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// Dylan’s Shirt Giveaway //

I am going to be giving away a “copy” of Dylan’s AOL shirt made to your size. This giveaway is simply for to give back to those in the TCC, and to promote kindness within our community. The rules are as follows:

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The winner will be picked 5/31/17, through a random generator. Again, it is random! Do not witch hunt me if you don’t win.

One the winner is chosen, I will message you. I will need your size specifications. The shirt includes “AOLEET DOOD!” On the back side but turning the O symbols the opposite way has been a challenge. Please keep that in mind. Thanks! Happy giveaway!

And so a month after they built the fifth Wal-Mart in our county, a little coffee shop opened just a few yards away.  

My coworker Rick said it looked like a giant amoeba just waiting to absorb any surrounding properties.

“The coffee shop?” I asked.

“No, Wal-Mart is the amoeba.”


When I got back to my desk, I typed ‘amoeba’ into Google and realized that I had incorrectly pictured a centipede.

“Fuck Rick,” I thought. “I don’t need any more friends, anyway. I’m on friend overload.”

At dinner that night, the Wal-Mart came up again when my wife Diane mentioned how ugly it was to see another gigantic shopping center taking up space in our town.

“It looks like a giant amoeba just waiting to absorb that little coffee shop,” I said. “And then the coffee shop is like a centipede.”

“I don’t think amoebas eat centipedes. And besides, that’s the point.”

Diane went on to explain that the coffee shop, though legitimate and functioning by all measures, was really an art piece constructed by a group of private donors in response to the new Wal-Mart.

“The idea is that we’re intentionally not supposed to go to the coffee shop. That way, Wal-Mart customers will be forced to observe the gradual decay of a local business every time they enter the store.”

“Well, I’ve been going there all week,” I said. “I think the coffee is top-notch stuff. Plus, it’s on my way to work.”

“The coffee is supposed to be mediocre,” said Diane. “Keeping within the budget of most struggling businesses. It’s supposed to be virtually undrinkable.”

“Hmm…well I really like it.”

“Well, you can’t keep going or else you’ll ruin the project.”

“This is America,” I said. “And if I want a cup of mediocre, overpriced coffee, by god I will have it!”

Over the next several months, I kept drinking the coffee. Some days I even went twice. The quality of the coffee, I was told, gradually worsened as a result of my unwavering interest, but I never noticed and so I had no choice but to doubt the rumors.

My doubt remained intact even after overhearing a private conversation between the coffee shop’s manager and the cashier. I was standing by a tree and watching a teenager back his car into another car and I guess they didn’t see me.

“I know,” said the cashier. “I’ve tried that, but it’s like he doesn’t have taste buds.”

“Well, he’s single-handedly fucking up this entire thing.”

“So what then, poison? Would he even drink poison?”

“Now, that’s an interesting idea.”

“Stupid teenage drivers,” I thought.

In the end, they poisoned the coffee. I made it a month after that, but my failing eyesight and ravaged kidneys eventually left me bed-ridden.

“Well, they just opened another location,” said Diane. “Business is booming. I hope you’re happy.”

And I wasn’t happy, but I was somehow content and I thought about everything: Wal-Mart, art projects, even little amoebas crawling through the forest, one-hundred legs working beautifully in tandem.

“Nobody ever wins in these kinds of things,” said Diane.

“But if you had to pick a winner, you’d probably pick me because the coffee shop was on my way to work.”

Diane sighed and left the room. I dozed off and in my dream, they did pick a winner. They picked me and I was led over to a small stage to choose my prize: A brand new recliner or two new kidneys!

“The recliner,” I inquired. “How far back are we talking?”

