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hello beautiful people! so  decided to update my faves page! 

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Welp, I finally reached 10k followers! Wow. I am so grateful!! I’ve been planning on doing a big art give away for quite some time now, so I am excited to do this! Here is what I am offering:

  • 1st Place: Hi-res 11x17 inch full-color picture with a minor-ish background, single character. It’s fullbody but some body parts may not show in favor of the composition. ONE winner will be chosen.
  • 2nd Place: A small colored single fullbody, OR a sketch of some sort of scene happening, up to 2 characters. The latter will most likely have monochrome flats with some shading. TWO winners will be chosen.
  • 3rd Place: Thigh-up sketch of a single character, with flats. TWO winners will be chosen.


  • You don’t have to be a follower, although a follow would be appreciated!
  • Only reblogs count. You can reblog as many times as you like. (also please don’t tag as giveaway, I guess tumblr has issues with that)
  • Give away blogs do not count.
  • I will draw OCs and canon characters! Any gender, species, and body type! I will also draw monsters/body horror, anthro, mecha/robots and uhhhh yeah I’ll draw just about anything
  • You MUST have at least one already-drawn reference (or a screenshot) of your character for this. even if it’s a messy sketch, it will do!
  • I will NOT draw NSFW or fetishy stuff. This blog is SFW, and so is the give away.
  • Please keep your ask box or messages open so I can message you if you win! If your ask box is not open at the time I announce winners, I will pick someone else.
  • If a winner does not respond to me within 48 hours, I will pick someone else.
  • Winners will be selected by a random generator.
  • The give away ends on September 15th, 2017! I will announce the winners within the week.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you guys so much and good luck!

And so a month after they built the fifth Wal-Mart in our county, a little coffee shop opened just a few yards away.  

My coworker Rick said it looked like a giant amoeba just waiting to absorb any surrounding properties.

“The coffee shop?” I asked.

“No, Wal-Mart is the amoeba.”


When I got back to my desk, I typed ‘amoeba’ into Google and realized that I had incorrectly pictured a centipede.

“Fuck Rick,” I thought. “I don’t need any more friends, anyway. I’m on friend overload.”

At dinner that night, the Wal-Mart came up again when my wife Diane mentioned how ugly it was to see another gigantic shopping center taking up space in our town.

“It looks like a giant amoeba just waiting to absorb that little coffee shop,” I said. “And then the coffee shop is like a centipede.”

“I don’t think amoebas eat centipedes. And besides, that’s the point.”

Diane went on to explain that the coffee shop, though legitimate and functioning by all measures, was really an art piece constructed by a group of private donors in response to the new Wal-Mart.

“The idea is that we’re intentionally not supposed to go to the coffee shop. That way, Wal-Mart customers will be forced to observe the gradual decay of a local business every time they enter the store.”

“Well, I’ve been going there all week,” I said. “I think the coffee is top-notch stuff. Plus, it’s on my way to work.”

“The coffee is supposed to be mediocre,” said Diane. “Keeping within the budget of most struggling businesses. It’s supposed to be virtually undrinkable.”

“Hmm…well I really like it.”

“Well, you can’t keep going or else you’ll ruin the project.”

“This is America,” I said. “And if I want a cup of mediocre, overpriced coffee, by god I will have it!”

Over the next several months, I kept drinking the coffee. Some days I even went twice. The quality of the coffee, I was told, gradually worsened as a result of my unwavering interest, but I never noticed and so I had no choice but to doubt the rumors.

My doubt remained intact even after overhearing a private conversation between the coffee shop’s manager and the cashier. I was standing by a tree and watching a teenager back his car into another car and I guess they didn’t see me.

“I know,” said the cashier. “I’ve tried that, but it’s like he doesn’t have taste buds.”

“Well, he’s single-handedly fucking up this entire thing.”

“So what then, poison? Would he even drink poison?”

“Now, that’s an interesting idea.”

“Stupid teenage drivers,” I thought.

In the end, they poisoned the coffee. I made it a month after that, but my failing eyesight and ravaged kidneys eventually left me bed-ridden.

“Well, they just opened another location,” said Diane. “Business is booming. I hope you’re happy.”

And I wasn’t happy, but I was somehow content and I thought about everything: Wal-Mart, art projects, even little amoebas crawling through the forest, one-hundred legs working beautifully in tandem.

“Nobody ever wins in these kinds of things,” said Diane.

“But if you had to pick a winner, you’d probably pick me because the coffee shop was on my way to work.”

Diane sighed and left the room. I dozed off and in my dream, they did pick a winner. They picked me and I was led over to a small stage to choose my prize: A brand new recliner or two new kidneys!

