so… well, the photo… erm drawing above is none other than tumblr’s resident pretty nurse. and i really am new to this fanboy-ing thing. i’ve always been a fan of her and her insights. kakatuwa kasi basahin. naalala ko kasi yung mga pinagdaanan ko nung nursing student pa ako. gosh, i feel old. and she’s pretty too. did i say she’s pretty? yep, she’s pretty.

anywaaaaaay, i’ve decided that since this year-2012, they say, would be the end of the world, i’d take my fanboy-ing to the next level ie. making paramdam to people whom i’m a fan of rather than just stalki- watching from afar.

as i was endlessly scrolling my dashboard earlier this day, i came upon her post. it was a request for a  drawing for her photo compilation. after a 2-second lag, i’ve decided to give it a shot. hey, today’s a holiday and i don’t have much to do. (actually i have bajillions of things to do. i just ignore them in the hopes that a genie might come and take them all away. im sorry for being weird. ha!) and, i drew her. well, digitally drew her using the most primitive draw device: the mouse. haha!

wow naman, ang haba na ng sinabi ko. i know, this is me gushing and rambling. it’s a disease haha!

soooo, to ms. imanurse, i do hope this reaches you. and i do hope this doesn’t get lost in the web. and i super kaduper hope you like it. haha! (why did i ‘haha!’, nothing’s funny.) if not, aabangan na lanag kita sa gate hanggang sa i-reblog mo sya!! im just kidding. please don’t send me a restraining order =) 

Peace and love! =p