Creatures From Around The World

My Favorite Mythology/Folklore and Cryptid monsters collected by Country/Continent.

MEDIEVAL EUROPEAN MYTHOLOGY / FOLKLORE (Book of Imaginary Creatures, Heraldry, Alchemy, Medieval Bestiary, Roma, Left-Over European)

The Muscaliet is so hot it will inflate everything it touches into a burning column of fire. Entire forests burn away when they find their way into earthly forests.

A Bao A Qu / Barometz or Vegetable Lamb / Basilisk / Cagrino or Chagrin / Carbuncle / Catoblepas / Echeneis or Remora / Flaga / Goblin / Gold-Digging Ant or Formica Aurum / Hypnalis / Ichneumon or Hydrus / Imp / Incubus / Leontophone / Leucrotta or Crocotta / Muscaliet / Myrmecoleon or Antlion / Nependis / Nightmare or Mare / Odontotyrannos / Pard / Peryton / Salamander / Scitalis or Scytale / Seps / Succubus / Undine / Will o Wisp / Wyvern / Yale or Centicore / Ziphius

Abarimon / Aspidochelone / Bicorn / Blemmyes / Bonnacon / Cerastes / Chichevache / Cockatrice / Cynocephaly / Haermorrhois or Blood-Letter / Indus Worm / Keythong / Musimon / Onocentaur / Panotti / Parandrus / Sandman / Wild Hunt / Ypotryll / Zitiron


GREEK MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Greek/Roman Mythology)

Nemean Lions (named Golden Lion or War Lion in Mythika) are powerful hunters with very tough skin which is almost impossible to pierce with normal weapons. Their manes are covered with arrows and the weapons from their victims.

Akheilos / Amphisbaena / Anteros / Argus / Cacus / Centaur / Cerberus / Charon / Charybdis / Chimera / Chrysaor / Dactyl / Echidna / Empusa / Erinyes or Fury / Faun or Satyr / Gorgon or Medusa / Harpy / Hekatonkheires or  Hundred-Handed One / Hippocampus / Hydra / Kampe / Karkinos or Cancer / Ketos or Cetus / Ladon / Lamia / Lampad / Makhai or War Daemon / Minotaur / Narcissus / Nemean Lion / Nosoi or Pandora Box / Phobetor / Scylla / Sphinx / Thriae

Aegipan or Capricorn / Aetos or Caucasian Bird / Antaeus / Arachne / Celedon / Circe / Cyclops / Dryad / Erote or Cupid / Erymanthian Boar or Dire Boar / Eurynomos / Gegenees / Geryon / Graeae or Stygian Hag / Griffon or Griffin / Khalkotauroi / Maenad / Mormo / Pytho or Delphyne / Scorpios / Skolopendra / Spartoi / Stymphalian Bird / Symplegades or Planctae / Talos or Bronze Colossus / Teumessian Fox / Triton / Typhon / Zelus


NORSE MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Norse Mythology)

Fenrir are said to be ancestors of all canine species, and in Mythika they are among the most powerful, only Cerberi stand a chance. Their skin is riddled with ice crystals and their breath is cold as winter.

Berserker / Draugr / Fafnir / Fenrir or Fenris / Hraesvelgr / Jormungandr / Jotunn or Frost Giant / Nidhogg / Svartalfar or Dark Elf / Troll / Valkyrie

Alberich / Dwarf / Elf / Hell / Hrimfaxi / Naglfar / Ratatoskr / Skinfaxi / Ymir


CELTIC MYTHOLOGY / WESTERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (English, Welsh, Manx, Scottish, Irish, Breton and Arthurian)

Tatty Bogle are evil animated Scarecrows which can control birds and animate objects they touch. It is said that they are created by evil Hags which use the hearts of humans and the soul of a bogeyman to animate them.

