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Your sims have beautiful hair! Maybe make a small list of your favs?<3

Sandy’s current favourite hairs!

It is disgraceful how many cc hairs I have in my game, so this was really difficult! But here are 18 of my current favs! 9 for boyos and 9 for girlos!

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7. (x)
8. (x)
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I think I better do what it says 😍 I requested that my wife keeps her socks on all day and all night in bed so that in the morning they have a lovely fresh foot scent to them… I’m pretty danm excited as you can imagine. She’s so I’m amazing I’m going to wake her by 💋 her 👣 who wants me to take some piccys?

I’ve already trained a neural network on the names of real horses. But what about fictional ones? From, say, a certain line of toys that was turned into an equally popular cartoon?

I extracted the list of names from the Wikipedia List of mainline My Little Pony ponies article and trained a few models with different parameters. Due to the relatively sparse data set, I ended up finally going with an input length of 20, as that seemed to give the best balance between creativity and not being complete gibberish.

So without further ado, twenty names from an alternate-universe My Little Pony generation:

  • Star Yistle
  • Ms. Peachtystings
  • Lickety-Swill
  • Sunset Rate
  • Glever Clutter
  • Colonomon Cheam
  • Ginger Creed
  • Sporpwicket
  • Sweetloot
  • The Tredleet
  • Mincer Pie
  • Whipstry
  • Tuzzler Flutter
  • Piccy Tunch
  • Tunershy Flare
  • Glody
  • Da-inc-Ta-Too
  • Starlowe
  • Bow-a-Pon-Toto
  • Party Bae

Sometimes it would even generate alternate names for a single pony, just like the original training data:

  • Salty Con / Baby Sninty Rover
  • Fazzy Hapsy / Nottem Flare
  • Zippurt Thob / Viny Lugash
  • Die Flae / Baby Licknyston
  • Mose / Tic-a-Light
  • De-On e Swertheacks / Baby Lilbon / Nickety-Stlor
  • Shining Dusk / Baby Sundwise

(Bonus points for that last one being vaguely sensible despite the word “dusk” never appearing in the original list.)