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I find it slightly insane that we didn’t even know Ian was hugging Mickey back until seeing this uncropped photo. Like, the camera angles in the actual episode didn’t even show us if Ian was hugging back.. it looked like he was still handcuffed or just not returning the hug. In the previous version of this pic that was posted, it was cropped right above Ian’s arms/hands, so unless they released another full size of this image and I missed it, there was no way to know that Ian WAS hugging Mickey back… not until this differently-cropped photo was posted. I just think that’s kind of insane, cuz that’s a big deal to the plot in my opinion. 

I was talking to my bestie about it and she was saying how Ian seemed really standoffish and wasn’t hugging Mickey back, but now we see that he was hugging Mickey back.. which kinda changes the whole feeling of that moment and shows us that Ian does want to hug Mickey, not just at the end when saying goodbye, but also when reuniting at the police station, even after everything Ian had done to scare and hurt Mickey and was clearly feeling guilty about. He still hugged Mickey back, and I feel like that’s really important… I don’t understand why it was cropped out of the first promotional pic they released, and I don’t understand why they shot the scene in a way that you can’t see Ian hugging back :/

Maybe there’s a good reason for it? I hope so…


I can’t even begin to describe my excitement that The Morganville Vampires Series is becoming an Online series.  I’m closely following the updates on FB and these are some pics from Rachel Caine’s Fan Page.  I just LOVE it.  Granted, I had pictured the characters differently  (Oliver a bit younger, Amelie with lighter blonde hair, Shane a little more stocky, Myrnin blonde), but I have faith that it’s going to be fantastic.  I also somehow thought that the Glass house looked shabbier.  Still, I cannot wait to see it play out.

Hey guys I think this is very useful to share, well… musicians know what I mean! I took this pic with this information from the Porter & Davies fb page, it’s incredible! 

Bob Hall is in the driving seat with Catfish and the Bottlemen:
“The BC2rm combined with my in-ear monitoring completes the gigging experience for me. I now actually physically feel like I’m playing a show and that what I do translates to the audience. I love it when the kick drum is a chest-pounder in the crowd, and now I get that when I play too. What a game changer!”

Ph: Eoin Collins and Joe Cox  


that one time Kai thought he got caught at the ygfam concert fangirling over his minzy-oppa, but Minwoo unintentionally saved him (the real reason is yg stans don’t actually know who kai is…) and had to be taken backstage.

another little delulu comic I drew about my never-going-to-happen canon delulu ship. /goes in a corner to cry