And she moved again, toward the door to his bedroom. She knew, oh she knew - she was tempting fire. But – she had to see. The door was slightly ajar.

Sam was leaning with his left elbow against the cupboard, his hand gripping the top of the door. Knuckles white. He was slightly tilted away from her, his side visible, his shirt off. His sweats hung loosely on his hips. And his other hand…

The event last night was a ton of fun! If you have the chance I would definitely recommend going to one! 

The brewery was absolutely delightful (it could hold all of us comfortably and it already looked like a space scooped right out of Karnaca even before posters of our sinister new empress were plastered all over the place) and the game/scavenger hunt thing they had going was really fun too!

Gameplay was, shocking no one, incredibly fun, and Harvey Smith was there chatting with fans. I still cannot believe how cool he is! It was a fairly laidback event overall (I got to try playing both Emily and Corvo, didn’t have to wait in line or anything to do so), and fairly generous with the swag (free food and drink, posters, shirts- more than I expected tbh!)

So yeah, if it’s feasible to go to Karnaca in LA or NYC definitely go for it! You will have a good time!