pick up lines don't work

TFB Pickup lines

valentines day is only a few weeks away, so here’s another round of tfb pickup lines for you to try out.

  • do you wanna get high and hang around?
  • do you wanna c my dog?
  • will you fix my bad boy blues baby?
  • you are what i want mother fucker make it happen for me.
  • i’ll hold your hand if you hold mine
  • hi, i’m brian sella
  • oh i love you, i miss you, i want to hug and kiss you
  • you can tie me up, don’t tie me down
  • with you on top of me and me underneath you, i bet we go 100 miles an hour through the ceiling
  • i’m looking for that sexual healing
  • *give them plastic flowers sprayed with any type of perfume or a dead spider from your pocket*