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May I please have a reading regarding my career? I'd like to know what I need to do to bring about getting my dream job.

Hello i drew a past present and future spread for you. The chariot, the magician and the devil.

The past: the chariot: it doesnt matter which direction you pick as long as you pick one and start moving forward. With possibilities in front of you it might be hard to pick one but dont let anyone pick it for you. Choose wisely and move forward with confidence that you picked the right choice.

The present: the magician: you have all the tools you need to accomplish your goals. The magic is inside you. A reading about can you do it? Or will i succeed is a yes when this card comes into the reading. But you are the only one who can make it happen with your inner self and personal power.

The future: the devil: this card tells you that you have the power to change things for the better. Are you looking clearly at all aspects of your life? Are you clinging to something that you should really let go of in order to move forward? Let it go, the more you try to stay and hold onto that thing the more you are going to wish you hadn’t.

I hope this helped and it is open to others interpretations. Blessings to you and yours.

Hiddlestoner dilemma

So what if you had 2 choices:

Option 1: you can spend 8 hours with Tom, you can do whatever you want (go to dinner, have deep conversations, ask him anything you want and he has to answer, join him on set and watch him work, bring him to your house, meet his friends and family …) The only catch is you have to stay 2 feet away from him at all time and under no condition can you touch each other.

Option 2: you can spend just 1 hour with Tom and you can get as physical as you want, hug, kiss or have mindblowing sex (or all the above), you can go as far as you want and as many times as you want in that time and he will oblige BUT not a word can be spoken between the two of you (I’m not counting whimpering and moaning as talking otherwise this is an impossible task)

Which one do you choose?

Oh and one more condition, if you pick one the other can NEVER happen so choose wisely!

(yes this is the stuff I think about while I’m at work…)

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If I want to make a new scene, and the scene is when the character isn't present, do I make it 3rd person?

You have a few options, but if you’re writing in first person I would suggest keeping it in first person, just with a different character:

Third Person Omniscient

  • This is when the POV is in third person without following any specific character. This can be a difficult and confusing POV to write because the narrator is able to access the thoughts of all characters.

Third Person Limited

  • You can use third person limited in which you follow one character in third person. If you use this, choose your character wisely.

First Person:

  • Again, pick one character and use their POV. Only this time, do it in first person. And, again, choose this character wisely.