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Valentine's Day HC

This is my Valentine’s Day present for @sleepingupsidedown blame her for the suffering

-Lance has everyone’s back

-Even if no one ever really talks to him but Hunk

-Keith goes to Allura or Shiro because god forbid he talks to anyone else

-Allura goes to Coran and Coran goes to Allura

-Shiro only goes to Keith

-Pidge goes to Hunk or Shiro

-Hunk can talk to Pidge, Keith, Lance , and Shay

-Lance well, when it comes to the real important stuff, the homesickness, feeling inferior, a burden, a seventh wheel, Lance has no one

-Lance tries to form close bonds with the others but they never give him the chance, and those that do he doesn’t want to hurt by telling them of how unhappy he is

-Or he feels the horrible tension that seems to constantly be around them so he takes it upon himself to be the comedy relief

-The reason he flirts is because it makes him feel closer to his brother who taught him all those awful pick up lines

-He’s used to being overlooked it happens when you have a big family, it can’t be helped

-So when they finally have a moment to stop and relax Lance isn’t all that bothered that everyone naturally paired off only leaving him alone

-Lance then decides to simply go to his room, have some me time

-When he finally has his mask on he finds that he has tracks down his face mask(HIS VERY EXPENSIVE AND RARE FACEMASK MIND YOU)

- Cursing he realized it was wet with his tears

- He rushed to fix the mask and try to stop his crying but he finds that he can’t

-He can’t stop crying

-He can’t breathe

-He can’t hear the music he put on earlier

-He’s on the floor

-He doesn’t know what’s wrong and yet he remains quiet, rides it out by himself because who can he tell

-So he waits for what feels like forever to be able to breathe again

-Then he just waits for the panic and blind terror to subside

-And when it’s all over he gets up, the timer went off, it’s time to take off the face mask

-He doesn’t want to be alone anymore

-He doesn’t want to be there

-He wants to be in his mama’s arms

-He wants to listens to his siblings trying to make him laugh

-He wants his dad to be making him chocolate caliente

-Hell he just wants someone to talk to

-He just wants someone in the spaceship to have his back for once

-Someone who is genuinely interested to see him or just listen to everything be it good or bad

-He wants too many things that will never come to pass

-So instead he lays back in bed until the next battle because what else is there to do?

-What Lance doesn’t know is that it’s his birthday

-Everyone went and paired up to go prepare the surprise party for Lance the flirt who just happened to be born on Valentine’s Day

-Hunk went to go make the cake with Coran

-Pidge went to find some dank memes

-Allura,Shiro, and Keith went on to decorate the common space

-What Lance doesn’t know is that they all love him and appreciate him

-What Lance doesn’t know is that Keith planned all of this after Hunk let it slip that Lance’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day

-What Lance doesn’t know is that Keith plans to tell him how he feels about him

-WHAT LANCE DOESN’T KNOW is that the reason no one has had time is because they have been busy trying to hunt down the beauty products the know Lance loves or anything that brings him happiness to be honest

-You see Hunk isn’t making an Altean cake, oh no, he managed to find more than half of the ingredients to make Lance’s favorite cake, a tres leches

-Pidge found at least 3 new face mask made by humans for humans

-Allura is giving Lance a book she’s been writing with all the pick up lines Lance has ever directed toward her because she doesn’t know when but at some point it stopped being annoying and it started to be endearing

-Shiro is giving Lance the chance to give himself a nickname that Shiro will use from then on but it must be appropriate

-And Keith….. he has a whole letter were he wrote down all the feelings he knows he won’t be able to ever say to him

-Just hundreds of words stating how much he loves him and how sorry he is for ever forgetting him

-Asking Lance if he will take him, God please allow him to have a special place in his heart

-So Lance doesn’t know that when he is finally feeling as if he can actually maybe function that the others have Hunk going to his door to coax him out of his room

-But when Lance learns about all of it, learns that he’s not alone and the others have his back

-Now his tears are from happiness and a spark of hope that not everything is impossible

-And yes he does have enough space for Keith, why wouldn’t he?

Weekly Recommendations || Dec. 23-30

I find find some amazing works of writing during my time on tumblr and I think it’s about time to share some of those. IF YOU WANT ME TO READ YOUR WORK TAG ME OR SUBMIT A POST!!! I love seeing all of your writing

a/n: Send in some of your favorite writers (or yourself) so I can read more amazing pieces of writing! 

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I file this under “only one of several scenarios that sound impossibly cheesy and cliché, but Sorey and Mikleo canonically do it”.
AKA that one discovery skit in the castle’s waiting room (honestly, what kind of “discovery” is a bookshelf, anyway? Elysia library was obviously very small).
Dedicated to @Neodiji, she knows why!

Lailah, chill, standing reaaally close to each other while reading trashy erotica together is a totally harmless and normal activity if you’re soulmates and have no concept of personal space, anyway

silverdragonms  asked:

I’m just gonna go for it. “Whenever I see Stretch and Rus, I can’t choose who I like more, cuz it’s like choosing between favorite books. You can’t choose just one!” I might end up embarrassing myself help.

“i can read you, honey, and i can tell that you’re really leaning toward me.”

“pfft.  shut the book on your infatuation for him, an’ pick me instead.  just don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“hey hun.  if you were letters on a page, you’d be fine print.”

“darlin’, we must be in a library because you’re obviously checkin’ me out.”

Harry: Hey Draco, are you going to bed? Mind if I Slytherin?

Draco: Oh my god Harry that is literally so terrible

Harry: You must be magical because I’ve fallen under a sleep spell

Draco: Did the Weasley twins put you up to this?

Harry: You must be a horcrux because you complete me

Draco: What the fuck am I dating

Reasons to read Willful Machines by Tim Floreen
  • gay
  • awesome plot
  • robots
  • badass old lady in a wheelchair
  • boys obsessed with Shakespeare
  • POC main characters
  • literally starts with a cliffhanger??
  • gAY
  • shakespearian pickup lines
  • main character is the closeted son of an ultra-conservative president and it’s just rlly emotional
  • but lots of cutesy feel-good stuff
  • pining dorks
  • the secret service are p cool
  • the statue of liberty got blown up?
  • the main character is just a huge nerd
  • more ravens
  • why is ya literature so obsessed with ravens????
  • feminism
  • main character’s best friend is just rlly passionate about social justice
  • she may also be kinda emo
  • there’s a plot-twist about the principle at the end and it’s not what u think
  • there’s robots
  • and gays
  • *whispers* gay robots
  • “Hamlet was pretty much the poster boy for clinical depression, right?”
  • really realistic look on depression and suicidal thoughts like fuck bro
  • but lots of fluff so that’s good
  • I’m like 83% sure Singh is a lesbian
  • this book will make you question the very concept of free will and i’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or not but i couldn’t sleep for like 4 days so
  • did i mention gay boys quoting shakespeare as pick-up lines?
  • cuz that happens

Title: Faux Pas
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,307
Characters: Warren Worthington III x Reader, Jubilation Lee
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Alcohol mentions, swearing
Notes: Request from anon for “’You’re really hot, shame about the personality’ from one of your prompt lists (with warren please)”

Originally posted by brownvalerie

“Please let me set you up!”

“Absolutely fucking not.”

Conversations such as these were frequent between Warren Worthington III and Jubilation Lee. The latter of the two was nothing if not persistent – and the former was nothing if not stubborn.

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