Give Away

No reason, I just want to give some postcards to people. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

Because same votes for UT and UF in this post
I decided to make two kinds of postcard.XD


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500 followers!!!!!!  。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 Thank you  guys !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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im gonna draw any shit from any musical u want, nerds

da rules:
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• u gotta reblog (likes dont count dude)
• that’s all, bros

I will draw:
• pretty much anything
• your favorite underrated musical that nobody even knows? yeah
• your favorite extremely popular musical that you’re afraid to ask for fanart of because you’ll think you’re being annoying? totally, hmu
• porn? maybe. depends on the ship. also im a minor so if getting that shit from me bothers u don’t ask for it

I wont draw:
• incest
• r***pe
• characters using slurs
• furries (or dolphins guys dont make me ple a s e)

that’s all! I’m gonna pick the winner on June 3rd, 2017!


Mini Giveaway time! its honestly been a long time since i have been able to do a giveaway! When i came across these adorable custom made Pinee bracelets from  OneStopKpop …i knew it had to be these since i am OBSESSED with precious PINee!! Visit her shop guys her stuff is awesome!  My followers are the BEST i love you all!! xoxo  Rules: There will be TWO winners! You must stan SHINee! Open Worldwide. Like and Reblogs both count and there is no limit but PLEASE dont spam your followers. You don’t have to be following me but i sure wont complain if you do *bats eyelashes* Giveaway ends on July 14th @10pm. Winners will be picked using a random generator. You will have 24 hours to reply before i have to pick a different winner. You must be ok with me posting your URL as the winners and if you are under 18 you may need permission from your parents.

heck yeah, looks like i hit 101 followers!

to celebrate, i want to do something for the community, so…y’all know how i do commissions? i’ll do one for free, up to 1000 words.

reblog this post with a scenario you want me to write, and i’ll choose a winner. i have one active commission at the moment, so this will be written after i finish that one. (you can also pm me the scenario if you don’t want your name attached.)

my commission post is here if you need info about what i do.

if you’d prefer not to click, the gist is i’ll write most snz scenarios that involve yuri on ice characters, unless they’re under 18, so no yurio.

you’re not eligible for this if you are under 18. sorry kids.

edit: to clarify, if you want to enter, send a prompt. likes don’t count. i’ll pick a winner on april 3rd.

hello hello i wanted to do a giveaway to celebrate getting followers so here we are

what you can win

1st place
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if you are not comfortable with giving me your address and you win a physical gift we can always work something out!

Good luck!



Waaaah I can’t believe how fast my followers grew from I decided to have a giveaway at 100 followers to I now have 169 X__x so sorry for being a bit late! I can’t express how happy I am to see that people like my content ;v; I will try and keep up my work for you all!

So what will I give away! I was thinking since this is my first giveaway I will start with a Chibi as the once I have posted here before!

So for the Rules!

1. You must follow me to participate in the giveaway.
2. You have to re-blog and like this post! (Only one entry per blog)
3. No giveaway accounts!
4.  If you win please reply to me within 48 hours or I will pick a new winner!
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5. I will choose the winner with a randomizer.
6. If you unfollow me right away after the giveaway you will not be allowed in future giveaways!

The giveaway will end the 12th of June 8 P.M CEST!

And for the chibi I won’t draw any super detailed armor or furry for that matter. (Ears and tails are ok) And if anything else I am not comfortable with is requested I will tell the winner xD

I think this was all and I wish you all good luck!  ❤ ❤ ❤

hi everyone! i decided to do this for the first time! i thought it might be fun so here we go!!


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hey babes! I just hit 10K!! To celebrate this amazing occasion and the fact I’m turning 18 this month I decided to host my first ever faves to showcase all the amazing blogs I looove! 


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100% OOC

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, I didn’t expect my post would reach so many people. I thought there’d be like 10 people at best, but bOI AM I WRONG

So here’s me giving back! I’ll pick a winner and I’ll do a vector of your character in a similar style:

There’s a catch, though!
1. Must be a follower

(it is a follower giveaway! I’m ok with new people joining in!)

