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What made him think this was a good idea?

Suga Birthplace
  • Suga: We're going over to a bridge
  • Suga: My mom told me that she adopted me from under the bridge
  • Suga: I'm going to my birthplace


“Please give Sungwoonie hyung a lot of support.
He is a kind hyung and he sings very well too.

This man has no idea how much love is coming his way.

Thank you for being a good hyung to Jimin.
Work hard and always do your best; ARMY will be here to support you.💜

하 성운씨 화이팅!!!

BTS x Daddy Imagines

{While I’m finishing the Jimin x Reader x Yoongi smut I promised, here are some Daddy Imagines to say thank you for sticking with me during my illness - I’m back sweeties 😇🌈}


• The sweetest most protective and sensual Daddy, he wants to cuddle you all night, have your scent all around him and kiss your cheeks till they’re pink and hot.
• Stretches you so deep and wide, eats you so sweet, foreplay so long to prepare you for him.
• Needs you holding on and digging into his shoulders with your nails, moaning his name all hot and breathless, his goal is to see you in your most vulnerable state with him.
• “Does that feel good Jagi? Does it feel good when I hit it there?”


• The most romantic and thoughtful Daddy always surprising you with his extra time and cute gifts, giving you Eskimo kisses and making you laugh, even when he’s having the worst day you make his eyes light up with happiness.
• Expect relaxed dates in the prettiest places and passionate make outs when you return home, always asking if you enjoyed the evening as much as he did. Tucking you up in bed with him just so he can snuggle close to you, letting his gentle hands wonder beneath your pj’s, his soft lips against your neck, the slightest hint of his teeth grazing your flesh.
• Before you know it the pj’s are thrown off along with his gentlemanly ways as he’s all energy and unrestrained moans in your ears. Your voices echo from the walls as he slips inside…
• “Ohh Jagi, its so wet and slippery for me, you really like me this much?”  


• Intensely territorial and endlessly playful Daddy, he wants you all to himself and when you’re alone expect play fights ending in feverish neck kisses as he inhales your delicate scent till he elicits the wanton moaning sounds he needs to hear.
• Works you up till its too much, till the deep wet ache makes you beg, till he’s high on your screams as you feel his size.
• Needs you to challenge him just so he can show his control by beating you harder, pulling your hair, slapping your ass raw all while keeping intense eye contact.
• “Ooohh fuck Jagi. You’re taking every inch of me, look how deep your pussy is letting me go. Look how much you needed me.”  


• The gentlest and most romantic Daddy ever, looks after you like you’re a fucking Queen, with exquisite dinners and squishy relaxed evenings on the couch, he always makes sure to soften you up so well, always wanting you to be ready for him and the night he has planned.
• Expect brand new lingerie for Daddy’s pleasure just so he can watch the blush rise in your cheeks as he exposes you slowly, kissing every inch of your flesh. Orgasms are guaranteed with his patient and relentless tongue, causing your every nerve chills along with your moans of ecstasy as you arch against him.
• Needs your arms wrapped around his shoulders as he hits you slow and deep, waiting till after your 1st, 2nd, 3rd climax to really lose his control.
• “Jagi just hold on so tight to me, can you feel how wet you are?" 


• The ultimate kinky power Daddy, he’s a fireball of experimentalism swinging from chasing you around the house like a Labrador pup trying to tickle you till you squeal, to scorching make out sessions all deep tongue kisses and hair pulling.
• Toys with you like you’re his personal property with nothing off limits, kitten play, restraints, anal and oral training, but every second you feel his soft touches, his sweet kisses, his reassurance and safety cradling you.
• Wants you loud and shameless AF as you feel his veins pressing against your walls raw, expect to come undone too quick and be punished until you squirt.
• "Jagiya if you start gushing I’m going to beat it so hard. It feels so good on my cock when you squirt around me.”


• The OG Daddy dom who just happens to be the softest cuddle mon in existence, expect him always holding your hand in public proud AF that you’re his and constantly making you laugh by being unintentionally adorable.
• Don’t be fooled by his softness, he has an insatiable wild side and can often take his pent up frustrations out on you to the extremes of your pleasure, it can become brutal and erotic in ways you’ve never felt with another man.
• You’ll be pushed to your absolute limit and through it all he’ll be holding you and soothing you with kisses as you feel his size.
• “Baby… You’re so fucking tight, and there’s still only half of my cock inside." 


• A zero to one hundred real fast Daddy always acting reserved and sometimes cold around others, yet when he gets you home, holy fuck, expect him to become instantly squishy even without words.
• Don’t tease him unless you want to be dragged to the bedroom to give Daddy a lap-dance as he slowly strips you and rewards you with INSANE oral capabilities, expect multiple orgasms and deep tongue fucking as your hands pull in his hair.
• He wants to see you ride it like a pro and impale yourself on his throne like the fucking princess you are as his hands reach up softly for your breasts.
• "Fucking shit Jagiya, look how your pussy is swallowing my cock…" 

Hope you sweeties enjoyed these, please let me know if you’d like more ~ Admin Laura Cathrine 🎀