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A pic from our new Spanish Civil War Page

German-made Junkers Ju-87B Stuka dive bombers, part of the Condor Legion, in flight above Spain on May 30, 1939, during the Spanish Civil War.
The black-and-white “X” on the tail and wings is Saint Andrew’s Cross, the insignia of Franco’s Nationalist Air Force. The Condor Legion was composed of volunteers from the German Army and Air Force.


Ah yesterday was the most fun I’ve had on a convention in ages!! (and I generally have loads of fun at conventions so that is saying something)

Chris: @the-dark-stag
Yuuri: @commandertemplartrash
Viktor: @aiedail-cosplay
Mila: @spacetwinsies
Sara: me

I wanted to write out a long post about how amazing it was but I am pretty sure it will just be me crying about how much I love these guys and yuri on ice so I will not bore you guys with that <3
hope you enjoy these amazing derp pics, literally 99% of our interactions go like this we are very weird and extra and I can’t believe people actually want to hang out with us


øld twenty one piløts facebook statuses


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics

anonymous asked:

I miss your kaylor drawings 😔 (but just wanted to say that they are amazing and that you are insanely talented! Hope you're having a good day 😙)

I’m hella lazy and tired so I’m sorry if this drawing looks like kid’s art lol. 😂 (and thank youuuuu. 💕)

Guess what Karlie drew, dear anon. ;)