@harriettstella we look like we’re about to drop the hottest tent-related indie album of 2016

(New LLL credits video is out everyone!! Make sure you check it out to see all the talented peeps who worked on it and get a look at Special Behind The Scenes pics!!)

10/28/16 - SCP735, “Insult Box”

SCP-735 was discovered in ███████, ████████ among the personal possessions of ████ █████ after said individual’s body had been found, having committed suicide. The SCP in question is, in appearance, a small box constructed of a brushed-aluminum-like alloy of unknown composition featuring a slot on one side. Sound is capable of being heard through this slot. When measurements are taken, the object is found to emit low-level magnetic pulses that intensify in the presence of humans. No external power source is required, and indeed the surface of the item contains no input points.

Movie updates - Alex will be played Lubert in The Aftermath according to the book’s author:

Cast for The Aftermath by @rhidianbrook: Kiera Knightley (Rachael) Jason Clarke (Lewis) Alexander Skarsgard (Lubert) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5977276/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_3 [x]

Also, on the set of Mute - actor Justin Theroux posted this photo on Instagram…but where’s Alex? Paul Rudd and the writer/director of Mute Duncan Jones are also in the photo taken in Berlin [x]

Duncan (@manmademoon) has been tweeting lots of underwater set pics, but none of Alex…yet.

Thanks to AS & Sophtop for the finds!