anonymous asked:

Things that you really love ✨

Latin words, orange trees in the French Riviera, ballet, Byzantine art, reading F. S. Fitzgerald on June nights,  listening to Ravel in gardens after rain, blackberry stained dresses, Chopin, books/movies about boarding school girls, learning languages, listening to scores, conversations with records sellers by the Seine, Jean Luc Godard, pressed flowers, laying under blushing cherry trees in my backyard at the end of April, pomegranates, Michael Ondaatje, whispers, listening to Devendra Banhart and dancing in the balcony during the heatwaves, empty museum halls, stormy weather, playing Debussy in Spring and Bach in Winter, the Romanov dynasty, Guerlain perfumes, poems that tear my heart apart, running down the meadows barefoot, marble statues by the dark green pools, foreign cemeteries, listening to the seashells.