pic of kami


New cat! His name is currently “Leno” but Josh and I do not like that. >.> He is a (neutered) flame-point domestic shorthair / siamese. He is roughly 2 years old, and is a very friendly and docile kitty who does like to play a little. He’s still a little shy tho.

We want to rename him. Grunt and Sten are on the table.


hi tumblr i got my hairs cut today

i’m so happy i found an asian salon, fuckin white stylists across the street from me don’t know jack about my hair, told me the last time i got it cut my bangs would look like this ~after i washed~ but ofc it didn’t (and i wound up having to cut it myself because it was uneven after i washed!)

but anyway, yes very cut, so wow, much asian


so remember that blanket fort i told y'all about

top pic: from inside blanket fort
pic #2: from the doorway of arty’s room, daytime
pic #3: our “campfire”
pic #4: from the doorway of arty’s room, nighttime
pic #5: we actually had s'mores, toasted marshmallows and all.

but yes. if you are having a rough time, make blanket fort and have a “camp in”.