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Good evening! I also sent you a 2p ask today. Don't know if it's mine you didn't get all of but I'll reiterate what I remember incase I am :-). P1 I pay attention to detail. The bday celebration pic has zero bday party/festivities in it to the point where it's suspicious. Why post a random pic of a birthday celebration and caption it saying it's some form of a bday party/get together when you can't see anything but an empty counter in the background? How about a pic of the cake? Candles?

P2 Or even just bg decor that shows an actual party like food/drinks for guests? Presents stashed around? None of that was posted. There’s more noise in Cait’s pic of her coffee, lunch & script. Every other time they’ve celebrated something on set they’ve shown the party. Not this one. Its strange Cait-who already wished Sam a happy bday would post again something with so little bday reference. It’d be one thing if it was this sweet picture where you’re like “man are they having fun” but It’s not a cool bday pic you’d want to share bc it’s so interesting. Not something you go “this is so cool even though I already wished him a happy bday and shared a picture for his birthday honor I’m going to tweet this one too”. It’s just a random pic of the four of them where you can’t even tell they’re celebrating anything. This pic could’ve been taken in Scotland for all we know. Everything added up it just adds to the smell of BTS bull. Have a good night ✌️✌️