Loved wearing this outfit, really wanted to go out in it too! I’m going to continue posting the rest of the outfits/photos from my last shoot from back in March! (hopefully daily) starting now. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous, I love it <3

Hope you like, and I look forward to dressing again soon :)

Things I loved about Episode 2 of Cheer Danshi!!

  • The way Mizuguchi “stretches”
  • The fact that KazuHaru write notes to each other in their notebooks
  • Ichiro reaction to bugs
  • Haru’s facial expression at being a “top”
  • Not everyone could do a handstand because that’s realistic
  • Ton’s heart to heart with Haru
  • How perceptive and outgoing Kazu is
  • Drunk Mizuguchi and his constant laughter at random times
  • Haru’s instinctual judo tackle (you go Haru)
  • How much Ton practiced in such a short amount of time
  • Haru practicing his cheerleading
  • Kazu knowing that Haru was practicing
  • How the four of them did the routine even though people weren’t totally welcoming to them
  • How Gen and Ichiro joined in the cheer routine

TL;DR Cheer Danshi is perfect. 


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