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So after all the crap DC went trought, all critics bashing all the movies they make, and even fans, they decide to pick a dude that was kicked out of the rival company (who people are allways comparing them with) who was kicked for making a crappy movie and destroying the main female character

and they just go and pick him up to direct, write and produce, with full liberty a movie about one of most iconic female characters in comics


why DC????

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guess who's back, back again??? you fav pain in the ass is here tell a friend!!! so... PROMPT: raphael is drunk and magnus calls simon because "he's babbling about you, shawn. i can't handle him anymore, come pick him up!"

It’s 2am when Simon gets a call from Raphael, or Raphael’s phone at least since it was Magnus Bane that spoke.

“he’s babbling about you, shawn. i can’t handle him anymore, come pick him up!" 

"That’s n-not his name” Raphael grumbled and after several scrambling noises finally came on the phone “Simon" 

"Where are you?” Simon asked already half dressed to go find Raphael. 

“Pandemonium” “wait there, I’m coming” Simon was already out the door of the boat house. 

 He knew that tone. It was the same his mother would use after she’d have too many glasses of wine at the dinner table, it was the same she used when she came to tuck him into bed but the scent of vodka would keep him awake for the rest of the night.

He got to pandemonium within five minutes. It was much easier to get in the club this time around “I’m here for Magnus Bane” was all it took for the bouncer to remove the velvet ropes. 

The crowd of club goers had thinned out tremendously so pinpointing Raphael and Magnus sitting at the bar was easy.  

“Simon” Raphael yelled over the music and threw his arms around Simon’s neck “take me home"  

"Go, it’ll take you straight to his room at the DuMort” Magnus said and snapped his fingers to create a portal. 

Raphael was unsteady on his feet so Simon placed a hand on his waist to hold him up. 

“Come lets go home” Raphael slurred.  

“Yeah home” Simon said and directed Raphael into the portal.

 Raphael’s room at the hotel took up an entire floor, it had anything and everything you can

 It took several seconds for Simon to find his balance once they stepped out of the portal, it was much more difficult when he had to hold up himself and Raphael. 

Once they were standing straight again Raphael pushed away from Simon hold and stumbled over to his bed and laid down, his feet dangling off the bed and arms stretched out. A meritless laugh escaped his lips before it broke into sobs.

 Simon stood frozen in the middle of the room, unsure of what to do and watched. Raphael raised his hands and gestured for him to come over. Raphael turned on his side and patted the spot infront of him.

 Simon kicked off his shoe and laid on the bed and stared at Raphael. Raphael reached out and stroked Simon’s cheek.

“What did I do wrong? Why didn’t you stay?” Raphael asked and Simon thought that it was because he was drunk, he didn’t know what he was saying. But he remembered when he was nine and hiding behind Luke.

“Why does she cry about dad when she’s drunk?” he asked.

“Because that’s when she has the courage to let go” Luke had told him.

“I did everything I could” Raphael sobbed “all I wanted was to make up for my mistakes”

 “You did nothing wrong Rapha, it’s ju-“

 “Then stay? Come back home and stay with me?”

 “Can I really come back?” Simon asked though he felt at home already, here with Raphael. With Raphael.

 Raphael shifted closer and buried his face in Simon’s chest “yes baby, come back”


Thoughts While Playing The Freshman Book 3 Chapter 13: California Dreaming

Why is MC in her nightwear? Ooooh, it’a tank top for the California heat. Okay, okay. Haha.

Hey, it’s hipster James. So. weird. And ugh, Yasmin picked it out for him. This boyfriend of MC’s is kinda dense. Super suave and intelligent, but dense.

Ryan Summers and Cassandra Leigh?! Ooooh. I love the crossover. Also, this helps prove that the Most Wanted game we play is the real thing and not a movie or video game.

Ooh, we get to play an extra on The Crown and The Flame for 19 diamonds. Let’s go for it! I am so psyched! MC gets to wear an armor too. Super cool.

Kenna and Dom for blocking? Oooh, okay. So TCATF is a whole franchise. Kenna and Dom are actors. My heart breaks a little because it’s not totally set in the yesteryears but that’s okay. We get to see the actors who play Kenna and Dom.