Afanc or Addanc / Alp-Luachra or Joint Eater / Ankou / Awd Goggie / Banshee / Barghest or Black Dog / Boobrie / Brobinyak / Brollachan / Brucha / Buggane / Cirein Croin / Cu Sith / Cwn Annwn / Dullahan or Headless Horseman / Fachen / Fear Liath or Grey Man / Fomorian / Gancanagh / Grindylow / It / Jack-in-Irons / Kelpie / Knucker / Lavellan / Leanan Sidhe / Marool / Muirdris / Nuckelavee / Phooka or Pucca / Questing Beast / Rawhead or Bloody Bones / Redcap or Dunter / Shellycoat / Sianach / Sluagh / Spriggan / Springheel or Spring-Heeled Jack / Stray Sod / Tatty Bogle / Water Leaper or Llamhigyn Y Dwr / Wizard’s Shackle or Burach Bhadi

Arkan Sonney / Black Annis / Bluecap / Bodach / Boobach or Bugaboo / Bugbear / Cat Sidhe / Cath Palug / Ceffyl Dwr / Clurichaun / Curnunnos / Dobhar-Chu / Far Darrig / Fear Dorcha / Fear Gorta / Gwyllion / Kilmoullis / Leprechaun / Lunantishee / Ly Erg


NORTHERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Germanic, Scandinavian, German, Norwegian, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Dutch, Belgian and Danish)

Osschaart are bizarre constructs made by the Jack-in-Irons. Osschaarts dangerous aura’s increase gravity and they can animate and control the chains that form most of their bodies.  

Ajatar / Alraune / Buckrider / Colorobetch / Doppelganger or Fetch / Erlking or Erlkonig / Gloson or Gravso / Gulon / Horerczy / Hrokkall / Ice Worm or Lagarfljot Worm / Iku-Turso / Kraken / Land Wight or Landvaettir / Osschaart / Pesta / Swamfisk / Valravn or Vilderavn

Askafroa / Baldanders / Fossegrim or Nakken / Helhest / Hrosshvalur / Huldra / Kludde or Aufhocker / Kobold / Lorelei / Mandragora or Mandrake / Nachtkrapp / Norn / Otso / Skotumodir / Snow Queen / Traicousse / Vatnagedda / Waldgeist


EASTERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Slavic, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Lithuanian and Serbian)

Combining the most feral features of both wolves and dragons the Zburator is a nocturnal hunting dragon that unlike most other dragons hunt in packs, they mostly hunt for other dragons.

Aitvaras / Bagiennik / Bauk / Bukavac / Fext / Hala or Ala / Karzelek / Kikimora / Leshy or Leshii / Lich / Moroi or Vampire / Nocnitsa or Night Hag / Planetnik or Demon Storm / Poludnica or Lady Midday / Shtriga / Veela or Vila / Vodyanoi or Vodnik / Zburator / Zirnitra / Zlatorog or Goldhorn / Zmey or Gorynych

Abaasy / Alkonost / Baba Yaga / Balaur / Bolotnik / Domovoi / Drekavac / Ebajalg / Indrik / Likho / Nosferatu / Ovinnik / Psoglav / Rusalka / Sarkany / Tculo / Ziburinis


SOUTHERN EUROPE MEDIEVAL MYTHS (Spanish, Basque, Maltese, Sardinian, Italian, French, Swiss, Austria, Cyprus and Medieval Greek)

Every year the scales on a Cuelebre’s body become harder, until after a 1000 years they reach Adamantium hardness, once they reach this age they are almost impossible to destroy with normal weapons and most spells will simply bounce of their shimmering iron scales.

Aatxe / Agrippa / Barbegazi / Butatsch-Cun-Ilgs / Codrille / Cuelebre / Erchitu / Gargoyle or Gargouille / Gaueko / Hellequin / Kaw Kaw / Lou Carcolh / Marabbecca / Nuberu / Peluda / Pyrausta or Pyrallis / Stella / Tarasque / Trenti / Vrykolakas

Aerico / Caladrius / Drac / Krampus / Tartalo / Vouivre


NATIVE AMERICAN FOLKLORE AND MYTHOLOGY (Inuit, Canadian, Navajo, Cherokee, and other such Tribal American)

Psonen are beautiful, but ice-cold bird monsters that are said to be related to the Phoenix. They mostly serve the Snow Queen as aerial mounts. They summon cold weather wherever they go.

