for you to find out like that” she said

I only shrugged.

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Jai Brooks and Christina

“I’m sick..” he whines over the phone. I feel so bad for him because I can’t help him.

“I know baby, but tomorrow I don’t have to work so I’m going to get up extra early and drive over there to see you!”

“You really don’t have to because you’ll get-”

“Listen! I won’t get sick because we won’t kiss. I will get you medicine and you’ll drink a lot of water.”

“Only if you’re completely sure about this.” he coughed.

“I have never been more sure about anything. But I am going to get up early, so I should probably get some sleep. You too, okay?”

“Okay Chris. I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.”

“I love you too. Oh. I’m going to just sneak in okay and just not make any noise.”

“Perfect.” His voice was low and sleepy.

“Okay okay, get some sleep sweetie.!” we both hung up the phone. It was time for me to sleep. I had to get up extra early. The drive to Jai’s and the guys’ house was about an hour and a half. Though, this summer I am going to move closer to him and just transfer jobs. I know they have where I work in Melbourne.

I was extra extra excited about it too. We don’t get to see each other all the time considering my job is a day job from early to late. The hours were never consistent. And I worked with children, so I couldn’t risk getting sick at all.


The next morning I woke up before the sun did. I sluggishly put on my sweats and a sweater. My hair was semi curly, but I threw it into a very loose mussy bun then hopped into the car. I was going to stay with them that night with them and then go home that night. I didn’t work the weekend for once.

I had pulled into the driveway around 7 and snuck into the house, knowing it wasn’t locked… and never was for that matter. I put away some groceries I had picked up that these bozos would need. They have been on their own for about 5 months now, but me and their mother still worried.

I slowly walked into Jai’s room and heard him snoring lightly. His nose was all stuffed up so he was a mouth breather. I started to pick up the used tissues and empty water bottles. He had a box of cold and allergy medicine. He was taking care of himself. He really wanted to get better.

I set a few full bottles of water on his side table and started to clean his room in general. Picking up his dirty clothes and folding the clean ones that were on the chair.

I went back to the side table and organized it and picked up a few more things when his hand gently touched my thigh.

“Hi..” his voice was low and gravely. His eyes were still closed.

“Go back to sleep. I’m just cleaning up a little.” I said in a hushed tone.

“No. It’s early. Come lay with me..”

“Can I just-”

“No Christina. Please.” His eyes slowly opened and glared at me. They were still so tired. I could tell this sickness was kicking his ass.

“Okay. One second.” I put a couple things where they were supposed to go and got into bed with him. He was on my back and his hand rested on my hip.

“Jeans.” He said while his fingers weakly grabbed at the material on my legs. “I have sweats go change.” he ordered. I got out of bed and watched him open his eyes completely and watched my change. He kinda smiled, but it was a lazy smile. He was so cute even though he was sicky.

I got back into bed and he cuddled me. I loved feeling protected and surrounded by his warmth and strong arms. I didn’t realize how tired I was until my eyes started to shut and soon we were both asleep.

“PANCAKES!!” someone chanted through the house as loud as they could apparently.

I stirred and picked up my phone, checking the clock. It was about 9. Jai coughed and rubbed his eyes.

“Go back to sleep babe. I’ll be right back.” I aggressively moved the blanket and walked out into the kitchen. I wasn’t irritated that I was woke up, but because Jai was awake and he needed sleep. “Boys.” I snap.

Beau and Luke look at me with fright in their eyes. Then they smiled at me. I couldn’t help but grin at their lazy clothes and sleepy smiles.

“CHRIS!” Luke shouted and hugged me.

“Stop it. You two are being loud and Jai needs some rest.”

“He’s still sick?” Beau asked. His back was to me while he made pancakes.

“Yes. Now please…” I turned around to walk off then stopped. “Make more pancakes okay? Mama’s hungry.” I stated then walked into Jai’s room again.

“Hi..” I smile at my little sicky.

“Hey.” he cleared his throat. His voice was sounding a little better than yesterday.

“You feeling any better?” I sat on the edge of the bed and patted his thigh.


“You don’t sound as congested as you usually do.”

“Really? Well that’s really great!” he smiled and stretched. One of his hands rested on my thigh and he yawned then coughed.

“Okay, so you should probably go take a shower. The hot water will help move everything that’s in your chest. And blow your nose when you have to not suck it back up, okay? Oh and take these.” I handed him 2 cold medicine tablets and a bottle of water.

“Thank you.” He swallowed the pills and drank half the bottle of water.

“I’ll go help the guys with breakfast. You go take a hot shower and really let the steam inside, okay?”

“I will.”

“Perfect.” I kissed his forehead and ran into the kitchen to help prep fruits and make smoothies. 


Ten minutes later Jai came out with wet hair and a pair of jeans that looks incredible on his cute little butt.

“Hi baby. Feel better?” I handed him a smoothie.

“I do, actually.”

“You sound really good.” Luke patted his back and placed his plate of pancakes in front of himself.

I made me and Jai a plate with blueberries and strawberries. 

We sat there with Beau and Luke and had a good time being dumb and laughing.

About 11 Beau and Luke decided to go to the gym or something. Jai was on the couch, sprawled out watching a game and I was doing some dishes. I was practically their maid when I was over.

“Chriiiiiiis!” Jai sang, making me smile. He did sound a lot better. I’m glad he is finally getting over this sickness.

“Yes?” I smile at him. His right leg was up on the back of the couch and looked ready for something.

“Come to daddy.”

“How about I sit here.” I sit on the edge of the couch. He moves his leg down and props himself up on his elbow.

“I just wanted you near me. I have really missed you." 

"I have really missed you too baby.” we hold hands. “But this summer will be great and we can see each other all the time and really be a real couple.”

“A real couple? Like we aren’t one now?”

“I mean like where we are adults. We will live together and buy groceries and be cute.”

“We get to play house.” he smiled at me.

“I wish you weren’t sick!” I whined, wanting to kiss him really bad.

“Maybe you won’t get sick if we kiss? Maybe I’m over this and this cough or whatever is just it leaving my body.”

“Maybe. But if I get sick you have to come to my place and make me better. You have to come take care of me.”

“Deal, just kiss me.” he grins. I smile and lean down. Our lips met in a small kiss at first. “Wait.” he re-situated himself so that I could lay down next to him and kinda on top. My leg was thrown over his body as we kissed. Our kisses were sloppy and slow. They were nice. It had been something I had missed for so long.

“I love you..” he mumbled against my lips when I was fully straddling his lap.

“I love you too..” I said back and started to kiss his neck. “Before this goes too far, do you-”

“Yeah. Let’s go to my bedroom.” We rush into his room and shut the door.


I laid in my bed with my phone pressed to my ear, feeling sick and blowing my nose like every 10 seconds it felt like. “You got me sick.” I whine.

“I’ll be over this weekend. I will make you feel better.” he chuckled into the phone.

Jay-Z, photographed in New York by Danny Clinch in 2009.

“I only had a few minutes to shoot a portrait of Jay-Z in a classic-style portrait setting. I usually shoot with medium format film for these situations but my time was short, so while my assistant was changing film backs on my Hassleblad I picked up my Leica and shot a few frames.”