“Can we make it quick? I’ve got hot yoga in half an hour.” — actor who plays Dominic Hunter. He also likes organic baby kale salads with endives and lemon-carrot dressing. And he feels his hair losing volume. I am disillusioned by Dom a little bit. Hahaha. We get their autographs for Abbie and Tyler. Nice!

James is acting weird. His arrangement with the movie is weird. He says he doesn’t have much to do on set. I get MC to probe a bit more, but he sounds like he’s putting up a wall. Like he’s in DENIAL that his play isn’t his anymore. Is he that blinded by Hollywood glamor? Is he that blinded by Yasmin’s doting on him?

Okay, am loving the little nuzzling and kissing. I kinda missed the intimacy between these two. But yep, he’s getting upset by MC bringing up Yasmin. “Again with that Yasmin thing?… And you’ve talked to her, what, a few times?,” he says with his angry face. IT’S CALLED WOMAN’S INSTINCT, boyfriend.

The conversation between them isn’t going anywhere so we go to the beach. Just like in real life, when I’m upset I go shopping. I get MC to buy a bikini. It better be cute.

It is.

The two go swimming and exchange salty kisses in the water. Why can’t it always be like this? 😭 So anyway, they go beachcombing now. We find a bunch of items that belong more in Most Wanted than The Freshman.

Back in his pad. Will we get a steamy diamond scene? I hope so. But it looks like it won’t happen.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH JAMES. He needs a SERIOUS whipping from Professor Vasquez. He’s selling out. He’s defending his LA life to MC. DEFENDING! It’s so telling that he has a lot of insecurities he’s not sharing with MC. Come on, you’re her boyfriend, right?!

Anyway, distraction. We find out Madison’s canon last name. Eckhart. And that she’s awesome in English 202 class. She quotes Wordsworth and gave an original insight to The Solitary Reaper. Hey now, Madison the Poet!

So we head to bed and drift off… and wake up to voices in the living room. And as we predicted, Yasmin’s coming on to him. Oh yeah, perfect timing.

And WTF James. “Come on, James,” Yasmin says. “Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about this.” And James goes, “I— Uh…”

This made my blood boil tbh!

Okay now, MC’s telling Yasmin to stay in her damn lane. Does this happen with MCs who are just friends with James too? Cuz it’d make for pretty weird dialogue.

James is seriously irritating me. “Don’t worry about it.” “She controls my career!” “I need to maintain a working relationship with her, or else all my hard work will be for nothing.” HARD WORK!!?? It’s barely your play, you… you…. grrrr.

Okay so now they’re fighting.

And MC’s packing up.

James doesn’t stop her.

The end.

Final thoughts:
Yep, L.A. HAS changed the boyfriend. Just as the band has changed Kaitlyn, and student council has changed Chris. How I wish, I wish, I wish that MC would just find her OWN THING the way the LIs have. Anyway, so we were all right about Yasmin making a play for James. But what was upsetting was James being unable to speak up for himself. Didn’t he say he would handle it if it happened? Bah. Good thing MC just left. If I were her, I’d just completely cut myself off from these so-called friends first and just focus on the book or another extra-curricular in school.

And ooh! The Crown and The Flame. Worth mentioning of course. It’s a whole franchise. The actor who plays Dominic Hunter is so new age. Hahaha. And I love how hardcore the actress who plays Kenna is, with her coffee order and all. Seems a little high-strung based on her type of coffee but then she’s perfect for Kenna then.

ANYWAY. James, grow a pair.

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is there any particular reason you named your ginger cat thomas....

It will be a shock: he is not named after Thomas Jefferson. Though I do call him that. I got him on my birthday, picked him out at the shelter when I was five and named him after Thomas the tank engine. His full name is Thomas Percy.

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how have you refrained from picking up all the puppies at one and kissing all of their tummies at the same time? Every time I see their pictures I just wanna reach out and pet those fat puppy bellys!!

