pick up lines

some amazing harry potter pick up lines that totally work:
  • i don’t need to cast accio to make you come
  • are we in charms class cuz you have me under your spell
  • you don’t need alohomora to unlock my heart
  • all the prophecies in the department of mysteries say i belong with you
  • is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me
  • hey girl…are you a dementor because you take my breath away
  • damn i must have had some felix felicis, bc I think I’m about to get lucky
  • you don’t need lumos to turn me on
  • hagrid’s not the only giant at hogwarts if you know what i mean
  • did you survive avada kedavra cuz youre drop dead gorgeous
Sebastian trying to flirt like..
  • Sebastian:"If I were a cat I'd spend all 9 lives with you"
  • Sebastian:"Since i met you i feel like the cat who got the cream."
  • Sebastian:"Are you kitten me?..cause you are purrrfect."
  • Sebastian:"You remind me off a leopard... or a tiger. Either way, I don't mind the claws"
  • Sebastian:"no..? ok"
  • Sebastian:"I am feline fine now i have seen you."
  • Sebastian:"I'd like to get your tongue"
  • Sebastian:"My love for you is like a hairball - I can't hold it in."
  • Ciel:"OKAY! Thats´s enough! Go back to work.."
Harry Potter Pick Up Lines

Hermione: It’s a good thing I brought my library card…Because I’m checking you out

Ron: My love for you burns… like a dying phoenix

Voldemort: Are you a horcrux? ‘Cause you complete me

Harry: If you were a tree… You’d be a good tree

Draco: Hi, my name is Draco.