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football players wearing other players’ clothes: a master post

For all your shipper feels :)

Eric Dier wearing Dele Alli’s sweatpants

Marco Reus wearing Toni Kroos’ jersey

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wearing Marco Reus’ jersey

Julian Weigl wearing Erik Durm’s shirt

Erik Durm and Julian Derstroff wearing each other’s jerseys

David Luiz wearing James Rodríguez’s jersey

Marco Reus and Mario Götze wearing the same shirt and scarf

Marco Reus wearing… not his number?? (Dare I say it’s a 10…?)

Benedikt Höwedes and Mats Hummels wearing the same bracelet/having friendship bracelets

Bastian Schweinsteiger wearing a Strassenkicker beanie (Lukas Podolski’s label)

Julian Draxler and Manuel Neuer wearing a Mesut Özil cap


Mario Götze holding up Marco Reus’ jersey at the WC 2014 final

Max Meyer holding up Leon Goretzka’s jersey at the Olympics 2016

30 Day OTP Prompt Day 17 - Doing Something together 

I picked growing older together because I wanted the challenge. I had a lot of fun drawing this. They both crack me up. 

I’d say this is Klance 30+ years of being back on earth together. They are in their late fifties, maybe. They love each other but they still like to rile the other up. 

Lance: Keith! Where the truck did you find that vest? It’s hideous. 

Keith: I like it. Ally found it for me. It reminds me of the jacket I wore when we were in space. 

Lance: I see. It does, kinda. For the record that jacket was hideous, too.

Keith: What? You liked that jacket. You stole it all the time.

Lance: What? Nope. Don’t remember. Didn’t happen.