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(Positive anon) Hello! I'm here to spread positivity to the ichiruki community! Your art is outstanding! I really love how you draw ichiruki! I always love how you draw them together! Thank you for making this fandom great with your beautiful art!

Thank you so much! It’s nice to have positive anons in my inbox. And as a thank you, here!


my sapphic crush board (live action edition)

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//*drops Astra discretly* xD let's see for the child meme !

(( Science child meme! ^^ for @ask-the-three-eyes)) **closed**

Has a real love for history and learning new things. Already has her own archive of things she has learned and heard about! Most probably plans to sell information when older and some day retire to an apple farm. To have all the apples forever.

Silly note: While she can, and does, listen into on multiple conversations at once, she does get instantly flustered if caught off guard while doing so. Otherwise she has Astra’s calm cool side.

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"while Liz would wear super cute work jeans and be down with the handymen and workers" okay but imagine liz in a tool belt. like, i'm sweatin

I’m sure Red would have a field day with all the fantasies he’d come up with of Liz in a tool belt and nothing else. Oh, and also that one time Liz tried to fix a broken shower and ended up with a see-through shirt clinging to her body (Red couldn’t look her in the face for a whole week after that particular incident.)

sitting in the dark bc my lil fish has velvet (aka gold dust disease) and light makes it worse :(( her medicine wont be here until thursday but hopefully if i keep an eye on her and keep the sun out she’ll be okay

hang in there cutiepie 🐟

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Request for a Yuri on ice sick fic please xoxoxo. Yuri P getting a really bad stomach bug in the middle of the night and yuuri k coming in and taking care of him like a good dad

sorry, love, while this is a super adorable prompt, the ask box is actually closed for yuri p right now!  this will hopefully only be a temporary thing right now, but i have lots of yurio asks to fill at the moment and can’t accept any more.  having said that, i will still be filling the yurio requests i already have, so keep an eye out for those in the future!

also, if you don’t want to wait for me to open my ask back up to yurio requests, check out this recent post i made, which has a bunch of recs for some other really wonderful sick!yurio writers