“The recliner,” I inquired. “How far back are we talking?”


hey guys! i’m doing my very first giveaway!! 

The giveaway includes: 

  • The winner’s choice of vol. 1 or vol. 2 magazine from Target (physical copy of the album comes with the order)


  • The winner’s choice of any one item from Taylor’s official merch store.

The rules are simple!!

  1. Must be following me (I will check)
  2. Reblog this post as many times as you want, likes count too

This giveaway is available WORLD WIDE and completely free!! I will be picking the winner on October 13th!! Feel free to ask me any questions on here or on my twitter @ttwaswift. Good luck! 


@ridethefrostback’s follower appreciation giveaway!

Hey all, Frosty here! I’ve hit another milestone so it’s that time again~ Thank you so much for sticking with me! :D I’m still not sorry for all my shitposting and memes.

If you’ve ever had trouble with the DA:I CC or wanted to see your Inquisitor w/ mods, here’s your chance! \o/

THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS! Winners can choose between screenshots (from DA:I) or an aesthetic post of some kind. (Prizes from the last giveaway!)


  • You must be following @ridethefrostback. New followers welcome! (I’d love for you to stick around afterwards though! ^^)
  • No giveaway blogs please! I will check.
  • Likes and Reblogs count! Feel free to reblog more than once (just be mindful of your followers!)
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday, August 25th, 2017 @ 12:00am PST
    • I will be PMing the two winners so make sure I can contact you! If the winners don’t respond within 24 hours, I will pick a new winner.

A few guidelines about the prizes!

  • If you don’t want screenshots of an OC, or want another character, we can always work something out.
  • You MUST be able to provide me with references or faceclaims.(Especially if I’m going into the CC.) The more info you can provide me, the better. You can’t “leave it up to me.”
  • Unfortunately, I am unable to get you screenshots of an OC with an LI or during a specific quest because that would require hours of gameplay. :(
  • I do reserve the right to decline making an OC if it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I will be tagging this as #frosty’s giveaway for your blacklisting convenience!

Giveaway Ends: Friday, Aug. 25th @ 12:00am PST


EDIT: This giveaway is now over! Thank you everyone who participated <3

Another kinky wager

Summary: As he previously promised, Bucky helps you work out all those irritating little kinks in your pool game.
Characters: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Absolutely NSFW. It’s all sex and pool tables folks, please walk away unless you’re over 18.  

A/N: Decided to write a follow-up to ‘Pool balls and underpants’, because I just couldn’t move on without a smutty sequel. This can read as a stand-alone story, but it will make more sense why Bucky’s wearing Steve’s underwear if you read the first part. And besides, who doesn’t love reading sassy sexual innuendos from Bucky Barnes?

Also, I meant this to be short, and once again my imagination spiralled out of control, and here we are. I regret nothing.

Pool balls and underpants 

He’s startled for a moment, before a sly smile stretches across his face, and he whips around to follow, white socks slipping and sliding on the smooth tiles as he chases after you.

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// Dylan’s Shirt Giveaway //

I am going to be giving away a “copy” of Dylan’s AOL shirt made to your size. This giveaway is simply for to give back to those in the TCC, and to promote kindness within our community. The rules are as follows:

-You many only reblog twice, likes don’t count
-Do not spam this post. You will be blocked and automatically disqualified
-Do not message me begging for the shirt
-You do not have to follow me

The winner will be picked 5/31/17, through a random generator. Again, it is random! Do not witch hunt me if you don’t win.

One the winner is chosen, I will message you. I will need your size specifications. The shirt includes “AOLEET DOOD!” On the back side but turning the O symbols the opposite way has been a challenge. Please keep that in mind. Thanks! Happy giveaway!

IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME AGAIN! My birthday is next week and I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway at the same time to celebrate all you guys still following me. 

I am going to pick 2 winners on the 19th and draw a portrait in the style in the examples above! 

 R u l e s !

  • Must be following me!
  • Likes and reblogs count; reblog as much as you like but try not to go crazy with it
  • will draw any oc or character for the portrait, with references if possible
  • these are just for fun so i reserve the right to express a little artistic expression and experiment with them :3

Thank you everyone!

~ TZ’s 8000 follower sticker giveaway! ~

( I haven’t struck the mark quite yet, but I’m just so excited! )

Hello everybody! As you may have known from an earlier post, I’m going to be doing an aph sticker giveaway in celebration of this momentous occasion! Yes, the stickers are all finished – before I explain what each winner will receive, I’ll show you what they look like!

( Just one preview, since there will be many stickers and I don’t want to clutter up the post– Besides, it’ll leave more to the surprise if you win! >uo )

Isn’t he pretty? (They will all be in this pose, though with different expressions!)

