pick my toe

Is anyone else really mild mannered usually but super violent minded?

 Like, someone can bump into me and I’m just like ‘oh it’s ok’ but in my head I’m like 'if you touch me one more time I’m going to shove my foot so far up your ass that the dentist will be picking my toes from between your teeth’.

10 Things I needed after Top Surgery

1. A place to stay and someone to stay with.  Seriously, recovery is not something you can do on your own.  If you know a nurse who is willing to hang out with you it makes life 10X easier because they are used to seeing blood and helping people and cleaning up messes.  My friend even helped me wash my hair over his kitchen sink and changed my dressings for me.  No reaching, no stretching, no bending over, it’s great.

2. Something soft and comforting.  The pain meds made me woozy and a little emotional.  I couldn’t control when I slept, when I was awake, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open sometimes.  I lost track of time, started conversations I didn’t remember, etc.  Having something around that was constant like a specific blanket, a drink you like, a tv show you can binge on that you’ve watched before (you’ll fall asleep and no remember what happened), helped make me feel more stable.  I chose a blanket and pillow that I particularly like.  And have some Arizona tea always around.

3. Bendy Straws.  This is pretty common but they’re really a life saver.  I didn’t have to pick my arms up for anything really. 

4. Something to keep toilet paper closer to the toilet in the bathroom.  Whether this is a cheap toilet paper rack or even a small bucket or stool, I had issues reaching the toilet paper roll because it was either too far in front of me or on the wall behind me.  Consider where the toilet paper is in your bathroom and make adjustments if you need to.  

5. Glass cleaning cloth.  With how much I fell asleep and woke up, my glasses were constantly on and off my face, falling on the floor, and of course I had to pick them up with my toes if I was alone because I couldn’t bend them over.  At some point I was ready to safety pin a cloth to my surgery binder so I didn’t have to keep asking for one when I couldn’t see through all the smudges.  This is also helpful for computer screens and phone screens especially if you aren’t wearing normal clothing like a soft tshirt or jacket.

6. Easy access medications.  If your meds come with child locks on them, you might not be able to open them.  Find a jar or something with a really easy access lid - something that screws off with you having to push buttons or pop anything - and LABEL things according to what you use them for.  Pain meds really clogged my thoughts so seeing words like “OW” and “BLEH” on the top of bottles helped me distinguish which med was for pain and which med was for nausea.  Have fun with this one.

7. A pillow that won’t run away.  If you’re sleeping in a bed, try body pillows around you.  If you’re sleeping on a couch, make sure it’s not a couch that will swallow you between the cushions.  I spent most of my time in a recliner with a travel pillow around my neck.

8. Meditation music or something quiet.  After the first 12-24 hours I found myself holding my shoulders up trying to reduce the pain on my incisions which caused a lot of tension in my back, neck, and shoulders.  At some points they were more painful than the incisions.  Take some time to really meditate and relax your muscles or the tightness will impact everything around you - pain levels, mood, etc.  

9. Easy access snacks.  I love clementines so we found some that were easy to peel.  Chip bags that are small and easy to handle are nice too.  Light plates, bowls, plastic cups, things that don’t require a lot of coordination work well because it’s hard to get situated and then have to reach for a ton of things.  Eat food that only requires one utensil.  Etc.

10. Short Walks.  March in Michigan is cold, so we went to stores to get one or two things, I leaned over a cart and hobbled through.  It made me dizzy and painful, it sucked most of the time, but once I sat down and relaxed I felt so much better than pre-walk.  I wasn’t fidgety anymore, I felt like I could actually sit still and let myself heal rather than getting up every 10 minutes or asking for water or reading a book or scratching or painting my nails.  I slept better after walks, I ate better after walks, and I felt more emotionally stable after walks.  

Okay, those are my top 10 things.  I’m sure there are others depending on your situation.  Some people recommend cough drops for your sore throat after anesthesia, I didn’t experience this.  I also experienced a little more draining than a lot of guys do and thus needed some extra gauze and bandages.  Long phone chargers, comfy slippers, and loose-fitting clothes are often recommended too.  I used my regular 6ft charger, had some slippers but mostly only wore them when my feet were cold, and I wore shorts and my surgery binder for most of the week after because it was easier to regulate my temperature with blankets than take clothes on and off.  

