for a while i wanted to design the quartz dogs in their uncorrupted forms so here they are

from left to right: orange, ocean, biggs, picture, bruneau, green, red, purple

the lines mark their heights, the names on the lines indicate which gem has which height. orange jasper is there mostly for reference

bruneau is slightly crouched so her actual height is higher than where her head is on the pic. also you cant see it from this angle but her face has a pattern on it:

[please do not use my art and my designs without my explicit permission]




I designed the EP jacket of the french band Insect “Un”. Insecte were all from Paris and they met in Bruxelles. It’s now where they live. In march they won a contest in Bruxelles called “Du F dans le texte”. They just released their first EP and there’s another one coming very soon.