pick him

my mom’s friend has hired me to walk her dog a couple of times a week, and I did the first time today and realized that the moment I have an animal near me, I just won’t fucking shut up so that dog listened to my running commentary for a fucking hOUR today, what a trooper.

            starter  call  w  matthias  !!

I had a dream where Goku and Chichi ended up having 10 babies because I have a memory where in the english dub teen Chichi said she wanted at least 9. And now I want to make a comic out of it but I don’t know if I should…..


who thought giving superpowers to those kids was a good idea

  • Rey: *via hologram* So Ren, how was your first day as Emperor?
  • Kylo Ren: Fantastic. I pillaged villages, destroyed whole planets and trained for the next time we meet.
  • Hux: *in the background* He's lying. All he did was lie on the ground bawling when some sunlight came in through the window, saying it was just like you.

Lance is like… the unexpected ride or die friend. He’s the guy you call when your car breaks down in the middle of the night but only after you’ve already tried ten other people. And when he picks up you don’t really have high hopes because you two aren’t really that close, but apparently he didn’t get the memo because he’s immediately like “oh shit yeah sure gimme a sec to get some clothes on and get in my car and also do you want coffee or anything? because I think I’m gonna stop and get some so I don’t crash my car on the way lol. no? you sure? okay hang tight for a few mins be right there”


He isn’t gonna make the same mistake twice

Ah yes

NaLu is such a great

And loving couple

They rough house

and wrestle each other

Because good friends and couples can play pranks and be rough

Without it being inherently abusive. 

and it can be a healthy relationship

As long as everyone is having fun and enjoying each other’s company

And to only use those images to represent NaLu

but not this one 

Or this one 

Or even this one 

Or even this one

to paint it as an abusive or unhealthy relationship

Is kinda fucked up yo

‘Cause they have a good bond

and a good ship 

and are a pure and loving relationship

Because NaLu is great!


so please don’t take my seunshine away