I lost m photoshop privileges so this is the best i could do i’m so sorry TT TT

I’m making this end-of-the-year shoutout bc i’ve met some really awesome ppl this past year n i’m really thankful for that so i want to tell u guys that u make m days a little happier every time we speak!

Since i haven’t done a follow forever in ages, this is sort of like that :P

Let’s begin! :D

To the cuties I met this year

@suhoslavia m loveliest bully, u make me want to come up w better comebacks, ty for teaching me to fight i appreciate it also ty for all the tagging u fil m notes w happiness ily ajla

@taoscontour asmaa m angle the vicepresident of m Cutie Nation i’m so glad i met u this year!! ur one of the nicest most caring ppl i’ve met on tumblr n it makes me so glad to talk to u so often!! m neko atsume buddy i’ll always be there for u!!

@happynewyearjeongguk m soft mum the icing of m cake thank u for being such an amazing person afaaf, just getting one message from u makes my entire day better! i love u a lot, i’m sorry i’m annoying sometimes i just really enjoy talking to u! i’d give u fifty chicken hugs a day if i could, u deserve so much happiness <3 ur so full of love m angle

@suhohohoe-merrykrismas yaje, mi ángel a quien tumblr le come todos los mensajes, gracias por todo el cariño y por la felicidad que me transmitís! este no fue el mejor año para mí y te descuidé muchísimo, espero que el año que viene podamos conocernos más! :D

@amazing-hoseok no te puedo explicar cuán feliz me hizo ver a una compatriota en tumblr! gracias por tanto, perdón por tan poco. Me alegra haber podido conocerte :D (mandale un beso a tu poroto negro y decile que la amo y dale muchos mimos de mi parte)

@justmebeingafangirl m cutie m bunny mum i’m so glad i shared so much w u this year!! ur a blessing pritha, thank u for letting me into ur life!! i hope we can still fangirl everyday next year, n support each other through thin n thick!

@jimindarling u have an awesome blog n we talked a bit this year, i feel we have a lot in common but i’m a butt n suck at talking to ppl so we never really speak. I hope we can get to know each other next year! have a great start! :D

@jeon-jungkooking clara we haven’t spoken in aGES but i want u to know i cherish u a lot n i’m glad i met u :D 

@shin33xo emily i must have disappointed u so much i’m sorry i have the biggest block ever!! but i’m so thankful that u agreed to help me, there’s so much i want to thank u for!! i wish u luck this 2016 <:D

@yeolhighness it was very nice talking to u this year! i hope we can speak more n share our love for chany*ol w/out prejudice :P

@oppapis kimmy ty for the good times this year, i hope u didn’t go too bald bc of luhan! have a great 2016 :D

To the cuties i’ve known for a while

@solopicasso m babu serena ty so much for sharing this year w me!! you’re a really awesome person n talking to u always makes me feel like i learn a little more about life :P Thank u for ur honesty n ur love!!

@prince-yeolah m twin there’s so much i want to tell u!  feel like u, more than anyone, deserves a blessed 2016, w lots of love n happiness :D I hope u have a fantastic year n i wish u the best!! I love you!! :*

@pyapia gracias por tanto, pichulina. Por el apoyo y por el cariño. Espero que tengas un 2016 con menos estrés facultativo y muchísima paciencia para los dos pibes que te encajaron! Espero poder visitarte pronto! :D

@grumpyeols hyeon i know u had a busy year w school, i wish u lots of success!! I know u’ll do great! :D I wish u a 2016 w less stress n lots of fun <:D

@perfectedpitch ur one of the first kpop mutuals i’ve ever talked to n i hope u have a great year this 2016! :D 

@52294 rowan i hope u have an amazing year on 2016 w less worries n a lot of love!!

@kyvngsoosthighs gabby!! we haven’t talked much this year but i keep u in a special place in m heart, i’m glad i got to speak to u :D 

@swaggy-fluffball ashley i wish u a wonderful year full of new experiences!! n lots of fun for ur travels! :D

@lee-jongtae ashaa i hope u have a fantastic 2016 n i wish u the best in school!! :D

Other awesome blogs 

@dreamslostinwater @mrsbyunbacon @taehyungs-mole @tae-hopeful @305heaux @stripperbaozi @chanyeolliepie @chanyeol-ie @parkchanyeols @busan-daehyun @etherealay @ichibanes @patchworkprincess @parkcys @kaicahuetes @cherry-jimin @pinkjonginie @nini-soo @kpoper06 @mistletoseok @suavekyungsoo @chyeah-yongguk @yonggukics @babaybubblez @pcy-makes-a-dragon-wanna-retire @jongin-the-little-bean @jonginence @growlingbaekhyun @zeloscoffeeshop @junhongs-dong @yeolfully @xosophdophox @noxarcanax @suhotly @yonggukwhy @park-it-jimin @jonginwho @hornykaisootrash @yehet-stuff @yehetjongin @wackiejaxx @kpop-and-other-shit @daceyoftheminority @gotthekush @wonghan @wohoseok @kkyungai @sparkly-beach-taehyung @j-jonghyunie @hobivirus @jongsooxing @snapchatandicedcoffee @brokeninabluedarkness @nyongriri @girib4e @egg-megg @hansolsalreadygohn @taelestial @taelightful-day @biasesandim @joo-joo-bee @lalalagrizzlybear @lala-samii @n-atsukashii @eclipsehun @toffeeyeol @chasunwoome @see-the-xiububblebutt-twerking @shineesonew @hunsramen @miss-new-chootie @cutiejinyoung @midnyteblaque @junongie @goldheart-camomind  @scoupsfullofsuga  @jamkook @thehijabiyouwanttobe @sehunples @junmew @iclimited @epidemiaids @wonwoho @wonwoosbf @itschanyeolsfault @midnightmosh @sleepsuga @kim-taehug @d-jaes @kwonyixing @radioshrine  @jamongswife @mysighisepik @kkaesthetic @sugayeolmae 

Cuties who stayed w me even after i became a kpop blog

@im-not-misha-colllins @barro-talvez @butterbeer-freak idk why u guys stick w me ily for that gracias por tanto, perdón por tan poco!

I know i’m probably forgetting a lot of ppl so pls let me know if i forgot u so i can add u!!

Have a wonderful 2016 everybody n stay cute!! ;*