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Who do you think would be the first to find out Santa isn't real, and how would they react? Do they tell the other lads?

Michael will stubbornly refuse to believe Santa is real, but Gavin and Jeremy tell him he’s just being a butthole, and you’d think Michael would be the first one to find out, but it’s actually Gavin. And he’s a little upset, but he promises not to tell anyone.

When Michael does find out, despite vehemently believing he isn’t real, he cries because secretly he wanted to believe so bad.

Now I’m sad :(

Well today I learned that in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Stan Lee’s cameo is credited as “The Watchers’ Informant”, the Watchers being a marvel race that’s the oldest creatures in the universe so they just watch all the life instead of interacting with it now, and what he’s telling them in the cameo is the story of his cameo in the first captain America movie, meaning that Stan Lee has been playing a singular character this whole time and he’s always near the action because it’s his job to observe it and report back

Combeferre who knows when Enjolras needs advice but also knows when Enjolras just needs a hug and to be left alone.

Combeferre who doesn’t understand his friends’ body dysphoria when first faced with it so spends a whole day reading up and researching so he can be as kind and helpful to them as possible.

Combeferre who doesn’t like to fight but when Courfeyrac got called a poof in a bar the guy was against a wall so quick… Courfeyrac eased him away but he was endlessly smug.

Combeferre who has tattoo sleeves of the universe on one arm and flowers on the other arm because, though he finds endless beauty in space and longs for it every day, he doesn’t want to forget the beauty of what is right on the ground with him. 

Combeferre who worked up a watertight legal argument so Jehan could change their pronouns on their work documents.

Combeferre who is constantly low key aware of how long Enjolras has been wearing his binder in case he forgets (it happens… hes a busy dude).

Combeferre who is helpful and caring as well as fiercely protective of his friends. 

Watching the ending scene of GotG again, I suddenly realized - when Peter touched the Infinity Stone and all hell broke loose, with that dark energy flowing and whirling over the whole place and Peter screaming on the ground….

Yondu was there.

He and the Ravagers showed up right next to the Guardians after the fight and the Stone had been sealed again, which means they had already been very close to the place. After his crash and rather quick slaughter of Ronan’s men, Yondu most likely got picked up by one the M-ships and flew back to the city.

He was right there, outside of the Infinity Stone’s pillar of fog-energy-thing, when Peter was still alone in there, screaming and being basically ripped apart by that energy.

How must Yondu have felt, realizing that Peter was in there, in the middle of thing that had blown the collector’s shop to bits on Knowhere, in the middle of that energy that could rip apart a planet? How must he have felt, hearing Peter scream in agony?

I actually wonder if he didn’t try to run into it, too, but was held back. If the Guardians, who haven’t known Peter for that long, were ready to run into the Infinity Stone’s domain and help carry that burden - what about Peter’s father-figure?

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story time: the alt-right nazi dickbags at my college tried to bring peterson as a speaker to campus. I sent a letter to all faculty that basically said if they didn't help put a stop to this, they were complicit in any violence towards trans people that followed, and that I would hold them accountable. I added that I was a non-binary trans person and that this man posed a literal danger to me and mine. long story short, he wasn't allowed to come.

Good for your university! That’s actually seriously rare, and it’s impressive that they prevented him from speaking, wow. Good job. That’s so great to hear.

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