picasso faces

This week in my Art History class I had my students do Picasso-like self-portraits! Above on the left is the one I did of myself for an example. Had to have a skull on it of course and green antlers because why not.

My mom is taking the class too and the awesome colorful one on the right is hers. I love her beautiful blue-green eyes! <3

So much fun! The other students had a blast and did some great work in spite of being all riled up on Valentine’s candy, haha.

tired aesthetic couple back at it again

i was tagged 3000 years ago by @softcheols for the aesthetic photo thing & @nctdream1stwin for the bias tag &&& linds a long time ago for the moodboard (she got rid of tumblr,, i cri)…. so i did all of them at once !!

i tag (if you haven’t done one you can do the other if you want lol ++ i don’t know who’s done this or not so !! sorry !!!): @ohjuho @bizzyizz @jayparkk @rninyoonqi @gooheon @yugyeomsvalentine

Poetic Defined

A Warhol can castle encases me
As I crumble very slowly
My fingers breaking into words
Making piles of A B C’s

After my hands, my arms fall off
In chunks of polished paragraphs
My tears are colons and periods
I’m drowning in an alphabet bath

Struggling to stay afloat
Screaming, inhaling words
Growing memorized
Watching sentences magically form

Visions of ballerinas dance around me
Stars circling my dizzy head
While I disassemble like a mannequin
Into an alphabet bed

My hypnotized Picasso face
Melting into a letter pool
Shouting capitals as my eyesight goes and
My left ear falls where a sunflower blooms

As I sink, time follows
From melting clocks in numbers
Structured sentences build a bridge
A staircase spelling Escher

I fall into this masterpiece
Of art, and words combined
Submerged, I’m painted into
A poetically defined life

Let Me Open

It’s too late; there’s never time
We march to it, set the clocks
Alarms ring, don’t miss a thing
It zips past, falls out of hands
It sinks resolve, too late now
What have you done? Anything?
No Steve Jobs a tinkering
No Picasso angling face
No Michaelangelo scowl
Wasting a life on my back
Let me be a dog, running
Tongue hanging, slobbering stick
Let me be a child, too
Crouched by a roly poly
Eyes big at curled armor
Let me live in this body
Let time not matter a wit
Let me open my eyes wide
And run ‘til my body quits