2. Only reblogs are counted

3. Deadline is Next Saturday, May 20th 12am EST

parrilla-my-swanqueen  asked:

Emma and Henry are running round the house squirting water guns at one another, and Regina comes home from work, Emma and Henry both become nervous, thinking Regina will be mad that they're playing inside, but instead she picks up the spare water gun, kicks of her shoes and joins in.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Gotcha!” Emma shouts as she leaps from her hiding place at the top of the stairs and squirting Henry who cries out at the cold before turning and shooting her back. 

“You said we couldn’t hide upstairs!” 

“No I said we couldn’t hide up the stairs,” Emma replies with a grin.

“So un-” he pauses and they both freeze upon hearing a key in the door. 

Emma blushes hurriedly hiding her water gun behind her back as Henry does the same. They both do their best to put on innocent smiles as Regina walks in. 

Regina simply looks from her son to her partner raising a brow at their sheepish and obviously guilty expressions. It isn’t too hard to put together, there’s a puddle of water by Henry’s feet and she can see the glaring green of Emma’s water gun behind her back. 

She steps forward keeping her own expression indifferent as she puts her hand behind her back and poofs a squirt gun into her hands. She walks up to Henry smiling as she asks, “What are you up to Henry?” 


Regina shakes her head before grinning and spraying him. He shrieks, “Mom! That water was freezing.” 

Regina simply smiles until she hears Emma laugh. At that she spins around and turns to shoot her girlfriend too.

“Hey! What was that for?” 

“Trying to hide a water fight from me,” Regina replies, “And denying me the opportunity to defeat you both.” 

Henry shakes his head, “You’ll never beat me Mom.” 

“Oh really?” 

“Winner picks dinner?” Emma challenges. 

Regina nods grinning at them both, “I hope you two like salad,” she taunts before poofing away to her hiding space. 

Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

A/N: An anon request for one where the team is playing Cards Against Humanity. Spencer and the reader are the worst/best and keep making each other laugh. The team never expected this out of either of them. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn

Warnings: Cards Against Humanity can end up being a very dirty game. So sex talk? I guess?


“Okay, so this game is completely and totally subjective?” Rossi asked confused after Morgan explained the rules for the second time.

It was a wonder you’d all managed to get Rossi and to come. Hotch was home with Jack because Jack was having a sleepover and Hotch was having a sleepover of his own with Beth, so no one thought you’d be able to convince Rossi to come play this fucked up game. “Yes, Rossi,” you laughed, taking a sip of wine as you passed out the cards. “Each one of us gets ten white cards. There’s one black card that everyone has to ‘complete’ with one of our white cards. Then the ‘Card Czar’ which changes with each round, picks whatever answer they think is the funniest. The goal is to get each other to laugh. We all clear?”

Rossi shrugged. Garcia excitedly shuffled through her cards. Morgan had the same smirk he always did when he assumed he was going to win. JJ and Emily both had game faces on and you and Spencer were quietly sipping at the wine and beed you’d chosen for the night.

Finally, the cards were dealt and the game could begin. “Okay, Rossi, you can be the ‘Card Czar’ first, so you’re not going to put down an answer, you’ll just judge ours.”

“That I can do,” he said snarkily, as he took a swig of the wonderfully-aged bourbon he’d brought from home. “The first card is What’s that sound?”

Everyone glanced between each other and the cards and everyone put down their answers. It was going to be funny to have Rossi read some of these out loud. “Okay, here we go. What’s that sound? I’m gonna guess who’s who. Crushing the patriarchy. That has to be Emily. The new Radiohead album. I feel like that’s JJ. A cop who is also a dog. That has to be Garcia. Even more money. I bet that’s Y/N. Morgan’s has to be the one that I refuse to speak out loud, which leaves Spencer’s, the one I’m gonna pick beep beep boop beep boop.”

Spencer started to snicker under his breath. As his best friend in the entire world, you would’ve easily picked that one out as his. He was probably thinking of Doctor Who. “Emily’s was my next pick with crushing the patriarchy.” She couldn’t help but pump her fists in the air and take a bow. 

