Happy Birthday BEN FRANCIS!!!

It’s his birthday today (duh) and sadly he’s not home for his birthday. And it’s 21st birthday today! Kinda sucks but i guess given the circumstance there isn’t any choice since he’s in Manila for college. I guess the parents will just have to throw a bigger party on his graduation next year. Uhm, calling mom and dad. haha

Just want to say thank you for everything. It might sound really overused but really, thank you for everything. Good luck on your future career as an interior designer. Be the best and you may as well not eat grass after all. (sorry inside joke) haha!

btw, follow him on twitter!!! @BENasayao



Oh yeaaah clubhouse! 🍴🍴🍴

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so… well, the photo… erm drawing above is none other than tumblr’s resident pretty nurse. and i really am new to this fanboy-ing thing. i’ve always been a fan of her and her insights. kakatuwa kasi basahin. naalala ko kasi yung mga pinagdaanan ko nung nursing student pa ako. gosh, i feel old. and she’s pretty too. did i say she’s pretty? yep, she’s pretty.

anywaaaaaay, i’ve decided that since this year-2012, they say, would be the end of the world, i’d take my fanboy-ing to the next level ie. making paramdam to people whom i’m a fan of rather than just stalki- watching from afar.

as i was endlessly scrolling my dashboard earlier this day, i came upon her post. it was a request for a  drawing for her photo compilation. after a 2-second lag, i’ve decided to give it a shot. hey, today’s a holiday and i don’t have much to do. (actually i have bajillions of things to do. i just ignore them in the hopes that a genie might come and take them all away. im sorry for being weird. ha!) and, i drew her. well, digitally drew her using the most primitive draw device: the mouse. haha!

wow naman, ang haba na ng sinabi ko. i know, this is me gushing and rambling. it’s a disease haha!

soooo, to ms. imanurse, i do hope this reaches you. and i do hope this doesn’t get lost in the web. and i super kaduper hope you like it. haha! (why did i ‘haha!’, nothing’s funny.) if not, aabangan na lanag kita sa gate hanggang sa i-reblog mo sya!! im just kidding. please don’t send me a restraining order =) 

Peace and love! =p


me and karen being really glad and giddy that we stuck with Harry ‘til the end.

Backstory: Karen and I actually became friends because of Harry Potter. Waaaay back in first year high school, one of my best friends (Kim) who happens to be her best friend also, introduced us. Since then, we became friends.

Actually, our shared delusions of the magical world made us super close friends. I was Harry and she basically became Hermione. We never did have a Ron. We did have a Viktor Krum for the reason that Karen and him we’re an item at the same time that the Goblet of Fire movie was released (if my memory serves me right). There was a Cho Chang for the reason that i got dumped by her on Prom night. haha.

We did have other friends who are just as obsessed as us with the magical world. But, I’d take a risk and say that we are the mooooost obsessed.Throughout the years, she was one of the people with whom i talked about the series non-stop. On the last HP movie, we trooped to the theater to watch the END (sobs). So, I’m posting this photo to:

  1. counter post-potter depression,
  2. honor a fellow Potter-geek,
  3. reminisce about the past, and
  4. continue to be a potterfan 'til the end.


*Sonny and Chad decided just to be friends because of all the pressure they’re having with their love team “Channy” and the issue about them not having their first kiss.

Sonny: Okay then, maybe I should go get ready for the show.

Chad: Okay then, ma’ buddy.

Sonny: See ya… buddy.

*Walks away from each other

Chad: Hey! Um, Friends can hug right? 

Sonny: Yah! I hug the Randoms all the time!

Chad: Cool, come on…

*They hugged, looked at each other, the kissed. ♥


‘twas christmas day. i have no neck. wide shots are the shots that work for me nowadays because of the acne infestation on my face. can’t see it on the photos? good. intended that to happen. and oh, sepia and grayscale also works. and, i kind of love the half-dark and back areas in group photos. yes, i am that insecure. my self-confidence plummeted like a million notches. it’s just not that evident in the photos. haha! ako na ang best in explain!!!