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SO HERE’S THE DEAL. I’m scaling back my auto-bio comics to twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays. There’s a lot of scheduling/timing reasons for this, plus wanting to be able to put more work into my upcoming comic, “D.O.A: Dept of Occult Anthropology.”

You’ll also note that all the Not Safe For Work comics have been pulled from this site. There’s some marketing reasons…

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Humphrey Wittingtonsworth’s FAQ:

Why is your name 4chan?

It’s my favourite daily news site, I like to get my updates on current events there.

Why is your profile picature a girl?

Because people treat girls better on the internet.

ZB(LL) is an inferior method to traditional CFOP.


Why’d you leave cubing?

College was just wayyy too much fun. Also Starcraft 2.

Why’d you come back to cubing?

I really felt like I left some unfinished business and this time I want to clear any doubts I had. If a few years from now, ZBLL is proven to be inferior, then I’ll just get on with my life.

Why are you so slow?

Because I’m shit.