pic of course not mine

I’m thinking about Zayn’s injured hand. The way things are, if Zayn punches somebody in the face, i would almost feel sorry for the person, lol. Except for Simon, Mcgee, Griffiths (the list is long, unfortunately). But my opinion is, when everything is too much to handle it, he goes and punch a wall (or whatever) to send a message.

Like that time in Las Vegas, 2012:

And we all know what happened behind the scenes. 

Or that time with Perrie, after another “cheating scandal” took the papers in early 2013:

Before and after, a few days apart. :((

And now with Zigi:

I bet it’s suffocating, but like the other times, he’s going to persevere. But the message is sent. He’s done. Enough.

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