Okie dokie–! So, there will be three winners! They will all be chosen from the list of likes and reblogs - will you win the elusive ~grand prize~ ? Here we go!


The first place winner will receive:

1) Axis + Allied nation stickers ( Canada included ) PLUS a bonus of South Italy, Spain, and Prussia!

2) A sticker of their favorite nation!

3) A sticker of their favorite ship!

4) A complimentary, surprise doodle from yours truly included in your envelope!


The second place winner will receive:

1) Axis + Allied nation stickers ( Canada included; Spain, Romano, Prussia excluded )

2) A sticker of their favorite nation!


The third place winner will receive:

1) Axis OR Allied nation sticker set! ( IF you choose the axis, you may have Spain, Romano and Prussia added to it as well if you wish, as there are only three “usual” members of the group and the allies are a bit bigger of a squad. lmao )

2) A sticker of their favorite nation!


Your window of opportunity to reblog this post for a chance to win some lovely stickers will be from today, July 2nd, to Wednesday, August 30. Once that date has come and gone, I will calculate the winners via a random generator - to keep it absolutely fair - and post the urls of the lucky bloggers that will soon be getting a present from me in the mail!

NOTE: I will also obviously contact you one on one as well if you’ve won, but if you do not respond to me within a week, I will need to pick another winner!


Regarding the custom favorite nation sticker: Being that the fave nation will be up to you, you are welcome to request that the sticker be nyo, 2p, your own interpretation, etc! Since I will be drawing it for you after the giveaway is over and it isn’t pre-drawn, like the rest of the stickers, I am willing to draw you a nyo, 2p, etc nation!

Regarding the custom ship sticker: I will draw for you ALMOST any ship – I am okay with most ships. HOWEVER, I cannot and will not draw for your sticker a ship that is incestuous, abusive, or underage. Please do not ask me for itacest, norice, rusliet etc. Either way, if you know me, I have faith that you already know what I will and will not draw. 

That all being said, please have fun and enjoy! You guys are always so wonderful and kind to me– I just wish I could do more to give back to you than some stickers. ; o ; Thank you all so much for all these wonderful years. xo xo xo

Hey everyone! To celebrate my recent follower milestone (I’m a bit too late for the 10k one because it happened when I was moving overseas, so I’ll celebrate the more recent 10.5k one instead) I am holding a giveaway that will run until December 1st!** There will be a total of three winners, who will get a number of the items seen above. Anyone is free to enter, but please, please be sure to read and understand the entry requirements and rules below! Good luck :D

Entry Requirements:
- You must be following yona-chan to enter. I will be checking before contacting the winners.
- Like and/or reblog this entire post for a chance to win. Liking counts as 1 entry. Reblogging also counts as 1 entry. So, like + reblog = 2 entries = double the chance to win. All winners will be chosen at random.
- 2 entries is the maximum you can have. Aka: only reblog once. Reblogging heaps of times will not get you extra entries, and is a waste of your time.

- If you’re under the age of 18, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to enter.
- You must be comfortable giving me a name and mailing address so that I can send you your prize should you win. If you aren’t sure if you are comfortable doing so, it’s probably best you don’t enter.
- You must have your tumblr askbox and/or messaging open and be available during the period I announce the winners (the first week of December) so I can contact you if you win. You will have 48 hours to reply to my message. Failing to do so will result in me picking another winner.
- The winners will move up should one forfeit. I.e: Should winner 1 forfeit, 2nd place will become 1st, 3rd will become 2nd, and I’ll pick a new 3rd place.
- No giveaway blogs! Please also don’t follow me solely for the sake of this give away. I’d much rather you follow me for my witty charm ;3

The prizes this time around, from A-E, include: A large Hak deka keychain, a HakYona luggage tag, mice and chick character magnets, "hang in there” keychains (of pictured characters) and HHB p’kyuu can badges. 
- 1st Place Winner: A, B, C, 1xD*, 2xE*
- 2nd Place Winner: C, 1xD*, 2xE*
- 3rd Place Winner: 1xD*, 2xE*
- Each winner will also get a letter from me, yay! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

*You will get a choice of prizes from the remaining items not chosen by the winner above you. E.g: if winner 1 picks the Yoon keychain from D, that keychain is no longer available for winner 2 or 3 to pick, and so on, so forth.
**Midnight of November 30th, JST (UTC+9) time.
This giveaway is not supported in any way by tumblr!

Give Away

No reason, I just want to give some postcards to people. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

Because same votes for UT and UF in this post
I decided to make two kinds of postcard.XD


  •  must be following me 
  •  like and reblog this post
  •  If you only want UT or UF,  please specify.
  •  you must be willing to give me your address. 

