pic made my day

For all the Supernatural fans here, this picture CANNOT pass on your dash without giving you a big smile !

Look how our wonderful Crowley is happy with his wife and his little girl ! His wedding was yesterday (even if he was already married since one year). Gosh, this pic made my day ! No. It made my week ! I’m so happy for him ! I love this guy !

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ur art is rlly.. soft and pure. it makes my day every time u post something. like ill be having a bad day and u post the good viktuuris and i just. grab my heart, thank u, so blessed so moved, i love u

!!! it makes me so happy that my art could make ur day even a little bit better!!!! thank u so much anon i hope u have a really nice day!!!!!!!!!!


posing w/ my boy even tho he’s way cuter ❣️❣️

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I made a cover pic for tutto per niente, my ongoing 91 Days fanfiction!
I really loved this series and I felt the urge to write some sort of sequel to it.
It’s the first time I write something “serious” in English, my first language being Italian. I am really trying my best! I hope you’ll enjoy ♡

[EDIT 10/10/16] NOW ON AO3! Please read here if you like ♡


Snowells Week 2016 Day 1
↳ COOKING TOGETHER: Caitlin is still struggling to feel better after what happened with Hunter, so Harry decides to try and make her relax by making homemade pizza together.


KaruNagi looks like a married couple in a vacation, just look @ Nagisa handing that snorkel equipment to Karma. Nagisa being a wife, well done. ASDASDASD fight me, nope

the last pic <3 made my day ♥
my ship always makes my day ♥

my room is kinda cool