Follow-up: Email user login is on its way! (Update: Available now)

Since launch this week, many of you requested email as a login method to Picdish. So we pulled a series of all-nighters and are now submitting an app update with email login to Apple for review. We hope to have it to you for download this week. We are glad we were able to get this done within a very short period of time so you can happily share your delicious experiences. Cheers! :) 

Picdish Creates Real-Time Sharing of Food Experiences

Introduced today, Picdish is a mobile application that utilizes innovative technology and social framework to open up a whole new way for people to capture, share and follow memorable experiences around food as they happen. With Picdish, multiple friends can take photos and share their thoughts at dinner and the photos and conversations will be automatically grouped into a single experience and instantly made available to everyone. Picdish is now available for free in the Apple iTunes App Store and through Picdish website at http://picdish.com

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2011/08/04/prweb8695115.DTL#ixzz1U37MEHFR

Well done! Mongolian Bowl! Tomato + Jicama + Carrots + bellpepper + sesame seeds + teriyaki and mongolian sauce with lots of chili + TOFU! #vegetarian #vegetables #foodporn #foodshot #foodie #foodography #foodphotography #picdish #instafood #instagram #igersmanila #igerspinoy #iphone4s #iphonography #iphonephotography #datgirl™ (Taken with Instagram at #datgirl™ http://idatgirl.com)

Why we created Picdish

We are so excited to launch Picdish today in the App Store. The past few months have been an adventure as we worked non-stop to bring our idea to life. We wanted to take a breather and share with you why we built Picdish and how we went about designing it. 

Let’s first think about the food sites and apps that are available in the market. They help us with what to eat, where to eat and even provide a way to get it. And they do so quite well because that’s what they were designed for.

We built Picdish for a completely different purpose. One of the things we remember from our childhood is how we all sat around the dinner table and enjoyed a meal together. Distance and time doesn’t always allow us to do that. And we realize that even the world’s best technology is not going to totally recreate those memories. But it inspired us to build something truly natural that mimics real life as closely as possible.

And we know we have come close because as we were testing with our beta users, ever so often someone would start preparing dinner and share it on Picdish and friends instantly chimed in with curious questions and cooking tips. For July 4th, our friends at the BBQ joined in to capture the whole experience without having to upload, organize and send anything. We followed along as our friends in Boston did the same and Picdish let us share our laughters thousand miles away.

We were fortunate to have a few budding gourmet chefs use the app. As they cooked everything from bouillabaisse to lobsters, Picdish created a visual story that we watched with our mouth watering. And knowing our followers are watching brings out the chef in all of us. One of our users called us to let us know that she is cooking more than ever before as she feels inspired watching her friends do the same. We had a good laugh when we had to tell her that part of the reason why we were cooking so much was because of her. And it wasn’t just cooking that we got to enjoy. One of our users is sharing pictures of her backyard garden and we are waiting anxiously to see her vegetables grow over time. And one of our founders took our breath away when he shared pictures of his anniversary dinner overlooking the Big Sur.

It was very important for us that Picdish is centered around people and an avenue for them to express their passion for food. Our inspiration was to build Picdish as if it’s a your own food channel and you are the star. In this channel, you can share your adventures and discoveries taking users through a journey. So we built user profile to be a place where you showcase your own experiences, social activity and other experiences that you have found and enjoyed. If you are looking for dinner ideas, you can simply share a note and don’t be surprised if you have followers chiming in with ideas.  

When you have passionate people in one place, you know there will be a lot of excitement. To make it fun and easy to stay updated, we needed a way to summarize good food and good emotions from all the people you follow. So we created an addictive news feed and a useful way to browse experiences by topic and called it fooding, because it’s about food and feeling :)

As curious foodies ourselves who love ethnic cuisine, we wanted an exciting way to discover great food. And here again we looked at real life and realized that the best way to experience the world is to travel. So we thought to ourselves, if we could peek into Paris and watch someone make a créme brûlée, wouldn’t that be awesome. So we built a way to discover people and gourmet experiences around the world as they happen. We always want to know what’s happening in a restaurant behind the scenes. Our wish is that Picdish will encourage restaurant chefs and restauranteurs to share and give us a peek. It’s nice to know what inspired the chef to make a specific item on the menu. We know it will definitely get us to visit a restaurant. 

There are so many people involved around food. We have the farmers, chefs, foodies, bloggers, activists, restauranteurs, brands, vendors and Picdish is really meant to be a level place for everyone. This is where we all get to participate and share what’s important to us as people, as professionals and as the causes and brands we represent. We also recognize food is a basic human need. We strive to build Picdish into an effective platform to raise awareness and bring together people willing to help.

We really built Picdish for you. If you love it, we kindly ask you to spread the word. We are very open to feedback and ideas on how we can make it more enriching for you. We look forward to discovering your experiences on Picdish. 


Asif & Haitham

Feature: From the Chef’s Kitchen

We think many of us secretly dream of being a chef at a cute restaurant where we create amazing dishes everyday and meet with regulars who can’t have enough of it. Having taken a few inside peeks into top gourmet kitchens to greet chef friends, we know it is a lot more difficult than it is in our imagination. But that is what so great about chefs - they create beautiful and delicious food that make us forget all our worries and embark on a  gourmet journey. 

