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how is mischief?

I did enjoy it, but it definitely feels awkward workflow-wise.

Right now it seems to be missing the standard intuitive navigation shorthands such as scrolling to control the zoom and such… Each navigation type must be ticked individually and don’t always apply to the usual shortcuts. B is still brush tho. Instead of V you have spacebar for drag, which isn’t unheard of and it makes sense since this is an infinite canvas and it’s not a selection-move.

Great for inking, but lack of customizable/quick navigation and I miss the transform, lasso and paintbucket tools!!!

Also, sadly, no layer options whatsoever, so you can’t lock transparency.

Fix it, 61 Solutions!

Long story short; it has a great gimmick that runs effortlessly (and without lag even on my old laptop might I add), but as the build is now it’s bare-bones on all other fronts. I’m hoping/assuming this is just a symptom of it’s current infancy :)

I will use it for inking due to easier control of lossless detail work, but for now colouring will still be done in either PS or SAI, PS because of superior layer control and SAI for it’s superior colour-blending.