They’re too big for that 😭. I can barely pick up one with one hand! Mr. Green is 5lbs now (probably, he was close to tipping the scale last night) and I have to use two hands to pick him up lol.
They do get tons of kisses but I haven’t kissed their bellies yet because that’ll probably stimulate them into peeing 😂

I have the silver brindle boy in my lap right now and he is soooo squishy!

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Hi anon, that is really cute! I’m glad you have someone you love that much.

Midge (foster) is snoozing, dreaming of finger food. 

He is a nervous guy who will try to bite if surprised. He does OK if I approach slowly and steadily from the front. He did the funniest thing the other day when I tried to pick him up. He stared at my finger and SLOWLY chomped down for a second…looked at me…let go, then walked away.

I’ve never seen a geck slowly chomp on anything.

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So I had an idea where Tyler is a ballerina/dancer and bad boy josh picks on him for it but the sex is great cause Ty is super flexible. Idk I feel like you could make this a really good fic

are u fucking kidding me??? that would be so HOT, i have to write this now haha

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Rtmi: when I was a kid, my neighbour in my old city (we are both girls) and I would play this game. She would be the Hulk (honestly not sure why we picked him) and I was the damsel in destress. She would save me and we kiss. The game lasted for like a half hour each time we played. It defined me as I grew up and I finally accepted myself as bisexual in my teens.


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Banjomin Stan au: His first fight at school? HWo the Mcguckets react/aftermath

I wasn’t sure whether this was a prompt or just a normal question, but I had an idea for a drabble, so here.  There’s some notes and background at the end.

               Stan winced as Ma McGucket gently put disinfectant on one of his many scratches.  So far, she hadn’t said anything.  Not when she came to pick him up because school called her, saying he got in a fight. Not when she led him to a chair and handed him an ice pack for his black eye.  Not when she started cleaning him up.  

               “Are- are ya angry at me?” he asked, the silence becoming too much for him. Ma McGucket took a bandaid from the first aid kit and put it over the scratch she had just cleaned.

               “I ain’t mad, Stan,” she said finally.  “I’m disappointed.  We’ve been raisin’ ya fer six years now, an’ I thought we taught ya that fightin’ ain’t the answer.”


               “An’ it ain’t the best thing fer ya to pick a fight with someone durin’ the first week we send ya back to school.”  She began to pack up the first aid kit.  “It’s makin’ me wonder if we should just keep homeschoolin’ ya.”  Stan gaped at her.

               “But I wanted to go back!”

               “I know, hon.  But if ya can’t play nice, ya can’t go to school.”  Ma McGucket lifted the ice pack off Stan’s black eye and clucked her tongue. “I know things have been rough on ya. I know that yer strugglin’ a lot with bein’ a kid, but at the same time not completely one.  But if yer goin’ to make yer problems into problems fer other folks-”

               “Jordan started it!” Stan interrupted.  Ma McGucket frowned, but he wasn’t sure whether it was at the interruption or him blaming Jordan Meister.  “He was messin’ with me ‘cause I’m adopted, and makin’ fun of Angie and Lute and Fidds.”  Ma McGucket sighed.

               “If he was makin’ fun of yer siblin’s, it was just to get yer goat, sweetling.”  

               “I don’t care!  I don’t let people make fun of my fam’ly!”  Ma McGucket pursed her lips.

               “Yer an awful lot like Lute,” she said quietly.  She looked him directly in his eyes.  “Stanley, be completely honest with me.  Was this fight ‘cause of yer issues?  Or were ya protectin’ yourself and yer fam’ly?”

               “The second one.  I- I know I have issues, an’- an’ school’s been a bit difficult,” Stan confessed.  “But I didn’t fight with Jordan ‘cause of- of my…problems.”  Ma McGucket nodded slowly.

               “Okay.  We won’t pull ya out of school.  But ya need to be more careful.  I’ll call Jordan’s mom and see if we can hash it out.”  She handed him the ice pack.  “Keep icin’ yer black eye, sweetling.”

               “Am I grounded?”

               “No.  But after I’m done talkin’ with Mrs. Meister, yer goin’ to have a conversation with Lute ‘bout usin’ words instead of fists.”  She gave him a kiss on the forehead and walked away.    