Acheri / Ahkiyyini / Akhlut / Amikuk / Aniwye / Awahondo / Baykok / Binaye-Ahani / Delgeth or Thelgeth / Djieien / Ewah / Gaasyendietha or Meteor Dragon / Haietlik or Lightning Serpent / Mahaha / Mishibizhiw or Underwater Panther / Nalusa Falaya / Nida / Oniate / Piasa / Psonen / Pukwudgie / Qalupalik / Rougarou or Werewolf / Skinwalker / Tlanusi / Tsenahale / Utlunta or Spearfinger / Wendigo or Windigo / Yeitso

Adlet / Agloolik / Amarok / Amhuluk / Aziwugum / Baxbakwala / Cervitaur / Fastachee / Hinqumemen or Engulfer / Ijiraq / Ishigaq / Isitoq / Kokogiak or Qupqugiaq / Raven Mocker / Thunderbird / Tizheruk / Tupilaq / Ugjuknarpak



The Reptilian Xhumpedzkin are famous for the lethal headaches they cause with their psychic aura’s. They feed on other creatures shadows.

Ahuizotl / Camazotz / Cipactli / Lechuza / Nagual / Xhumpedzkin

Camulatz / Chaneque / Huay Chivo / Quetzalcoatl / Tezcatlipoca


SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY / FOLKLORE / CRYPTIDS (Brazilian, Chilean, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Patagonian, Surinam and Argentina)  

Cherufe are the voice, will and mobility of a living volcano. They can take any shape they like but are always formed from lava and magma. Inside their volcanic homes these elementals are invincible, only outside the volcano the creature can be slain. 

Abuhuku / Alicanto / Caleuche or Ghost Ship / Candileja / Cherufe / Chon Chon / Cuero / Curupira / Eintykara / Encantado / Inulpamahuida / Invunche / Kayeri / Mapinguari / Minhocao / Nguruvilu / Peuchen / Succarath / Tuyango

Anhanga / Ao Ao / Boitata / Bush Dai Dai / Camahueto / Capelobo / Colo Colo / Cuca / El Tunche / Huallepen / Kori / Yacuruna


AFRICAN FOLKLORE AND CRYPTIDS (Central and South African Countries)

The Migas in Mythika kinda resembles the LOTRing’s Watcher in the Water. Swamp Octopi with more than twenty tentacles, fighting one of these aberrations is like fighting an entire army of tentacles.

Aigamuxa / Asanbosam or Sasabonsam / Bouda or Werehyena / Cagn or Mantis / Dingonek / Eloko or Biloko / Emela Ntouka / Gbahali / Impundulu or Lightning Bird / Intulo / Jba Fofi / Kongamato / Lukwata / Lunwaba / Mbielu Mbielu / Migas / Mngwa or Nunda / Nandi Bear or Chemosit / Popobawa / Umdhlebi / Ya-Te-Veo

Abada / Adze / Anansi / Aziza / Chipfalamfula / Emere / Gambo / Grootslang / Jengu / Kwamang-A / Mokele-Mbembe / Ngoubou / Nguma-Monene / Ninki Nanka / Olitiau / Rompo / Yehwe Zogbanu


EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY (Ancient Egyptian Mythology)

Sak are strange, wingless Griffons with a beautiful lotus flower on the end of their tails. This lotus flower releases a calming fragrance which takes away aggression in its victims. Sak love the flesh of Unicorns and other equine creatures.

Ammit or Devourer / Khepri / Petsuchos / Sak / Salawa or Set Animal

Axex / Heqet / Mummy / Phoenix or Firebird / Serket / Serpopard


LEVANTINE FOLKLORE, RELIGION, MYTHOLOGY ( Arabian, Persian, Iran, Iraq, Turkish, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Akkadian and Middle East)

The centaur-like Urmahlullu combines the best features of the lion and a humanoid. They are the perfect hunters and both gentle and evil variants exist.

Aghash or Evil Eye / Asag / Asdeev / Bushyasta / Caspilly / Devalpa / Druj Nasu / Dybbuk / Fulad-Zereh / Ghul or Ghoul / Girtablilu or Aqrabuamelu / Golem / Ifrit or Efreet / Jidra / Karkadann / Manticore / Miraj or Almiraj / Ouktazaun / Roc or Rukh / Sandwalker / Shadhavar or Siranis / Tiamat / Urmahlullu / Zaratan

Anzu / Arzshenk / Asena / Djinn / Ghawwas / Humbaba / Lilith / Palis / Pazuzu


HINDU BELIEFS (Hindu Religion, Buddhism)

Raktavija are masters in blood magic, they can animate and harden their own demonic blood into shields, armor and weapons. To refill their lost blood they simply drain other creatures dry of theirs.