I’ll pick 6 winners at random on Wendnesday April 5 at 11:00 p.m. (TST)


Hi! In celebration of Pristin’s first comeback I’m hosting a giveaway for their two albums! Our girls have been working so hard to give us their best and HIghs have also been working hard to support them. I want to chip in a little and do my part in our community so I will be handing out three prizes to three of my followers and fellow HIghs! I am close to reaching a major goal as well so this is also a thank you to everyone who has been supporting Pristin with me <3

GRAND PRIZE (1 winner): 
1 SCHXXL OUT album - (version of choice)
1 Hi! Pristin album - (version of choice)
Extras: i.e. face masks, mini notebooks, pencil cases, pens, stickers, etc. (the winner will decide!)

2ND PRIZE (2 winners):
1 Pristin album of choice (SCHXXL OUT or Hi! Pristin)
Extras (see above)

Rules/Outlines (these are important so please read them!!):

  • reblog this post to enter, likes are only for reference but you can reblog as many times as you’d like
  • I will ship internationally so everyone can enter!!
  • because this is partially a thank you to my followers and HIghs in general please be following me <3
  • no giveaway blogs - side blogs are okay but if you reblog to a side blog please put your main blog in the tags
  • the winners will be chosen randomly
    • after being chosen I will message the winners about which version of the album(s) they would like and to alert them that they have won!!
    • if they haven’t responded/contacted me within 48 hours I will pick another winner
    • if the winner is under 18 I will also request that they ask a parent / guardian for permission
  • finally put your pristin bias(es) in the tags so I know you’ve read the rules! EDIT: (only needed for the first time you reblog if you reblog more than once!)

Entries will close Saturday, September 2nd - 12:00 P.M. EST

If I’ve missed something or you have any questions please don’t hesitate to tell me so that I can clarify / add if needed!


Hello everybody! I am finally doing my first art give away/art raffle to thank you guys for following and supporting me and my art!!! I will pick 3 winners at random who will receive 1 of 3 packs of all original fanart. The images you see here will be sent as a digital print with other traditional pencil skecthes!

⚠ Rules⚠ 

1. You must be following me.


3. You may only enter once and please only chose one art pack.

4. REPLIES ONLY will count. You can like and reblog if you choose, but you MUST REPLY TO THIS POST SAYING WHICH FANDOM PACK YOU WANT TO ENTER THE CONTEST.

5. U.S. Participants only please! (I am very sorry about this, but at this time I cannot afford to ship overseas)

7. Must have your askbox/messenger open so I can tell you that you’ve won.

ENTRIES END AUGUST 13TH, 2017. I will contact the winners by August 14th, 2017 and you’ll have 3 days to respond with your address.


Mini Giveaway time! its honestly been a long time since i have been able to do a giveaway! When i came across these adorable custom made Pinee bracelets from  OneStopKpop …i knew it had to be these since i am OBSESSED with precious PINee!! Visit her shop guys her stuff is awesome!  My followers are the BEST i love you all!! xoxo  Rules: There will be TWO winners! You must stan SHINee! Open Worldwide. Like and Reblogs both count and there is no limit but PLEASE dont spam your followers. You don’t have to be following me but i sure wont complain if you do *bats eyelashes* Giveaway ends on July 14th @10pm. Winners will be picked using a random generator. You will have 24 hours to reply before i have to pick a different winner. You must be ok with me posting your URL as the winners and if you are under 18 you may need permission from your parents.

3k followers art raffle

Recently hit 3k for this blog, so I thought it’d be nice to do a little thing for you all as thanks for sticking around. Anyways-

To enter:

Reblog this post with the comment “burn my bread”. (by comment I mean reblog + comment, not in tags, not in replies.)

If you reblog without the comment, I won’t include you.

Deadline is 15th July 2017.

Only followers can enter.

^That’s it really.

By the deadline I’ll put all the users that commented in a numbered list and leave the rest to a random number generator to pick 3 lucky winners for me (it’s a lucky draw, basically)


1 character per person, nothing too complex.

I wish I could offer more, but my schedule is packed for the month so, hopefully these will do for the 3 lucky people.

Share, good luck and thank youuuu



500 followers!!!!!!  。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 Thank you  guys !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

 I’ll give 3 angel papyrus, 3 silly demon sans and one normal demon sans away XD
Hope you like them >w<


  • must be following me 
  • like and reblog this post
  • you must be willing to give me your address

I’ll pick 7 winners at random on June 30 at 11:00 p.m. ( Taiwan Standard Time )