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I know there is suppose to be an app for the NWSL in the works somewhere… If I started working on an app myself, would anyone fund it? Possibly on Kickstarter or something? Would anyone be willing to help work on it? The funding pertains to getting developer accounts and posting it on Google Play and iTunes and such. I’m curious and this is a serious question, so if you remotely pay attention to my blog, I would definitely like some feedback via message, ask, reblogs with responses… Anything. -GS

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New Gym Features are Coming!
New Gyms: 

- Gyms  major facelift. 

-Able to spin the Photo Disc at Gyms to acquire items just as you do at PokéStops

-Six permanent slots that can be filled by the controlling team’s Pokémon.

-New motivation system.

Gym Badges: 

-Earn Gym Badges 

- Able to level up your Badges by battling, giving Berries to the Pokémon in the Gym and spinning the Gym’s Photo Disc.

New Raid Battle Feature: 

 A Raid Battle is a cooperative gameplay experience that encourages you to work with other Trainers to defeat an extremely powerful Pokémon known as the Raid Boss. 

Before you can battle the Raid Boss, you’ll need a Raid Pass. You can get one free Raid Pass per day by visiting a Gym, but you can only hold one at a time. You can also get Premium Raid Passes from the in-game shop. 

New Items: 

After defeating a Raid Boss, you’ll receive a collection of rewards, 

Rare Candy is a mysterious candy that, when used on a Pokémon, turns into that Pokémon’s Candy. 

Golden Razz Berries will greatly increase your chances of catching a Pokémon Technical Machines are items you can use to permanently teach a Pokémon a new Fast Attack or Charged Attack.


Airbnb tells users to go “off the grid … Sioux style” in California, which is not Sioux land

  • Airbnb has deleted two social media posts urging users to “go off the grid … in true Sioux style” by booking a tipi in the California desert.
  • The Instagram version of the post was geotagged to Joshua Tree National Park. The Sioux tribes are native to the American Midwest — namely Minnesota, the Dakotas and Nebraska — as well as Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada. Not Southern California.
  • Social media users lambasted what they saw as the company’s attempt to profit off a dubiously “true” Native American experience — while simultaneously ignoring the most basic facts about that experience. Read more (5/30/17)

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Birth control apps are helping women circumvent the conservative war on  reproductive rights

  • Texas is sprawling with “contraceptive deserts” — counties without at least one public clinic with a full range of contraceptive methods for every 1,000 women who need them.
  • And with Planned Parenthood and other women’s health clinics constantly under threat in Texas, telemedicine is the only feasible option for many women.
  • Jessica Babbitt, a 29-year-old stylist from Canada who moved to Texas in 2010, found out about one such app, Nurx, while scrolling through Twitter.
  • She noted that her insurance considered a visit to the gynecologist to be a visit to a specialist, which costs her more than the regular copay.
  • “Texas is very, very big and there are places where you don’t have access to these kinds of things without having to drive 12 or 13 hours across the state to get access to an affordable mammogram, affordable birth control, any of those things,” Babbitt said in an interview. “It’s a big problem in Texas.” Read more (6/21/17)

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Can an app cure a lifelong fear of flying? One anxious traveler put it to the test.

  • It’s been many years since I’ve flown without the aid of a pill, so I was skeptical that an app could go to bat against my powerful anxiety medication.
  • But the bold claims made by anxiety-reducing app SkyGuru made me curious to see whether a more-sustainable solution for overcoming my fear of flying was possible. (Downing benzodiazapines, or benzos, every time it’s wheels up takes its toll when you travel several times a month.)
  • The premise of SkyGuru, which costs $20 (the free version is not worth using), is that knowledge will reduce anxiety.
  • The user receives real-time data, even when not connected to Wi-Fi, about the flight, airports, forecasted turbulence and even the planes themselves.
  • The app provides tips and comfort to an individual throughout the flight. For example, SkyGuru might explain standard noises and motions that can occur during takeoff, while disseminating helpful information about the root of flight anxiety. Read more (6/8/17)

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mightyfossils Mobile application with augmented reality. Ordovician sea (workn in progress)

masterlist of app that helps me relax 🌱
  • infinite storm : storm sound 
  • sky wiew free : a guide of the night sky 
  • relax melodies : (MY FAVORITE) a lot of ambiant sounds ! 
  • calm : set a goal of relaxation 
  • waterlogged : Keep your hydration on track 
  • lake : a coloring book on your phone 
  • headspace : guided meditation 
  • I love hue : reorder colours 
  • zen studio : an other kind of coloring 
  • to bed : organise your bed time 
  • yoga 8 : 8 minutes of yoga daily 
  • happyfeed : keep a journal of gratitude 
  • thisissand : play with sand 
  • little alchemy : mix elements 
  • relieflink : find help if needed 
  • binaural : sound waves 
  • coffitivity : coffee shop ambiance
  • stack : stack colors and more 

For years, workers have enjoyed the way technology creates distance from the boss. You can join meetings from home, or from Hawaii. But with Uber, we are coming to a strange inflection point. The company has designed an app that is so efficient, cheap and scalable that it manages 600,000 drivers in the U.S. Yet there’s an underside to distance. It can create a system that lacks the most basic sympathy.

NPR conducted an informal survey of Uber drivers, using email lists and social media. It’s not a scientific poll. Respondents are self-selected, and possibly more negative toward Uber than the average driver. Still, it’s a window into how hundreds of drivers feel; and an Uber spokesman says many of NPR’s survey results track the company’s own findings about its driver workforce.

The Faceless Boss: A Look Into The Uber Driver Workplace

Photo: Lucas Carter for NPR