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Grumps As Tumblr Users

Arin: Writes fic, most of it is porn, a lot of it involving blow jobs and out of the box kinks like slime girls and monster girls. He also draws fan art, some of it porn, a lot of it suggestive. He tries to answer a lot of asks, is sometimes involved in fandom drama. 

Dan: Mostly reblogs content. He reblogs a lot of audio posts and retro music videos. If you catch him late at night there are a few risque posts he’s reblogging. He’ll post original content in the form of his selfies and gets a niche following from them. He doesn’t understand half of the website or how to do shit, he answers asks but they are usually unfinished because he hit answer too early. He doesn’t tag things even when his legion of followers tell him how. 

Vernon: Creates Aesthetic posts and moodboards. He has a sideblog for fan fic because he likes the creative outlet and the quick response time but he doesn’t want it under his main blog. He doesn’t want to mix brands. Reblogs bikes, music, hipster stuff. He shitposts late at night and deletes posts that have low note counts. 

Ross: Reblogs mostly art, posts his own sketches and drawings. He does a lot of streams and posts links to them. He got big in a particular fandom and gained a mass following by doing fan art, but now he’s pushing a lot of his own stuff in his streams and he gets some shit for that. He’ll never shy away from answering rude asks and giving snark as well as he gets it. One time he accidentally reblogged some cartoon porn and people never let him hear the end of it. 

Barry: Hardly remembers to log on half the time but when he does he’s reblogging pokemon pictures, information on video games, articles he thinks people should be reading. He reblogs pictures of kittens and pigs and other small animals and cute drawings of his favorite characters. 

Suzy: Posts OOTD pictures, is very good at answering asks, she does giveaways and makes sure to always link to her Instagram. She reblogs make-up and pretty girls, posts pics of herself. She rates the snapchat filters from best to worst. She has a sideblog for Overwatch related stuff and one for Solid Snake, but they both bleed over on to her main blog most of the time. She shares headcanons on her sideblogs but isn’t committed enough to actually write fic for any of it even when her followers beg her for more. 

Brian: He’ll reblog whatever asshole idiotic thing is happening and he’ll throw his two cents in on it, he’ll be smarter and more well-spoken than the others and he’ll win the arguments. People reblog his stuff with reaction gifs of him destroying others with his words. He reblogs pictures of space, science articles, he engages politically and shares information with his followers. He’ll answer asks, sometimes he’ll do long stretches where he just answers them with gifs, some that fit and some that don’t. 

Jack: Posts a lot of his photography. He’s in the musical fandoms so a lot of his content is centered around that. He’ll post his covers and silly clips of him singing online. He is generally well liked and is the fandom sweetheart. He gets a big following because he’s so approachable. He also gets hit on a lot. Sometimes reblogs pictures of different architecture he likes, will reblog your commission posts and help spread the word. 

Holly: Posts photos of her cosplays and her arts, links to her Patreon, she does streams a lot, reblogs a lot of pictures of Rowlet and posts her own bird photos. She’ll shame people who send her hate and then reblog a lot of cute stuff to make up for it. 

Hi, Lotte here! For 400 followers milestone; i’ll be doing Blog Compliments with a twist. I want to know my followers a little better. The rules and format will be under the cut so that this post doesn’t take up too much space. Hopefully, you’ll enter!

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In my recent book review for Hiramatsu Tadashi Animation Gashuu (Tadashi Hiramatsu Animation Art Book), I said that I would do another post focusing on the Yuri!!! on Ice content from that publication, so here we go!  This book is a collection of illustrations by Tadashi Hiramatsu, an artist who has done work for many titles, including character designs and animation direction for Yuri!!! on Ice.  Out of the 232 pages, 14 of them are devoted to pictures for the beloved skating anime.  If you’re looking for specific characters, please note that most of the images are of Yuri, Victor, or Yurio.  The only picture that has any of the other male skaters is the image shown above. It’s a nice group pic, however Leo, Emil, and Georgi are not in it, which means they don’t appear in this book. There aren’t any pictures of the ladies from this show, either (there are plenty of images of female characters from other anime, though).  As for Makkachin, the cute doggie appears on the book’s cover, but not on any of the pages inside.

Hopefully there’ll be another art book someday which shows more of the characters, but at any rate the pics that do appear in this book are still very nice, ranging from production sketches to full color promotional art.  Check out this great sketch of Yuri and Victor from episode 2:

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Hey so you want to hold something or what
nah im fine, i love my pile of air.
*sigh* just let me-
i said im fine
hold on

be glad i didnt give you a rat.
or worse, a lizard.