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

i think the thing i hate the most about derma is that once its bad… it really is bad

you start picking this one spot of dry skin, thinking “i just need to get this off thats all it is” but then you just keep going, thinking “the edges of it annoy me i need to balance them out” and you just keep going and going and going, wider and deeper

you cant brush your fingers over any part of yourself without finding something to pick and then at the end youre all picked out but it still doesnt stop, you always find a place where you can pick just that little bit deeper

then you spend the rest of the day in pain, stinging all over, every touch hurting you, and you cant really move because well, you dont have the skin there to give in to the movement

but then when tomorrow comes and youve started to heal you dont like the way it looks, how it feels when you touch it, you dont like the scab, you need to get it off

and it all begins all over again
in a never ending cycle

Home (Blurb)

Hello lovelies. Hope you’re doing well. So sorry for the lack of imagines/blurbs but I started yet another year of University, so its been kinda hectic. But please please please send me some requests so that it will make the thinking of plots a lot more easier.  Also keep in mind I do imagines based off a character already made up, so if I see ‘y/n’ I will replace it with the name that I have created. But I hope you enjoy

Finally after weeks of not seeing him, I get to see him.
Shawn has been gone for about 3 weeks touring North America doing what he loves, unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit him those 3 weeks because of work so we did what we usually do when he’s gone; Facetime dates.
But its never the same. I truly envy people to get to wake up in their bed and say “I’m going to visit my boyfriend” and able to spend some time, if that’s if you don’t have work or you do and see him after, I envy you; yet wouldn’t want my relationship to change at all.

Today is finally the day where he comes home. I usually wait at Shawn’s condo and not greet him at the airport, because frankly I dont need 50 teenage girls coming up to me.
So I stay and wait for him.

9:05 pm
“Hey! I just landed I’ll see you soon. I MISS YOU" 
I chuckle at the text and finish pouring my tea before responding.
“See you soon. Love you ❤” I press send and sit on the couch sipping my tea, watching some random movie on t.v that doesn’t interest’s me at all.


I finally here the keys and the lock turning. I practically jump off of the white couch and place my tea on the kitchen island and run to greet Shawn at the door.
He comes through the door his body showing he’s completely drained, but his eyes; as soon as they met mine they went wide and a huge smile was plastered on his lips.

I walk up to him and hug him. His arms wrapping around my waist and squeezing me tightly, taking my breath away.
He slightly picks me up where my toes grazing the floor.
He places me down and he looks at me.
His hands slowly traveling up to my cheeks and he looks at my features as if he’s looking to make sure I’m still the same Jaclyn.

“I missed you. A lot.” I chuckle and kiss him lightly. He kisses me back and turn on my heels and grab my tea and he grabs his luggage and we meet by the washer and dryer.

I sit on the bed, sitting on my knees and Shawn watches me as he places his clothes in the washer.
“What are you looking at?” I chuckle while taking another sip.
He shakes his head and shrugs “I just missed your face”

He closes the washer and places a little bit more detergent than normal so he makes sure it gets really clean. He lazily walks over to his bed and takes my mug and I make a pouty face. He takes a big gulp out of it and sighs in relief.
“Want me to make you one?” He chuckles and shakes his head and hands me the mug back.
I take the last sip and leave the room and put the mug in the sink.

I come back and see Shawn sprawled out in his bed looking so comfy.
I walk up to him and straddle him. He takes ahold of my waist and I kiss him.
“I missed these lips” he kisses me again. I lean back and his hands supporting me.
“Well these lips missed you” I come back and kiss him.
We talk about what the other missed until we both fell asleep finally happy that he was home.

Was this bad? I don’t know I’m very indecisive and always think I write horribly so please excuse that.

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survivinguntildawn  asked:

15, 16, 55, and 56? For the ask thing.

15. Do you have any piercings?

Unfortunately no. I want to get some.

16. Do you have any tattoos? 

Ditto 15

55. Share a relationship story.

Mmmm i don’t really have any good ones.

56. State 8 facts about your body

1) I have pectus carinatum

2) I can crack all my joints and do so frequently

3) My eyesight is -6 in one eye and -6.5 in the other

4) I can touch my fingers together behind my back, but only barely

5) I can contort my leg up behind my shoulder

6) I used to be able to do a split

7) I sometimes pick things up with my toes 

8) Idk what else

Adult Ice Skating Adventures - Exhibition Skate?

