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Here’s how the stars of Radio 1 spend Christmas Day

Nick Grimshaw

“On Christmas Day we are always at my mum and dad’s house. In fact, we had our first Christmas away last year, where we weren’t at my mum and dads. I think it was the first time my mum had not made a roast dinner in 45 years. She loved it. I did miss not being at home last year; I really like being at home because I never get to go home.

"We wake up and open our presents straight away. Some people don’t do that. They have presents in the afternoon, which is weird I think. We do presents straight away and then have a big family breakfast and everyone goes their separate ways for a few hours. I will usually help my mum cook and my dad will set the table - he’s quite good at curating flowers and tables. My sister is there, my niece is there, my brother, his girlfriend, their kids, a few dogs - so it’s quite full on. We maybe go to the pub or for a big walk with the dogs. Then we come back, have a big lunch and then everyone watches TV. It’s the perfect day.”