Juggernaut / Rakshasa / Raktavija / Virabhadra / Vish Kanya or Poison Girl / Vritra 

Airavata / Apaosha / Garuda / Makara / Naga 



Oh, can I keep it? Keukegen look like fuzzy, innocent creatures made entirely from hairs, in reality they spread horrid itching diseases and in the worst case a victim will scratch its own skin off.

Akaname or Filth Licker / Ashinaga-Jin / Bakekujira or Ghost Whale / Baku / Dorotabo / Enenra / Gashadokuro / Harionago / Heikegani / Isonade / Ittan-Momen / Jinmenju / Jorogumo / Jubokko or Vampire Tree / Kamaitachi or Sickle Weasel / Kappa / Keukegen / Kurage-no-Hinotama / Muramasa Blade / Namazu / Nekomata or Bakeneko / Nogitsune or Kumiho / Nurikabe / Omukade / Otoroshi / Raiju or Thunder Beast / Rokurokubi / Sagari / Sazae-Oni / Tenaga-Jin / Tengu / Tenome / Tera-Tsutsuki / Tesso / Tsuchigumo / Umibozu or Sea Bonze / Wanyudo / Yuki-Onna or Snow Maiden

Akashita / Ame-Onna / Hahakigami / Hannya / Hyakume / Jinshin Mushi / Kamikiri / Kasa Obake / Kasha / Katsura-Otoko / Kirin or Qilin / Kitsune / Mekurabe / Nodeppo / Nue / Nure-Onna / Oni / Shachihoko / Suiko / Tanuki / Yanagi-Baba



Xiao or Hsigo are kleptomaniac pests, they steal for the act of stealing and even attack other creatures to rob them of their possessions, especially gemstones and golden coins are wanted by the little thieves. Their leaders are called Ahools and they combine baboons with bat features.

Dijiang / Gaki or Preta / Kun Peng / Shen or Chan / Taotie / Terra-Cotta Warrior / Xiao or Hsigo / Xing Tian / Zhenniao

Azure Dragon / Bai Ze / Byakko / Dragon Turtle / Feng Huang / Genbu / Nian / Pixiu / Zheng


POLYNESIAN MYTHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE (Philippines, Indonesia, Melanesian, Malaysian, Solomon Islands and Vietnam)

Terrifying aberrations, the Kurita use their many arms for swift locomotion, grabbing their victims along the way, they can eat and move at the same time without much trouble.

Abaia / Abere / Adaro / Bakunawa / Batibat or Bangungot / Berbalang / Bonguru / Con Rit / Dalaketnon / Jenglot / Kurita / Mambabarang / Nuno / Orang Minyak / Polong / Pua Tu Tahi / Sigbin / Tikbalang / Tiyanak

Ahool / Anggitay / Aswang or Manananggalen / Babi Ngepet / Banaspati / Berberoka / Bungisngis / Gawigawen / Genderuwo / Imoogi or Imugi / Kapre / Pelesit / Sarangay / Siyokoy / Tiburones / Toyol / Veo


AUSTRALIAN MYTHOLOGY, CRYPTIDS AND FOLKLORE (Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand)

Tiddalik suck up water and spit it at great force at their prey, putting them off balance and turning them into easy prey to swallow. There are also jungle variants of the Tiddalik which shoot with poisonous water and which look like giant mutant poison-arrow frogs, they can climb in trees as well.

Burrunjor / Dheeyabery / Drop Bear / Mokoi / Muldjewangk / Nargun / Papinijuwari / Punga / Taniwha / Whowie / Tiddalik / Wulgaru / Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

Bunyip / Mimi / Minka Bird


FEARSOME CRITTERS (North American Lumberjack Stories, Cryptids)

Argopelters live high up in the treetops where they use their bizarre tentacle-like arms as whips, they also use them to throw wood-splinters which hit their enemies like bullets, often instantly killing their prey.

Argopelter / Cactus Cat / Hidebehind / Hodag

Hoop Snake / Jackalope / Moskitto / Roperite / Splinter Cat / Squonk


LEFTOVERS (Modern Cryptids, Caribbean, Biblical, Himalayan, Dante’s Inferno and Alien Sightings)

Rat Kings are bizarre beasts which appear like a swarm of rats which tails are all tangled together into an impossible situation. These swarms of rats have a single mind and their diseased aura will cause the pest into any creature that lives close by.

