Men’s Uno trans: 

Even D&E have debuted for so long, Donghae was still uneasy in front of the camera and being very quiet. Eunhyuk who was sitting next to him, on the other hand, didn’t stop talking, and from time to time would whisper to Donghae and lead him to answer some questions. Sometimes, Donghae would add his own opinion to Eunhyuk’s answers. The atmosphere between the two and the way they are to each other are enough for us to envy. 

Eunhyuk: “We are together everyday, from debut, we moved to our dorm together, and we spent all our life together and we work together, we are just like family, we really know each other too well (laugh). In fact, is only in front of the camera that Donghae would become so quiet, behind the camera, Donghae really loves to joke, and makes all the people around him very happy.” Eunhyuk said he was used to talking more in front of the camera to cover the blank spots of Donghae. And Donghae would feel very relaxed with Eunhyuk taking care of him this way. As they know each other so well, knowing each other’s good and bad points, strong and weak points, these two brothers know their way of understanding each other, taking care of eeach other, and with this, their friendship can go a long way. 

The story of how D&E began started 15 years ago. Donghae joined SM as a trainee. He couldn’t get used to Seoul when he first arrived, and there was no friends who he could rely on. He was on his own. But he stuck on to his dream and worked hard towards achieving his goal. Then, in the company canteen, he met Eunhyuk, at that time, neither of them knew they would be assigned to the same group, they only knew there were both new comers. With Eunhyuk being witty and happy character, it made Donghae relax so much, and the two started become good friends, and since then it already 15 years! 

Eunhyuk: “After so many years, we are still exactly the same like we first met, we are still so naughty, still so pure, still nothing changed! The feeling is wonderful!” After Eunhyuk finished, they looked at each other and smiled, from the eyes they exchanged a secret which only the two would know. 

This year, they are both entering the 30’s, this is another stage in their life. No more a childish youngster, but increased their feel of maturity. While starting the D&E, they both have different thinking and destination. Eunhyuk: “For the past 10 years, we have grown up a lot in every aspect. Before, when we did recordings and practicing, we cared very much the final results and how it came out. We often felt so worried and uneasy, but as time went by, now I think I have become more mature. We thank you all our fans for their love and encouragement. Now, compare to "results”. I appreciate more the “process”, and hope to enjoy the whole process to the most.“ 

This time when making [The Beat Goes On], Eunhyuk participated a lot from beginning to end, added a lot of his own ideas, and fully enjoyed the whole process of making the album. Asked about D&E future destination, Donghae actively answered: "Actually, there are still a lot of possibilities in the future, we will try our best to enjoy every moment of it, and hope that every concert or every new album, we can bring the audience a new refreshing feeling, let them see our different images, and we want to repay our fans’ support with these, these are our destination." 

After the interview was over, Donghae sighed with relief, Eunhyuk padded Donghae’s shoulder with a smile, and Donghae also returned a smile to Eunhyuk, and ready to leave. Although neither of them spoke, but from the tiny action, we could see their intimate relationship, how they support each other, neither of them can live without the other, and continue hand in hand to grow in their paths of life! 

Trans by trulyhae | Scans by DirtyPop1938

Viola Davis Is Living Her Dream

The ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ star grew up hungry and poor. Now, giving back is her greatest reward. By Sara Davidson, AARP The Magazine, August/September 2015.

Viola Davis opens her front door wearing a wet swimsuit, a towel wrapped around her chest. “I’m sorry — time got away from me,” she says, as her slender 5-year-old daughter, Genesis, comes up behind her. Heading upstairs, Davis promises to be right down, and in just minutes she is, having showered and thrown on a long-sleeved T-shirt and shorts, still rubbing on lotion.

In How to Get Away With Murder, her hit ABC TV series, Davis plays Annalise Keating, a glamorous, tough and promiscuous criminal lawyer who wears spike heels and sleeveless dresses that reveal her toned arms. At home, in a modest (by Hollywood standards) suburban tract of Los Angeles, Davis is barefoot, gentle and relaxed. She settles Genesis at one end of the dining table with a pink toy computer. “I’m going to do this interview, and I expect you to be quiet,” she tells her, softly but firmly. The room looks out on a sloping hillside of clay-colored decorative rock, into which are built fountains that cascade into a pool and Jacuzzi. This is Davis’ retreat. At night, she likes to unwind out here, soaking in the hot tub beneath palm trees that twinkle with little lights that her husband installed. “There’s nothing like it,” she says.

She’s hitting the Big 5-Oh on August 11 and still cannot believe her good fortune. “Turning 50 is making me reflect on my life in a way that’s more compassionate and forgiving,” she says, her voice deep, rich, inviting. “I’m able to almost accept the old me.”

Her struggle for self-acceptance began when she was in kindergarten and burdened her through college. Looking at photos from that period of her life, she would say, “ 'Look how fat I was,’ or 'My goodness, look at my hair!’ What I saw was dark skin, being poor and all the things that come with poverty — smelling and being unkempt.”

What Davis sees now is “how passionate I was, how much I dreamed, and what a good and loyal friend I was.”

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