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I was tagged by the beautiful @zelkam to post the 6 best selfies of 2k16. You’re so beautiful, thanks for tagging me and I apologize to everyone for these cringy selfies 🙈

Tagging: @wizcrd @fairytailwitch @natsu-dorkneel
@ieyasus @snogfairy @mikotoray @ootsukis and everyone who wants to do it :)

hello im very lonely :^) submitting twice bc im a loser n decided to add more

hi so last time i did this i lost touch w everyone because i suck™ woow so im going to try this again because why not. So im anika pronounced anne-nick-ah and im 14 and im from Canada
-prefer my penpal to be pacific time
-little bit about myself im a self depricating bean :’) like its actually concerning
-I love Panic! at the disco so if u fuck w them hit me up lets talk about it !1!!!1!!1
-please send memes i thrive on them we can send eachother memes or dog pics and rate them together lol im desperate
-i also like twenty one pilots
-a lowkey sneaker head
-anyone watch enjajaja ??
-i never sleep so basically we can talk all night or text eachother at like 3am
-i art
-im extremely ironic and self proclaimed asshole !!
as long as youre not homophobic, racist, we good fam :’))) maybe later we can send snail mail but
-i watch drew monson
gender doesnt matter tbh always wanted a dude friend**
-i also like tyler the creator
-cavetown !!!!
-im a big baby and a loser :’)
-not even a little athletic
-might give u my snapchat if we talk more
spotify @rosegarden!!
message me on my tumblr @dontwannafallinloveanymore