Apocalypse Locust / Chupacabra / Death Worm / Gray or Dover Demon / Mad Gasser / Morgawr / Mothman / Ooze / Rat King / Tooth Fairy / Wolpertinger / Zombie

Beelzebub / Behemoth / Bloody Mary / Boo Hag / Cecaelia / Gowrow / Gremlin / Grendel / Guardian Angel / Horseman of Death / Horseman of Famine / Horseman of Pestilence / Horseman of War / Jack-O-Lantern / Jersey Devil / Leraje / Leviathan / Lusca / Poltergeist / Reptilian or Lizardman / Tree Octopus / Tulpa / Yeti or Abominable Snowman


Current Draft of List of Serpents In My Generic Fantasy Setting

I’m certain it’s not finished, because I know there’s probably a dozen or more monsters from around the world I’ve probably left out, but it’s a start!  Or hopefully a middle.  Maybe even a start of an end?

I didn’t include things that will be chimeras (i.e. a magically created hybrid of two or more unrelated animals) unless a dragon or basilisk was involved in the mix, because there are too many goddamn chimeras in mythology that have snake parts in ‘em to count.  So serpentaurs, Gorgons, and Questing Beasts (and a billion other critters) will have to wait their turn.

• Dragons
• Dragonets: catchall term for young dragons
• Knuckers: catchall term for aquatic/amphibious freshwater dragons
• Guivres: catchall term for aquatic/amphibious saltwater dragons
Hydra Syndrome: a genetic disorder common to all dragon species where they grow more than one head, and is often tied to having enhanced healing abilities
• Zmeys – three headed variant of Hydra syndrome, lacks enhanced healing
• Orochi – the only known case of hydra syndrome affecting a loong
• Lesser Drakes: a clade of dragons with four legs and no wings
• Peludas: a subclade of lesser drakes that has spikey armored scutes on its back
• The Tarasque Peluda - a massive species of peluda that resembles the mythical tarasque
Greater Drakes: a clade of dragons with four legs and two wings
• Flightless Greater Drakes – greater drakes whose wings are used for other purposes than flight, a missing link between lesser and greater drakes
• Piasa – the only greater drake ever known to be found outside of Midgaheim and Meditera .  Was driven to extinction by competition with Thunderbirds.
• Lindorms: a clade of dragons with two forelimbs and no wings or hindlimbs
• Wyrms: a clade of legless dragons
• Wyverns: a clade of dragons with two wings, two hindlimbs, and no forelimbs
• Sting-tailed wyverns: wyverns whose tail spades have developed into venomous stingers
• Zilants (aka False Wyverns): a clade of dragons with two wings, two forelimbs, and no hindlimbs
• Amphipteres: a clade of dragons with two wings and no legs
• Tatzelwyrms: a clade of dragons with two hindlimbs, no forelimbs, and no wings
• Loongs: A clade of dragons native to the North-Eastern continent that my lazy ass hasn’t named yet - i.e. Asian dragons.
• Loong Life cycle
• Imugi: water snake dragonet
• Kiao: water snake with carp-like head, 1- 500 years old
• Kiao-lung: carp-scaled serpent with loong’s head, 500 – 1000 years old
• Kioh-lung: near-mature loong, most recognizable type, 1000 – 2000 years old
• Ying-lung: “wing” horns develop, 2000+ years old
• Tien-lung: celestial dragons, most powerful of loongs, guard palaces of the gods.
• Shen-lung: spirit dragons, control wind, rain, and storms, help farmers, have blue scales, lazy
• Imperial Loongs: shen-lung with five toes that are especially exalted
• Fut-lung: subterranean loongs, guard treasures of the earth, cause volcanic eruptions when they emerge above ground
• Ti-lung: earth dragons, watch over rivers, lakes, and streams
• Tao Tieh: a loong with one head and one pair of forelegs, but two bodies (i.e. the spinal cord branches), with two pelvises, two pairs of hind legs, and two tails
• Yu-lung: an aquatic loong with a fish-like body
• Ryujin: a particularly fierce saltwater loong
• Druk: Short bodied loongs
• Notable Hybrids
• Draikainas: Dragon, Titan, & Serpentaur hybrid
• (The Original) Chimaera: dragon, basilisk, lion, goat mix
• Cerberus: half dragon, half hound, suffered from the Zmey version of Hydra syndrome
• Cetus: half dragon, half kraken
• Lou Carcolh: Dragon & Snail Hybrid, enormous, resembles a snail-shelled dragon with tentacles over its mouth, drips with slime
• Tarasque: a complicated chimera: hybrid of dragon, basilisk, turtle, and lion
• Zburator: Dragon & Fenrisbrood hybrid
• Alphyn: Dragon & Cathaneg hybrid
• Grootslang: Dragon & Behemoth hybrid
• Kirin: Loong & Unicorn hybrid
• Hai Ryo: Loong & Phoenix hybrid
• Dragon Turtle: Loong & Turtle hybrid
• Dragon Fuu: Loong & Fuu Dog hybrid
• Gye-lyong: Loong & Rooster hybrid
• Chi Wen: Loong & Leviathan hybrid