So somewhere along the way I ended up signing up do to an exhibition event next month at the skating rink. So that gives me something to work towards (other than fixing my terrible, terrible 3-turns….orz)

Luckily, I will be skating in a group, so only 25% of the audience will be able to see me do really bad crossovers! The other skaters I know briefly from some lessons and practice sessions, so it’ll be nice to actually get to know some more people, since the majority of skating and sewing is quite a solitary hobby.

But then while I was attempting a spiral during practice today, I ended up tripping on my toe pick and faceplanting on the ice. Well, more like a chestplant, because I pretty much landed square on my chest and totally got the wind knocked out of me for a couple minutes. I went back to skating after that and am fine, but now I’m finding that my ribcage kind of hurts whenever I take a deep breath or laugh too hard.

Gosh, this makes me feel like I am getting old. :/

01. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12, and I don’t know how to roller-skate or ride a scooter or a skateboard.
02. I’m flat-footed, with my left foot far worse than my right. For this reason I wore corrective shoes with arch supports until I was 13.
03. And maybe this is why I love buying shoes now: Nike, Toms, FitFlop, L.K. Bennett, Nine West, Sanuk, and Jimmy Choo.
04. I’ve danced ballet with Ballet Philippines. It was The Nutcracker. I was 8 years old.
05. I was a classical piano scholar in UP.
06. I am woefully absentminded. I can memorize full scripts, but cannot remember where I put my phone or keys.
07. I learned to drive at the age of 30.
08. The first car I ever owned was a Toyota Corolla.
09. I once thought I could actually talk to God; turned out I just had an overactive imagination.
10. I’ve only gotten the flu twice in my life: once at 18 and then at 22. I get my fly shot every year now.
11. I have 5 piercings in total, 3 on my left ear, 2 on my right. Each piercing on my ears represents an emotional event. The last one I got was to show my daughter it wasn’t painful. Epic fail! It hurt!
12. I swear like a sailor.
13. I had a sizable Game & Watch collection (most of which is actually still in my mom’s closet).
14. I also collect Swatch watches… and elephants with their trunks raised up. My Auntie Daku (my mother’s eldest sister and mother to prima ballerina Maniya Barredo) gave me my very first one at the opening night of Annie.
15. I’ve never worn braces.
16. I make the sign of the cross before I go onstage. Always.
17. I’ve only attended Jesuit universities (Ateneo and Fordham). Yes, I’m biased.
18. I love popcorn, especially with plenty of butter and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.
19. I was allergic to shellfish until my teens. Thankfully it’s something I eventually outgrew.
20. As a child I fell asleep with books under my pillow.
21. I am not technically the eldest child… my mother suffered a miscarriage in her seventh month of pregnancy, a son she named Leo. (And that’s why I’m named Lea.)
22. The only knot I remember from being a Girl Scout is the square knot. It’s incredibly useful!
23. I like assembling things: Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles, Ikea furniture, or remote control cars.
24. I can pick up things with my toes. (Salonga thing.)
25. I can wiggle my ears. (Imutan thing.)
26. Favorite drink: Hendrick’s gin & tonic. But I won’t refuse a glass of German Riesling. Or anything with Grey Goose or Ketel One vodka. Ha!
27. Favorite video game: Assassin’s Creed 2. Ezio Auditore is hot. Requiescat in pace.
28. The one movie I have to finish when I accidentally catch it on TV: Tango & Cash.
29. I prefer 440 over 442, and I’ve never sung at 432. (Music geeks will dig this one.)
30. I used a pacifier until I was 5.
31. I put my left shoe on first before my right.
32. I start going up or down a flight of stairs with my right food and end with my left… unless there’s an odd number of steps, in which case I’ll start with my left or switch feet somewhere in the middle.
33. First kiss: 6 years old. And no, I am not sharing with whom it was!
34. I’m a bit of a word nerd.
35. Facebook is my other job.


