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Past/ Current Bias Phases. These are the member (s)  you’ve gone through a huge bias phase/are currently your bias(es):

love them all but the ones that stand out to me are Jisoo,, Wonwoo,DK, Woozi, Mingyu & Vernon.

The Member (s) that caught my eye first AKA first bias:


The bias phase that hit me the hardest:

honestly, joshua. hes just such a cute dork and hes just so beautiful, and hes just so sweet idk :3

phases that i have yet to be in. These are members that havent been through a huge bias phase for you, but its going to come at you eventually just you wait. Of course you still love them all to death though ( IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not mean you dislike them, or dont love them!)

ummm, probably Jun, The 8 , Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Hoshi, S.Coups, & Dino, i love them loads but idk just hasnt happened yet 

My next phase might be:

it’ll probably be Wonwoo… its already started…

The One and Only. This is the member that you know will always be your #1 Bias in Seventeen or in general.

Joshua. no matter what i will always love Joshua, i just love the way he is in general, & he just makes me very happy :)))

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here’s my phone background!

i had to take a picture of my laptop background so sorry if its not great quality! 

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