  • Ma and Pa McGucket homeschool Stan for a while, because they feel like it’d be rude to send him back to kindergarten when he was 18 a few months ago.  But he ends up attending public school in Gumption in fifth or sixth grade, at his own request.  He’s kinda bored, and he doesn’t get many chances to socialize with people his age.  
  • The McGuckets are thankful that he wanted to go.  They were considering forcing him to attend, to try to keep him from losing knowledge or skills, but didn’t want to do that, because they don’t want him to resent them.
  • During the first week back at public school, Stan gets in a fight with someone.  The other kid gets more beat up, but Stan doesn’t walk away uninjured.
  • Stan was more or less fine when the kid messed with him, but once he started smack talking the McGuckets, that’s when Stan lost it.  He’s got those protection instincts.   
  • Ma McGucket wanted Stan to talk to Lute because Lute got in a fight defending Angie once.  She doesn’t want Stan to do that sort of thing regularly.
  • Ma and Pa McGucket end up enrolling Stan in some sports (boxing and wrestling), so that he has a more healthy way to vent anger or frustration.  
  • If Stan seems more open about his feelings than in canon, that’s because he is.  The McGuckets push proper communication pretty hard, and insist that Stan let them know what’s going on with him, and that he be honest.
The Care and Feeding of Training Assassins 3/3 - Captain Canary

Title: The Care and Feeding of Training Assassins
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Rating: Teen
Pairings/Characters: Sara Lance/Leonard Snart
Summary: @gawkydoteficus prompted: FLUFFY PROMPT FLUFFY PROMPT FOR CC: Sara will forget to eat when she trains to Len starts leaving little snacks for her in her room/around the ship/in the training area?
Timeline: sometime during season one
Word Count: Overall: 4,186, This Chapter: 1,316
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Berlanti Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television.
Betas: Thank you to angelskuuipo and shanachie_quill for looking this over for me.

Start from the beginning

Chapter Three: The Main Event

After Leonard had set the table, including the salad, checked on dinner in the oven, and that the ice cream was still in the freezer, he reluctantly left to go change into whatever Kendra had picked out for him, leaving Mick to watch over the galley.

Upon entering his room, Leonard spotted the black suit jacket and black dress shirt lying on his bed, along with a note.

How’d I do?

- Kendra

Leonard stripped out of his jacket and sweater and slipped into the dress shirt, which fit him perfectly. He quickly tucked it into the black pants he’d been wearing as Kendra had thankfully not provided him with dress pants. He was willing to wear the dress shirt and jacket, but wearing a full suit would feel too much like running a con, and he didn’t want that with Sara.

Looking at himself in the mirror, Leonard could admit that he looked good in the form fitting shirt. While he may not show it off, he did have a good physique, if he did say so himself.

Finally he pulled on the black suit jacket and couldn’t resist smirking. Maybe Kendra had been right in insisting that he dress for this dinner with Sara. Not that he’d tell her that.

Realizing that he hadn’t said what time dinner would be, Leonard stopped by Sara’s room to see if she was ready now. Her door was closed, but when he knocked she called out, “Come in.”

Sara was in her bathroom, just finishing applying her lipstick.

Her face lit up upon seeing Leonard standing in her room. “Hey!” she said in greeting. She boldly ran her eyes over him, unconsciously licking her newly painted lips. “Don’t you clean up nice?”

“You look beautiful,” Leonard said sincerely, his eyes raking over her.

“Thank you,” Sara said. “Is it time?”

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Headcanon- Ben really likes daisies, and Rey picks them for him whenever she can.

Do we think he’s secretly delighted when she makes daisy crowns for him? I’m just picturing the two of them in a meadow, Kylo lying on his back and Rey gently placing a daisy crown on his head as he grumbles and scowls and she just rolls her eyes and snuggles into his side because they both know that he’s happy to the point of bursting, even if he won’t show it.

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I really really hope we get a private reunion scene. I'm not sure how they are going to do it. Do you think we will see them reunite outside the prison or will Aaron come back and see Robert in the village?

I think Robert will probably pick him up from the prison, I don’t see why he wouldn’t