“Everybody dances to their own boom boom. I can pick stuff up with my toes. Like, not just socks and crap like that but big things. Ketchup bottles. Ashtrays. iPods. It’s a less useful skill than you’d think. I’m distantly related to a 17th century French aristocrat called Cecile DeLacroix. She was beheaded during the French Revolution. Her eyes carried on blinking for 14 seconds after her head was severed from her neck and her lover had her teeth sewn into his pillow.”

Effy’s E4 Profile

Series 1 and 2

Effy’s Profile (Translated from Morse Code)


Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore,
So do our minutes hasten to their end;
Each changing place with that which goes before,
In sequent toil all forwards do contend.
Nativity, once in the main of light,
Crawls to maturity, wherewith being crown’d,
Crooked eclipses ‘gainst his glory fight,
And Time that gave doth now his gift confound.
Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth
And delves the parallels in beauty’s brow,
Feeds on the rarities of nature’s truth,
And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow:
  And yet to times in hope, my verse shall stand
  Praising thy worth, despite his cruel hand.

(Shakespeare’s Sonet 60)



Effy’s Blog

They made me go and talk to this counsellor woman who kept saying ‘But why Elizabeth, why do you think you withheld speech?’. I used to just say ‘I dunno’ til it was time to go home.

But I did know. Sort of.

Okay. So. Paris Hilton isn’t an It Girl. Clara Bow was an It Girl. She was one of the biggest silent film stars ever. The Brooklyn Bonfire. I think we’re really similar. She’s a brunette. I’m a brunette. Her Dad was mentally impaired. My Dad is mentally impaired. She was really good at poker. I’m really good at poker. She married a cowboy. I don’t think I’m getting married but if I did it would probably be to a cowboy.

Anyway, basically she was the best film star, like, ever

But then the talkies started, and the films weren’t silent any more. And it would be fine, except when Clara actually had to speak, she just froze. She couldn’t stop looking at the microphones pushed at her face. She got mike fright. She retired at the age of 26 and never made another film ever again.

But even though Clara Bow couldn’t deal with talking in public, and Paris Hilton could probably talk for fucking hours about fucking anything, I reckon if Clara Bow met Paris Hilton, she’d punch her lights out.

But I don’t think the counsellor woman would have really understood that.

Series 3

AGE: 16

MOTTO: Everybody dances to their own boom boom.

ABOUT ME: I’m Effy. It’s a shit name but it’s short for Elizabeth which is even worse. I live with my Mum and Dad. My brother used to live here too but now he’s gone. On the day he left he gave me his duvet cover, half a bottle of Peach Schnapps, and his bedroom. Well, he doesn’t need it any more does he? So now it’s my kingdom. I drank the Schnapps and gave the duvet to Oxfam.

These are the four most interesting things about me:

1) I can pick stuff up with my toes. Like, not just socks and crap like that but big things. Ketchup bottles. Ashtrays. Ipods. It’s a less useful skill than you’d think.

2) My Dad was so angry when I got expelled from the shit school I used to go to that he literally started farting in rage. Gross.

3) I’m distantly related to a 17th century French aristocrat called Cecile DeLacroix. She was beheaded during the French Revolution. Her eyes carried on blinking for 14 seconds after her head was severed from her neck and her lover had her teeth sewn into his pillow.

4) My favourite smell is petrol.

If you want to know any more send a stamped addressed envelope and ten pounds to my address


T.V SHOWS: TV rots your brain and makes you infertile. True story.

FILM STARS: I don’t have favourite film stars. Everyone gets old and shit in the end. My favourite film character is the Elephant Man. He’s hot.

DREAM DATE: Refer to last question.

Series 4

“Sometimes it can be liberating to be lost”


Ten Things About Me // Number 1 / My toes are flexible

I never realised this wasn’t normal. But because of this I can pick things up with my toes so I don’t have to bend down (because that takes ages).

Beginner drills

I started ice skating 3 months ago! I’ve had such a good time finding my balance and not using my toe pick. This month I finally started trying forward cross overs and only just started doing them without holding my friends hand, I had a really big mental block with them and felt like I would never get them… but now that I have I feel like I can basically do anything! lolWhat I can do: ok cross overs, long one foot glides, shitty spirals, backwards half swizzles (in a straight line) What I’m working on: better cross overs, backwards one foot glides and half swizzles on the circleI’m 24 and would eventually like to do adult competitions, but I’ve got a couple years before I can start so I’m in no rush.