pick me up 2012

Nico tried to keep his messenger bag balanced on his shoulder, but it kept slipping down the soft leather of his jacked. “Damn it, damn it damn it.” He muttered to himself. He checked his watch. 13 minutes to make a 10 minute walk across campus. “Stupid anthropology. Stupid roommate. Stupid alarm clock. Stupid, stupid stupid!” He thought, not thinking much about crossing the street safely.

To Nico, getting hit by a motorcycle wasn’t even the dumbest thing he did that morning. But was definitely going to make him late.

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Beach at Pick Me Up, Somerset House

We’re absolutely delighted to announce Beach has been invited to host a space at Somerset House’s wonderful, annual, Pick Me Up, 2012.

Alongside the great and good of design and illustration (Names we’ve heard include Beach Buddies Print Club, Matthew the Horse, Nelly Duff and PeepShow) we’ll be presenting a small-press library complete with lurk space(Without the ‘SILENCE’ signs) with a focus on five diverse international publishers:

NoBrow (Eng), Musuems Press (Sco), Nieves (Swi), Seems (USA) and Lubok Verlag (Ger)

We’re delighted to have these guys involved as they are totally awesome and arguably our 5 favourites. They will be presenting their complete catalogues as well as original artwork by the artists whose work they publish.

As well as those guys, we’ll have plenty more on offer from other ace small-press publishers.

We’ll also be presenting new artwork and editions by Beach artists Sister Arrow, Carl Partridge, Sean Morris, Steak Mtn, and future exhibitees James Jarvis, French, B.C. and more.

The show runs from the 22nd-1st April 2012, from 11AM-8PM