• Basilisks
• Creeping Basilisks
• Slithering Basilisks
• Cockatrices: hybrid of chicken and basilisk
• Draconic Cockatrices: hybrid of chicken, basilisk, and dragon

Other Magical Serpents
• Sirrush: a four legged, antlered serpent
• Unhcegila: giant, armored, creeping basilisk-like creature
• Jaculus: a small, bipedal serpent that leaps out of trees.  Its neck frill can resemble wings and allows it to glide for short distances.
• Ichneumon: a serpent that preys upon larger serpents, burying itself in mud to attack its foe from beneath.  Similar in appearance to the Jaculus.
• Sciatale: a bipedal serpent with brilliantly colored, shining scales that can hypnotize prey.  It is extremely warm.
• Plumed Serpents: serpents with forelimbs that have been modified to serve as wings, with a mix of scales and an integument that superficially resembles feathers
• Quetzalcoatl
• Peuchen
Amphisbaena – a two headed serpent (two serpents conjoined at the hip)
• Horned Serpents
• Cerastes – horned serpents from Midgaheim and Meditera, have ram-like horns
• American Horned Serpents have deer horns
• Estakwvnayv – aquatic, iridescent scales, large crystal in forehead
• Tcinto saktco – red, blue, white, and yellow horned varieties
• Uktena – similar to estakwvnayv in appearance, with rings/spots along its length, uses the light reflected by its diamond to lure enemies, breaths poisonous gas, huge in size.  
• Other names for species in this group: Kitchi-at’husis, misi-kinepikw, msi-kinepikwa, misi-ginebig, mishi-ginebig, pita-skog, sinti lapitta, unktehi, unktehila, olobit

Actual Magical Snakes
• Boyg – a massive snake that oozes acidic slime
• Rainbow Serpents – massive, flying serpents with brightly colored stripes
• Hoop Snakes – intelligent and durable snakes who curl into a hoop and roll down hills to travel swiftly
• Yurlungur – a massive copper-colored snake
• Nagas – large, magically attuned cobras that sometimes take on human-like features (an imitation act, rather than a true hybrid like serpentaurs)
• Tsuchinoko – a fat snake with a stinger tail that can speak.


The Thunderbird appears in many Native American legends and is said to be larger than a condor. 

Some said that the Thunderbird accompanied thunderstorms and that lightning flashed from its eyes. It was said to feed on killer whales. Some called it Piasa, or ‘devourer of man’ and believed the bird required sacrifices or it would attack a whole community.

The Ojibway of Lake Superior said that a Thunderbird fought with Mishipishu, a snake like monster of the lake. In more recent time, the Sioux Medicine Man, John (Fire) Lame Deer told of the Thunderbird and said that the he believed that they had gone to the furthest parts of the earth, unhappy with the dirty and impure civilization of the whites. 

Sightings of the thunderbird go back centuries and fossil records have shown that birds with wing spans between 12 and 18 ft existed alongside early man.


Wampus - Ewah from Cherokee mythology

Horned Serpent - Piasa from Cahokian mythology

Thunderbird - Thunderbird from Algonquian and Winnebago mythology. Lots of tribes and very widespread.

