#TeamNoCheats Day 4 started with a flurry of cooking. I woke up with a major headache and was going to just curl up and sleep the day away. Then I said, why waste the morning! I cooked up some quinoa veggie egg muffins (note to self: Invest in some silicon muffin cups) and another batch of picadillo (from the skinnytaste.com website). Much to my roommates’ dismay, the house smells like onions, peppers, tomatoes and meat. Also threw in a load of laundry. Rather busy for an unexpected rest day. Will be doing yoga a bit later.

Plantain and Picadillo Casserole
Spanish comfort food is some of the best in the world. This home-style Pastelon casserole combines the sweetness of plantains and raisins, the saltiness of olives and the satisfying heartiness of ground beef in one delicious, cozy dish. The two-hour investment in dinner prep will pay off tenfold when your whole family marvels at the melding of its flavors. Get the recipe!