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why is everyone talking about good and co? is that a scam?

good and co is basically quizzes to uncover your strengths then you find compatible friends through FitScores and discover your dream job (like they suggest amazon, apple, citi, hp, microsoft, starbucks or etc and u take company quizzes) with company FitScores

If you want to try and beat my scores then you can install the link by clicking here. Oh, that’s if you’re confident that you can :P

Jeremy Renner Launches App to Connect Directly With Fans
Of the launch, the actor noted: "I'm always looking for new ways to connect directly with my fans all over the world in our own shared environment."

Jeremy now has a new official app that will offer “exclusive clips, photographs, original music, contests, behind-the-scenes live streams” and more! Get the app right now to hear an exclusive demo clip of Jeremy’s studio recording of “House of the Rising Sun,” and according to a post in the app, “stay tuned for an exciting announcement” later today! You can download it from the iTunes App Store here or the Google Play App Store here.


La APP para marcar los comercios que te atienden en catalán y poder hacer vida 100% en ese idioma.

Enviado por Max Power:

Se trata de una app para discriminar a los comercios que no hablen catalán en Cataluña, si te hablan bien en catalán los puntúas para que tus amigos indepes compren en paz alejados de los sucios españoles. Para rizar el rizo han incluido en el mapa de “Cataluña” a la Comunidad Valenciana, a Baleares y L'alguer en Italia.

P.D: Un comentario en youtube les propone una “solución final” que sea cerca más a lo que ellos quieren.

Today, the new PreCure game, PreCure Tsunagaru Pazuru, was released in Japan! It’s avaliable for smartphones and it can be downloaded via the japanese App/Play Store. 

If by any chance you don’t have access to the japanese store, here’s what I did to download it: I got an app called “Qooapp” (just googled it from the chrome app in my smartphone and downloaded it), since you can get games that are only avaliable in certain regions through it. This game was in the “hot” section in Qooapp, it’s easily found since it has Cure Whip’s image.

I just started but the game is really fun and entertaining! Might be a little space consuming, though. The characters avaliable so far are the ones from Max Heart, Princess and Mahou Tsukai. KiraKira might be included soon, since Whip is in the icon for the game. When the game was announced, it was said that with time, every PreCure will be included! 

Ruby got a new philtrum piercing from Cody! Here it is at two weeks old after being downsized to a shorter flat back. 

She’s wearing a gorgeous 18k Rose Gold “Virtue” with a little light purple opal from @anatometal

Thank you Ruby! Your philtrum looks so good! 

Monterey, CA