Puckwudgie - Pukwudgie from Wampanoag mythology

I recommend doing your own research into these house creatures because Rowling is going to mar them horribly and they do not deserve that at all

haven’t you?

Just a collection of my favorite Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask remixes. Enjoy! run time: 49mins  [[listen]]

The Indigo Go’s- Majora’s Mask Orchestrations // Astral Observatory- CSGuitar89 // Milk Bar (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Jungle Cruise Soundscape- ZERO // Song of Healing (Piano)- Kyle Landry // Clocktown- Theophany // Deku Palace- noesis9821 // Mayor’s Office (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Stone Tower Temple (Music Box)- Fuyu Fuyu // Guru Guru Vs Skullkid- Piasa // The Giants Theme (Orchestra)- The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra // Pirates’ Fortress Redux- ZERO // Lon Lon Ranch/Romani Ranch- CSGuitar89 // Termina Field (Piano)- abab // Kaepora Gaebora’s Message- Piasa // Music Box House- Majora’s Mask Orchestrations // Stone Tower Temple- James Dean // Final Hours- Theophany

The wind will guide us!

Just a collection of some of my favorite LoZ songs/remixes. Sit back and enjoy the more soothing songs from The Legend of Zelda. [[ listen ]]

Skyloft // Hilda’s Theme // Inside Forest Heaven // Mabe Village- ZERO // Windmill Jazz Cover- Nifty Fingers // Astral Observatory- CSGuitar89 // Zelda’s Lullaby // MM Title BGM- Satoshi Aikawa // Sacred Grove // Song of Storms- LilyPichu // Serenade of Water (Harp)- Samantha Ballard // Swamp Palace // Kakariko Village (TP) // Forest Theme (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Great Fariy’s Fountain- Piasa // Zora’s Domain // Lon Lon Ranch- CSGuitar89 // Aboda Village Outside- ZERO // The Indigo Go’s // Nayru’s Song- ZERO // Fi’s Lament/ Fi’s Theme (Piano)- Thomas Andersen // Wind Waker Main Theme (Harp)- Samantha Ballard // Isle of Songs // Ballad of the Wind Fish- Piasa // Minish Village (Piano)- Kim Duy Vo

Interesting Facts About Alton, Illinois

So, as many of you know, I am from Alton, Illinois. Not many people know about it so I figured I would tell you some things!

1) Considered the most haunted city in the US

     -McPike Mansion, Old Milton School, Miner Springs Hotel, First Unitarian Church, Mansion House, Civil War/Confederate Prison, Hartford Castle, Cracker Factory, Ghosts of Hop Hollow Road, Enos Sanatorium, Lewis and Clark College, Ghost of August Mayford, Franklin House and more…

2) Site of the last Lincoln and Douglas Debates

3) Known for it’s role preceding and during the Civil War

4) Hometown of Miles Davis (jazz musician) and Robert Wadlow (tallest known man in history).

5) The former state penitentiary here was used during the Civil War to hold up to 12k Confederate prisoners of war.

6) Said prison’s stones were use as building foundations

7) The Piasa bird that Native Americans painted on a cliff’s edge

8) Part of the Underground Railroad (several homes have tunnels and hiding places)

9) Elijah P. Lovejoy lived and died here (Abolitionist Printer)

10) A bull shark was caught in the Mississippi

11) Great Flood of 1993

12) Bald Eagle migrations

Now you know something about Alton =)

The monsters that stared down at the Jesuit priest Father Jacques Marquette one day in August 1673 were hideous beyond the wildest, most surrealistic imagination.
How fortunate for him, therefore, that they were merely petroglyphs, painstakingly carved and painted into a cliff face about 80 feet (24 m) above the Mississippi River, along which he was traveling on his passage through Illinois.
According to Father Marquette’s Indian guide, these petroglyphs had been created centuries earlier by some long-forgotten ancestral tribe and depicted a terrifying dragon that had once inhabited the region. It was known as the piasa, which can be translated as ‘the bird that devours human beings.’
…The rock paintings of the piasa were destroyed many years ago… In or around 1856, some quarry work close by disrupted the cliff face, shattering its unique artwork, which crumbled and cascaded into the river.
—  Dragons: A Natural History, Dr. Karl Shuker (p. 66-69)