pic is stupid

people look up to steve now, which is weird since he used to be too short to look up to

Wow I can’t believe Shiro and Keith are finally getting married


being friends with me means being hit with a random au out of the blue and then having to listen to me ramble about it for far longer than i should have lmao. here, have something cute, guys.

Alright, one last downer post and then I’m done.  This is my ridiculous pup Sirius with our infinitely patient cat Lou.  (My favorite picture in the world is this inappropriate polaroid that’s proudly displayed in the sitting area.)  As you can see, they were the best of friends.  ;)  Lou passed away last year and Sirius seemed to age overnight after that.  Now they’re buried together because they’re best buds forever.


Missing you so much…can’t wait until the 24th!

Onew Saranghae! ♥♥♥