IDK but I came up with little nicknames for people from each sign.

Aries- Ariesens

Taurus- Taurans

Gemini- Geminites

Cancer- Cancernians

Leo- Leonons

Virgo- Virgots

Libra- Librans

Scorpio- Scorpians

Sagittarius- Sagittari

Capricorn- Capriconians

Aquarius- Aquari

Pisces- Piceans

Pisces: Feb. 19-Mar. 20 Piceans are Kind, Caring, Trustworth, Smart, Sexy, Great Kissers who are generous and sympathetic. Secretive when it comes to their Attractive Personality yet Naturally Honest about being the Center of Attention and that’s my Last Word on that Hey what else would you expect? I am a Pisces! Zodiac Sybol: Fish Duration: Feb. 19-Mar. 29 Constellation: Pisces Zodiac Element: Water Zodiac Quality: Mutable Sign Ruler: Neptune Detriment: Mercury Exaltation: Venus Fall: Pluto & Mercury