As the night wore on, you traded the ‘Card Czar’ position. Everyone knew who to save the dirty answers for - it was whenever Emily and Morgan were the Card Czars. Something none of them expected however, was that you and Spencer would also pull the dirty cards out. When Emily had the card, Feeling so Grateful #amazing #mylife #blank, you’d put down #having sex with a man and then eating his head, and Spencer, of all fucking people, put down #setting my balls on fire and cartwheeling to Ohio. “Oh my god,” Emily screeched. “I thought that was Morgan. Reid?” 

“This is fun,” he said, finishing the rest of his beer. “I get to surprise you all.” You also tended to bring out the dirty answers when Spencer was choosing because it was always fun to make him read the dirty cards aloud. “My turn.” The card wasn’t all that great and most people’s answer sucked and weren’t funny, but the last card was “Three dicks at the same time, nice,” Spencer said. “That has to be Y/N and it’s by far the funniest.”

“What is with you two?” JJ cried, throwing her hands up in the air so fast she nearly lost her booze. Garcia was just sitting there slack jawed, unable to figure out how the two seemingly innocent ones were pulling the dirtiest cards, and Morgan kept slapping Spencer on the back with each dirty card he pulled. Rossi on the other hand was stilling downing bourbon and looking at you all like he was an exhausted father trying to keep his kids in line. 

“Just because you think we’re innocent, doesn’t mean we actually are,” Spencer laughed, giggling so hard he fell backwards onto the floor. Reaching between you, you clinked your wine glass against Spencer’s beer bottle. 

You couldn’t help but smirk at everyone’s surprised faces. “This is fun,” you snickered. “Let’s keep going. I’m the Czar now bitches.” This is how every game of Cards Against Humanity went, every single time, no matter who was playing it. The game started off with everyone trying to make sense, and by the end, it evolved into who could be the dirtiest. “The card this round is…Oh no, Siri, how do I fix…? And go!”

By the looks on everyone’s faces, you could tell this was gonna be a good round. “Everyone’s got dirty cards, I can tell. I’m just gonna read off the six cards.” You paused, noticing the theme for this round was apparently anal sex or butt stuff of some kind. “Crazy anal orgasms, a finger up the butt, anal beads, what the fuck, people, unsheathing my massive horse cock, a medium horchata, and the ukulele version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Oh my god, guys.” Rossi was flabbergasted. If he ever looked at you all the same way again it would be a miracle. 

For a few moments, you just looked around, trying to gauge who picked what card. “I’m assuming Rossi picked a medium horchata.”

“Wrong,” he smiled, reaching out to pick the anal beads card. 


Everyone fell back in peels of laughter. Rossi? Really? Who were any of you kidding? Rossi was no doubt into some shit back in the day. It took a good five minutes for everyone to stop laughing, and Rossi to pour himself another bourbon before you could pick the winner. “This is too hard. It’s stumping me. My guess is that Somewhere Over the Rainbow is Garcia.” She nodded her head, sweetly taking her card back. “My winner is unsheathing my massive horse cock.”

From the side, came Spencer’s hand, grabbing his card with the biggest grin on his face. “Oh my god, Spence.” You snorted so hard, wine came out of your nose. “Pics or it didn’t happen!”

“Y/N, I am so drunk right now. Don’t tempt me.”

This game was probably going to end soon because no one could keep a poker face anymore. Spencer couldn’t stop laughing, and seeing him so drunk and happy made you giggle. You couldn’t control yourselves. Somewhere in the background, you heard Emily say something about how you wanted to tap that - which you wouldn’t deny. Morgan kept yelling for Spencer to take you into a room and pull down his pants. Rossi, of course, sipped at his bourbon with all the exasperation of a single father who couldn’t keep his kids in line, and JJ and Garcia were just sitting back and thoroughly enjoying everyone’s drunkenness. “We need to get them drunk more often,” Garcia laughed.