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“God I love you,” he gasped as he broke away for air.

Ladybug froze, her eyes widening in awe at his sudden declaration. Adrien was poised above her, his shirt hanging loosely off his shoulders, one arm holding his weight while the other hand ran lovingly through her hair. He looked at her with eyes full of pure adoration, as if she was the sun and moon and stars all wrapped together into one glorious being.

For all their months of stolen kisses and secret meetings, they had never put a name to their relationship. Never once had they put words behind the feelings that drove them together.

super quick ladrien for bane for her new nsfw series of fics, drawn to you :D this one is from chapter 1, which i died over. it’s so sweet ;0; it’s smut but it’s super jdkfsklfjskl just really romantic and i’m still dead about it srsly ;0; bless u baneeeeeee 


Updated my YOI shrine! With additional shot of bedside posters + pillows ^v^)b

While the overall number has grown (and I’ve completed the sets that had a few guys missing last time), you can see acrylic standee details in my older post HERE.



From The Desk Of…

Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

The pictures above are my humble way of saying thank you to the wonderful writers @fictorium @bridgetteirish


big hair, big heart ♥️✨

uhhh whaddup yall ?? i got tagged by the beautiful @jksolos, @jhshoney@1prisms to put my face on ze internet

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‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ cast hanging out this Summer.



Co star connections - video
Mix - gifs 1 2 3 4 5
Josh misspelling Jen’s name & Cornucopia - gifs: 1 2 3
“Who peed the most in the water ?” - gifs
“Josh is more comfortable when he doesn’t have shoes or a shirt on” - gifs: 1 2
Jen touching Josh’s knee - gifs: 1 2 3
Telepathy- gifs: 1 2 3 4
“If we had a wedding”- gifs
“Where’s the pizza”- gifs
“Poop, Poop ?”-gifs
“What would you do if you weren’t an actor ?” - gifs
“I thought, okay you right” - gifs

Global fan day - video  Mix - gifs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
To my right, Josh Hutcherson ….”- gifs
I know this feeling of loving somebody so much that you just want them to be okay if they do love somebody else, at least they’re alive“ - gifs
We have kissed so many more time than that … in the movie”- gifs: 1 2
"I felt helpless, Jennifer is crying and screaming”- gifs
“Josh and I are like two puppies” - gifs: 1 2
“It was the best part ever! Beiing free in the ocean”- gifs:1 2
“Why are you staring at me, waiting for more” - gifs
Jen talks about Josh’s dancing - gifs “Yeah Josh so good to see you again” - gifs
I need to stop holding my cheeks”- gifs: 1 2  3
That’s mahogany, I was going to say that“ - gifs: 1 2
Jen touching Josh’s nose - gifs: 1 2 3
Jen lost - gifs

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anonymous asked:

What is the meaning of generations in skin like is it all one show it what? What's the reference between gen 1 and 2?

It’s all one show, but the characters change through the generations. :)

Check out the crew:

Season 1 and 2 = Generation 1 (pic below)

Season 3 and 4 = Generation 2  (pic below)

Season 5 and 6 = Generation 3  (pic below)

And then, season 7, that we had 3 episodes (each with 2 parts). The ep called Pure was about Cassie, the ep Called Fire was about Effy (Naomi and Emily participated too) and the ep called Rise was about Cook.