As a tribute to all chefs across the world, we wanted to feature some of the established and aspiring chefs on Picdish who wow us with their exquisite creations. 

External image

Orange and avocado with chilled prawn by @tonythaichef

External image


External image

Chef in the making @iknowlori

External image

Duo of duck by @culinary.twin.chef

External image

Butternut squash caprese by @chefd

External image

Pasta by @barret.beyer

Rosemary crusted lamb with cambozola cheese polenta by @chef_rango

External image

Confit duck leg with prunes, baby gem and a fondant pot by @jtrentchef

LA Times Food website features Picdish foodie's post

Foodies on Picdish continue to inspire us with their delicious experiences and we are happy to see them being noticed by others. Here is a fun discovery of a Picdish foodie featured on the LA Times Food website.

See here as currently featured image 17 of a decadent chocolate dessert on LA Times Food website 

External image

Full experience on Picdish

Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine Feature: Savor the World with Picdish

All of us at Picdish are absolutely delighted to be featured in Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue. We are proud to be part of the local community and excited about what we can achieve together. 

Transcript of the article:

“Food is such a universal language,” says Syed Asif Iqbal, CEO of Picdish, a local company bringing high-tech tools to the culinary world.

As the Santa Barbara-based creator of an addictive app designed to help foodies all over the world easily share their culinary experiences, Iqbal and co-founder Haitham Al-Beik have already connected with everyone from chefs to farmers, home cooks and people who simply love to eat out and share their experiences.

“Friends can share food adventures through photos and remarks that are automatically grouped into a single experience and instantly made available to everyone … Picdish allows users to share complete experiences, showcase culinary passion and discover gourmet adventures across the world,” Iqbal explains.

Since the app launched last summer, people from all over the world - including Thailand, Russia and Europe and our very own backyard - have used the free iPhone app to bring enthusiasts together in their passion for food.

- Leslie Dinaberg, Santa Barbara Seasons

To learn more about Santa Barbara Seasons, please visit their blog and twitter.

Picdish Tips: Sharing with the Rest of the World

You love sharing with your fans on Picdish but have you been wishing you could also share with the rest of the world, including those who don’t have an iPhone? You can actually do that quite easily!

Sharing while you post:
After you have selected a photo to upload, simply slide on Post to Facebook and Post to Twitter. Don’t worry we never post to your Facebook Wall unless you explicitly request it. 

Sharing after you have uploaded:
Navigate to the detailed experience view for the experience you would like to share. Tap on the arrow button under the picture and this will bring up the option menu shown below.  You can now choose to Share via Facebook, Twitter or Email. 

Link to web view: 
When people you have shared with click on the Picdish link, they are taken to a web view where they can browse your experience. For example, http://picdish.com/p/gj8

For the Love of Food and Cinema

I feel so cheerful every time I remember the scene in the movie Chocolat when Vianne Rocher reveals her beautiful and sweet display of chocolate. Or when I speak out loud, mimicking the accent, Julia Childs famous words in the movie Julie and Julia “You can never have too much butter!”

Food in cinema has always been a special way to depict adventure, joy and humor in life. It is through a character’s passion for food, we get to feel their appreciation of life. 

Here at Picdish, we love food and cinema and wanted to share our list of delicious favorites: 

  1. Julie and Julia 
  2. Ratatouille 
  3. Chocolat 
  4. Babettes Feast 
  5. Patisserie Coin de rue 
  6. No Reservations 
  7. Dulce Martha (Mostly Martha) 
  8. Eat Pray Love 
  9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 
  10. A Good Year

Tell us what is your favorite food movie at http://www.facebook.com/picdish

Delicious weekend on Picdish from all over the world

This weekend was fantastically delicious on Picdish! We had chefs, cooks, connoisseurs and  food lovers post delicious pics from around the world of their new discoveries and old favorites. Here is a compilation of some of them from the USA, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Brunei, The Netherlands and Malaysia.

Sushi chef @chefguero from the Mastro’s Restaurant in California, US made this beautiful sushi lobster spread
More on Picdish

Foodie from Italy @gabecnc cooked a feast for the party that he had to fit into 3 experiences!
Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 3

This exquisite scallop dish was made by an executive chef @chef.mark.a 
of Mediterranean Restaurant in Rochester, NY, USA

Have you tried “Armados” fish? Neither have we but would love to one day!
Thank you @esthergzr foodie from Spain for sharing!

Meanwhile in Malaysia @edelina.tamrin enjoyed some seafood

Dragon Fruit by @yakaew form Virginia, US

Meal from Brunei brought to you by @fiqah.antin

Adventurous @adri had a bite at the Frost Bake Shoppe in Texas, US featured on the Cupcakes Wars

@simon.bingham from The Netherlands made this delicious dish for 28 people! Go Simon!

@chocolatedrop1908 avid blogger and great cook form Georgia, US made this super tasty looking Chicken Spring Rolls. To know in detail how to prepare this dish visit here 

Master of dessert @lemonmarty made this decadent cake in Belgium. Here is how she made it.