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How can you just leave? How can you just broke those promises? How can you just turn the happiness to sadness? How can you just watch my heart fall into pieces? How can you gave up that easy? How can you left me hanging? Those happy moments, now, they’re making me sad. Those moments I thought would last. Those moments I thought would never end. Those moments, they’re making it hard for me to let you. How about our forever? The children. The happy family. How can you just let all those things go to waste? You told me you love me and you want to be with me but.. Where are you now? How can you just let go?

Life. It’s a long road. Sobrang haba ng lakbayin. And it’s up to you to continue the journey, to see how far it can take you or to just stop, to be contented of where you are. Life’s road is the same with a typical road. Sometimes the way is smooth, sometimes rough.

A rough road with rocky way or muddy way, taught us that life can offer trials along your way to your destination but if you’re brave enough, you can surpass it. Minsan mashashake talaga tayo ng mga trials. Pero di dapat nashshake ang faith natin. Trials. They’re normal. What’s important is how you react and what do you do to overcome it. Pero what’s good in trials is, they brought lessons to us. So that next time, we will know what to do and how to react. It also strengthens our faith. To hold on and to believe that God has better plans for us. Smooth way. It shows us the equilibrium of life. Na kung may rough, may smooth. Na hindi palaging rough. Na yung life, can offer us things far from what we imagined. Smooth way is the fulfilling way. Eto yung way na mafifeel mo na you’ve gone through alot. And that things, no matter how hard it is, you can overcome it. Kasi nakaya mo na yan dati e. Alam mo na yan. For me, pag natake mo na tong smooth way, you will be fulfilled. Kasi ito yung way na parang madali na sayo na kaya mo sabihing KAYA KO TO. Na sa iba, rough way to pero sayo smooth kasi alam mo ng ihandle. Hinasa ka ng time and trials. And you can proudly say “I MADE IT”. Kumbaga this the rainbow after the rain. The pay of the hardships. Life won’t always a happy ride. Ganun talaga e. Things should be balanced. We can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. So whatever path you are taking, work hard for it. You just have to keep your faith. Stand strong and aim high. Smile. Be happy. Thank God for everything. And live the life to the most of it.

Yung importante e yung journey. Yung kung pano ka shinape nun to be the best person you can be. Let GOD lead your way =)